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My Independent run homework, the forth VP

If you’re like me you probably know the name of the first three Vice Presidents of the United States. And if you’re like me you probably don’t know who the fourth Vice President was. So it’s time for me to get a genuine education.

George Clinton was born in New York on July 26th, 1739. His parents had migrated to the Colonies to escape religious persecution in Ireland. His father was a land speculator and a surveyor and had held office in the New York assembly. Clinton…


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My Independent VP campaign, taking a position

When you run for public office you have two choices, take a position on a subject or be vague, like Trump's Southern Wall, and avoid tough follow up questions. Since I'm running for Vice President and once in office my opinion won't matter I might as well make a stance. So, in order to start I might as well dive in on an issue that is controversial and shouldn't be, Education in America.


Somewhere right now there’s an average child living their…


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My Independent run homework, the third VP

When people talk about how corrupt modern politics is I have to wonder if they know the history of the United States. Just 16 years after the election of the first President the country found itself in the midst of a fight between two individuals, each trying to use their power base to shape the nation into their own vision. In the end one would be dead and the other would go from second in command to an exile. And in their own way the two had a greater impact on the nation than they could…


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My Independent run homework, the second VP

The second Vice President of the United States was Thomas Jefferson. He was born in the Virginia Colony on April 13th, 1743. His father was a wealthy plantation owner and when he died the property was divided between his two surviving sons, Thomas inherited the land that would become known as Monticello. Thomas also inherited a number of slaves from his father.

Jefferson attended William And Mary in Virginia where he studied a number of topics but eventually settled on law.…


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My Independent VP run, creating a campaign.

The easiest way to run for office is to go to an Ivy League school, join a secret society that will open doors for you, become a member of a political party, get groomed by the higher ups while the corporate press does positive spin for you and then toss your hat into the ring. I have neither the time nor the money for that, instead I’m just jumping in and not even waiting to see how cold the water is or how deep. I may drown, I may break my neck but Columbus didn’t blunder into America by…


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An Independent Vice Presidential candidacy, doing my homework.

In order to run for the Vice Presidency I should learn something about the office. So as I campaign I will also do some research on the people who occupied the office. and the impact they had on the nation. Quick, name all the Vice Presidents! Yeah, I can't either, so lets get started on that history homework.

Ask any American who the first Vice President they will probably say “Why Thomas Jefferson of course”, and they are wrong. Lets be honest, outside of trivia we really don’t care…


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An Official Candidate

We live in a nation of chaos. The people are divided along partisan lines and neither side will make any effort to work together. Between the criminals, “true patriots”, and outright bullies it has become dangerous to walk down our streets and our children can’t even go to their neighborhood parks to play. The world is on the brink of an all out war that we haven’t witnessed in our lifetime nor had we hoped we would ever see.

In America politicians are bought and sold like produce in…


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Greeting of the Day

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