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Obama's Mess Pile

Obama’s Mess Pile

“We/I inherited from Bush the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.” Sound familiar? It should. Obama and his minions uttered it continually throughout Obama’s long tenure to apply a magnifying glass to the tepid economic recovery of the U.S. that occurred during it.

The economic disarray that Bush left Obama is a molehill compared to the mountain of mess that Obama is amassing for Trump. And he’s doing it with shocking disregard…


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Dems Discover Fountain of Youth

Dems Discover Fountain of Youth

Ponce de Leon would be pleased to know that as a result of a surprising result of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, many of the losing class have discovered the secret of, if not youthful appearance, at least childish behavior.

Mini-leaguer to coach: “We lost the game, coach. Why didn’t you let me in? If you had, we would have won.” Coach responds, “What makes you think that, BO? You single-handedly made us lose our last eight…


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2016--From Relief to Optimism

2016—From Relief to Optimism

The first source of relief dates back to the U.S. Constitution—Presidential Term Limits. FDR inspired the amendment; BO proves its value. The imminence of BO’s presidential (and hopefully political) demise has produced panic, or what Newt Gingrich referred today as “frenzy” to do “big” things in pursuit of a positive legacy. Ex-president elect BO is no great fan of term limits; indeed, he is reported to have told an interviewer that he would have won…


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Another 5-Star Book Review on Amazon

A Hip Pocket Guide To Sports

by Gordon Osmond

Review by Fred James

In 1999 sportswriter Rick Reilly wrote an hilarious article in Sport illustrated called “On a Wing and a Prayer” in which he described a ride he endured in an F-14 fighter jet flown by the toughest guy he had ever met. This article was a non stop laugh because Reilly was not aware of what he was in for. Reilly wrote; If you are ever offered a like ride don’t do it: “Move to Guam. Change your name. Fake your…


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Ivanka and the "Art" World

Ivanka Trump and HER paintings

In the latest leftist assault on free enterprise and private property, some sellers of art to Ivanka Trump and her husband, presumably on an outright sale basis, are now kvetching that the buyers should not display them as they choose. You can’t make this stuff up.

Once again, reason to the rescue. The artists and their representatives have every right to complain and express the complaints even though these actions make them look like total…


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Inaugural Antics

Inauguration Antics

Now that it’s settled, as if as of 11/9 it was not, that Trump will be the 45th President of the United States, a silly subsidiary issue has arisen as to which show business personalities will or will not be part of the inaugural festivities.

With verbal sloppiness, there’s talk of a show biz “boycott.” This is defensible if we’re talking about the right to observe or not observe the show. But the real thrust of the “boycott” issue…


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Losers Not Only Sour but Silent

When Will the Left Critique the Left?

Despite petitions, bribes, a celebrity video, a media blitz, and strong-arm threats, the Electoral College has performed its proper function, and now it is conclusively clear that Donald Trump will be the totally legitimate next president of the United States. Great day in the morning!

Let’s analyze these efforts to derail the electoral and democratic process:

Petition: What a joke. Does anyone seriously believe that…


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Post-Election Depression Syndrome

Dems/Libs Supplying New Sources of Wind Energy

Whether it be Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, or Michael Moore, there is enough twisting in the wind to eclipse solar.

Let’s start with this Quixotic effort to persuade members of the electoral college to betray their pledge to vote for their respective constituencies’ choice for president. Fortunately, these delegates understand that no one voted for them per personam, and that their sole function is to implement the vox…


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Post Trump Victory

Let’s take judicial notice and move on.

In the law, there’s the concept of judicial notice. It means that you don’t have to produce specific evidence of a universally acknowledged fact, e.g., the earth is not flat.

Obama tried to invoke it by telling poor John McCain that “the election is over.”

But now the shoe is, blissfully, on the other foot although you’d never know it.

While Trump is assembling a stellar and mixed cabinet, saving jobs, and spiking the stock market…


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Trump as Nazi

Trump as Nazi

It started with a Facebook entry by a downstream relative equating Trump with Hitler. I observed that Trump’s advocating more stringent immigration policies than the poster might like was probably not morally equivalent to the murder of millions of Jews.

More recently, a former colleague in the rarefied, bubbled environment of ESL education posted from some source a fanciful extrapolation of a scholar identifying the seemingly innocent beginnings of…


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Bolton Bolts to the Fore

Bolton Bolts to the Fore

As many voices express concern/alarm about Trump’s taking a congratulatory call from the President of Taiwan (including, incredibly, Charles Krauthammer), John Bolton has cut through the fog by saying that “of course” Trump should have taken the call.

Taking the call conveys several messages:

These are new days, China

I respect a country, Taiwan, that has done a much better job than yours in promoting democracy and…


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Victory Becomes Winners

Victory Becomes Winners

Three weeks after the election victory of the Republicans across and in every political corner of the land, the attitudes and activities of the victors and vanquished provide fascinating contrasts.

The Victors:

Trump has been vetting a rich assemblage of business, political, and military stars in a due diligence effort to put together, from an embarrassment of riches, the best possible team to promote his agenda. If put to a…


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