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May 10

May 10, Vacation day 2

Today I had a plan, and a map. I had bought a three day pass for Disneyland but the park is always crowded on weekends so I had planned on putting it off until the middle of the week. When I plan a trip I find out the attractions I want to see, where they are, what else is in the area and what time they are open. That way I can maximize my time.

I decided my first stop would be the  California Science Center/Natural History museum, I like places like that…


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May 9

May 9, vacation day one

Today is travel day. I got up early and cleaned up. I double checked my bags to make sure I packed everything and my liquids were all in my checked bag. I made sure I had all my printouts including my itinerary, maps, tickets, passes and so forth. Then I threw everything in the truck and headed out.

I decided to grab a quick breakfast at McDonalds so I went to the drive thru window, where there was a line. Seriously, what are all these people doing out…


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May 3-8

May 3

For the past two weeks I've been considering getting a haircut but I kept putting it off. Since I'm going on vacation next week I figured I had better get it done. I was also going to deposit my check on Friday but hadn't been feeling well so I had gone straight home after work. So today it was "get stuff done" day.

I got to the bank a little early, the drive thru window wasn't open yet, so I took a lap around main street. When I got back they were open and since there…


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April 26-May 2

April 26

Last week I had been sick with a stomach virus. The two main problems was that I couldn't lay down and sleep and I had to go to work. So, I didn't do anything on Saturday but laid around and sleep. I did fire up the grill and make another steak, I had one left over from last week and didn't want it to go to waste.  Best weekend ever.

April 27

I'm still tired and the weather has once again turned bad. I figured I would take another day off so I made breakfast and…


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March 1-7

March 1st

I started the day in the usual way, got up, fed the horses, went for a walk, bought a lottery ticket and so forth. After last week (the trip to visit my sister) I was looking forward to a quiet day. That's when I found out I had been invited to my brother's for his birthday, in 7 hours. My sister in law has a nasty habit of last minute invitations.

6 o'clock rolled around and I headed over to his house. I seriously have to wonder because it seemed like everyone there…


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