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This Letter I Got in My Email This Morning

Not sure how I got this letter, and I've never heard of Reagan Reports (although I've heard of Michael Reagan), but it showed up in my inbox this morning, titled, Trump Backed into Corner, Sharks are Circling (why I clicked on it).

This is what *some* are being told/believing!! I was shocked:…


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"Brothers and Sisters" - An Introduction by Dick Gregory

(I write this in homage and as farewell to a man I never knew who helped shape my adult views on food, nutrition and life so fully.)

I’d never heard of Dick Gregory when I bought the book, didn’t know him as comedian, or activist, or actor, or at all. After reading his introduction to the book, I thought of him then — and continue to today — think…


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Cheers ~ to independent types everywhere!

We're different around here....

(photo taken at the local 4th of July parade 2015)

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Beth Nakamura from The Oregonian posted this photo on twitter this morning, taken up in Portland - it perfectly encapsulates just who Asha, Taliesin's mom, is.

It is absolutely no wonder to anyone who has met her that her son was also who he was.…


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Beautiful Human Down

You might have seen it on the news, two Muslim girls being harassed on the Portland, Oregon, MAX train, two people try to intervene, they both are 'viciously attacked' and killed by the racist harasser.....

You might also remember a post I did last November, about my son attending a party where suddenly a young man is murdered....


Today I…


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Everything - and nothing - is the same

                                Mother and Child ~ Picasso (image of reproduction)

This year, there won’t be a last-minute rush to get a Mother’s Day card out for you, just like there hasn’t been a rush for years.…


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Spring in the Neighborhood, Winter on the Hills

If you're ever taking a walk in my town, as you turn onto the one street that has buried their telephone poles, this is the unencumbered view.

Thought I'd share before heading to the garden for some much needed hours in the dirt...

Happy April -- no fools.…


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Live Stream: Women's March on Washington

The March is on!!

The Marches are on!

All over the country... 

It is powerful, exciting, crucially important -- for all. 

I don't have Foolish Monkey's gift of narrating events, but here is the link to The Guardian's live stream of the event. Not sure how or if I could embed, but...…


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A Decade Older Overnight

I woke up in the middle of the night last night (this morning, really), some part of my being attuned to the emptiness in our eighteen year-old son’s room next door.  Turning on the light I read for a couple hours, reading Saffron Dreams, about a Muslim widow of 9/11, her husband in the towers, the senseless end of a beloved’s life, her trying to make sense of the world in its aftermath.…


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Halloween Parade

Halloween is the best. The horror and gore version of Halloween, not so much for me, but the masquerade, the costumery, the spectacle.

The fun. That’s Halloween.

Our local theater town throws a parade each year on Halloween afternoon, Main St. closed to traffic, while the Children’s…


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A Re-post

The very last secret in my father’s life came on slowly: teasing our family with that first shocking glimpse, leaving its clues scattered, then hiding so quietly we all forgot its…


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I Cannot

To Those Who Wish Middle-aged Women Would Just Stay in Their Proper, Conforming Box



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Missing Kim

Just Breathe …


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Open Calls Catch Up

First was the open call about books on your bookshelf. “What’s On Your Bookshelves?”I wanted to join in on that one but all the books were stacked in the hallway rather than sitting on their shelves.…


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The Affair

(When someone wrote this, I had to got me writing, anyway!)

Her name is Isabel. I’ve known about her my entire life; she is the neighbor who slept with my father over and over again when I was a baby. Isabel was also married, they were good friends of my parents.…


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The First Valentine ~ back when straight marriage was banned

The legends of the beginnings of Valentine’s Day are varied and confused — some say there were actually three different men called Valentine back in the day, the days of ancient Rome, that…


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Three Letters Home ~ One Soldier's Arc of a War

Excerpts of a WWII Private’s letters home while stationed in N. Africa and Italy, a young man who formerly didn’t even know how to drive.

I was struck by a certain innocence in these letters, what knowledge of events we only gained in hindsight… and …


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The Trouble with Pier ~ NaNo Prep #2

This year, to prepare for NaNoWriMo 2015, I enrolled in a fiction writing class. Assignment Two was about creating character through dialogue, using at least three interacting characters that all must speak. This piece was written with characters from a mostly-finished manuscript written during NaNoWriMo 2013, although this ‘scene’ is new, written for this class. This would take place early in the book, the setting is late…


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Gathering Dinner

Wandering in from the garden, one hand holds snips and the other a heavily-laden pouch — the bottom of my tee shirt gathered up and around. Garden bounty. I’d forgotten once again the old wooden harvest bowl, passed down from a line of great grandmothers to my grandmother, my mother to me.

The large, formerly circular now oval bowl as harvest vessel…


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This Summer. This Year. (or what's been going on ... more than writing.)

This summer.

This year.

Words seem weightless — wisps — unable to keep shape long enough to put pen to paper, type to keyboard, mind to imagination.…


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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

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The Merlin Of BindleSnitch

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Old Soft Shoe (POEM)

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I saw one Mountain Lion

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