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Nudnick Kaepernick

Nudnick Kaepernick

It seems that 49er Colin Kaepernick has caused quite a stir by refusing to stand during the playing of the U.S. National Anthem and by topping that non-performance by defending his inaction with some racist nonsense that isn’t worth repeating. By contrast, an Olympic pole-vaulter dropped his lance halfway down the runway and snapped to patriotic attention, hand over heart during the song.

Now, players of American football are not known for…


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BLM at Graceland?

What Was BLM Doing at Graceland?

The prospect of BLM joining a wider protest at Graceland was so patently absurd that I had to dig below the superficial media reports to figure out what on earth was going on. The thought that the home of a mega-star who probably did more to generalize the popularity of black music than most black musicians was unfathomable.

My first theory was that Elvis was being demonized because he founded his unbelievably stellar career on…


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Kill Hill?

Fools to the right and idiots to the left

Donald Trump tossed off an aside about enthusiasts of the Second Amendment being able to affect Hillary’s ability to pack the Supreme Court in the tragic event she’s elected.

Lunatics on the left, the silliest of all being Dan Rather (is he still around, and if so, why so?) expressed the left’s view that the remark was a call to arms to assassinate Hillary. Assassinate, asinine.

Apologists on the right, exemplified…


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Post-Convention Insanity

The days after the blessed conclusion of the DNC Convention have seen an incredible public reaction to events that followed it.

Having been challenged by a featured speaker at the Dem Conven for Trump’s allegedly unconstitutional stance on immigration, Trump expressed compassion for the accuser’s loss of his son in the war and noted that the accuser’s fellow prop was silent throughout the attack. Even accepting that Trump was…


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Trump v. Clinton Human v. Humanoid

Human v. Humanoid

July was revelatory in terms of disclosing the essential identities of the choices Americans have for the person to lead them for the next four years.

Hillary Clinton did nothing to dispel the notion that she is a political pragmatist who will do anything to consolidate her power, power that has proven itself capable of running over not only women abused…


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Obama Bested Again

The Fart of the Deal

Obama has clearly mastered it. The ways that the U.S. has been bested in its dealings with Iran are mounting daily. In addition to the basic deal, the latest scandal about release for ransom provides irrefutable evidence that Barack Obama and the Ketchup Consort are uniquely disqualified to represent effectively U.S. interests. These deals are part of an ignominious package crowned by the Bergdahl scandal. Trump would have walked away from all three…


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Wartime Moms and the Media

The War of Moms and the Media

Two moms of slain sons have been featured in the recent Republican and Democrat conventions.

The first was the mother of a son slain at Benghazi; the second was the mother of another soldier slain in the sandy conflicts which dominate today’s news.

Both moms were featured at their respective conventions…


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