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Hillary's Cluelessness

Hillary’s Cluelessness

Hillary’s views on two issues that directly affect the middle class, for which she expresses great and consuming concern, betray both her galactical distance from the group, but, more importantly, her inability to emphasize with it.

Gun control. Hillary (and Obama from whom she is temporarily taking pragmatic political instruction) are so…


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Climate Change--A More Urgent Kind

Climate Change—A More Urgent Kind

Events do not occur in a cultural vacuum. It is undeniable that today’s police killing in San Diego, the latest in an astonishing accumulation of violence against law enforcement, is part of a developing pattern of priority misalignment.

During the last eight years, Obama and his administration have consistently undervalued the importance of law…


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Free Audiobook!

As a reward to my many fans on OurSalon, I’m offering, courtesy of the publisher, a free audiobook of my latest book, A Hip Pocket Guide to Sports, narrated by the multi-talented Aaron Letrick. It’s laced with commentary on more than 20 sports, my relationship with them, and films that are centered on the world of sports. To claim the book, just send me an email at:  fertile1@aol.com. Please put Free Audiobook in the…


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Press Conferences v. Scripted Recitations

Press Conferences v. Scripted Recitations

Donald Trump gives press conferences all the time and answers dozens of questions in rapid-fire succession; Hillary’s pressers have occurred so long ago that the memory of man almost runneth not, and, when they do occur, they feature questions as scarce as hens’ teeth.

This is no accident. Press conferences require courage, not…


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DNC Day Two: Sexism and Racism on Parade

DNC Day Two

Although the chaotic divisiveness of Day One of the 2016 DNC would be hard to beat, the Dems managed to present to the country an even more vivid image of callous partisanship and evasion on Day Two.


The cheated Bernie supporters resorted to flag burning, the U.S. flag of course, outside the venue, while…


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A Different Kind of Convention?

A Different Kind of Convention?

In an effort to flatten the speed bump the Trump campaign earned as a result of its convention in Cleveland last week, the Dems are in panic mode, the principal weapon of which is to state that the fish fry in Philly will be radically different from the Cleveland experience. Let’s take a look at these alleged differences.

Scandals: Melania Trump’s speechwriters repeated some Hallmark Greeting card sentiments from Michelle Obama’s…


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Olympic Decision

The Olympic Decision

To judge by the popular view that the IOC caved and applied a special standard to Russia in refusing to ban its athletes across the board from participation in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, one might conclude that the Committee was, as are so many U.S. organizations, under the thumb of Hillary Clinton.

I think, in reality, it’s more a question of individualism versus collectivism, and I believe that the Committee came down…


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Chaos in Philadelphia

Business As Usual As Democrats Convene?

Even the Clinton War Machine, which works well with everything but war, appears unable to protect its most devoted lieutenant, Debbie Wasserman “Medusa” Schultz, from public humiliation come tomorrow, when opens the Democrat National Convention in, ironically, Philadelphia.

The Clinton War Machine, which has been able to bring the FBI, the Justice Department, and the DNC to heel, has made the cowardly decision to reward DWS…


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Ted Cruz--RIP

Ted Cruz—RIP

It would be difficult to imagine a more perfectly executed suicide mission than the one Ted Cruz crafted for himself during the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

What was in his alleged mind? Could he have been so deluded as to suppose that the dwindling group of Trump detractors would embrace his non-endorsement? If so, the audience reaction to his speech would have put that thesis to final rest.

Now, let’s turn to Cruz’s defense for a…


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Melania Trump's Speech

Melania Trump’s Speech

Of course, parts of it were lifted. But so what? The only surprise is that the speechwriters hired to come up with Ms. Trump’s speech were so maladroit as to craft ,without resort to paraphrasing, the word/work product of Michelle’s speech writers. Could we get a bit real about how these speeches come about?

Plagiarism is a term usually reserved to…


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Newt, You Must Be Kidding

Can this be you, Newt?

Admittedly, I am encumbered here in Brazil by receiving almost all current political news through the cataract-blurred lens of CNN, but even allowing for that, it seems that conservative wunderkind Newt Gingrich (and yes, Soft Brain Amy, they’re one and the same) is proposing that U.S.-based Islamists be quizzed about their allegiance to Sharia law. Those who profess adherence, must be deported.

Now, hold the phone, Newt. If religious…


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Obama's Latest Valentine from the New York Times

A dear friend sent me the following article from the New York Times:


Anyone who has the glucose tolerance to finish it will see that it is a paean to Obama’s qualities as a…


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A President Possessed

A President Possessed

Barack Obama’s narcissistic egocentricity has metastasized to the point where his every official utterance is tinctured by a morbid preoccupation with his “legacy.”

Clearly, gun control is a pillar of it, which caused him to end what would otherwise have been a normal, reverential tribute to the Dallas fallen with his canned rant against guns. I’m relieved to read that commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have engaged in a…


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VP Sweepstakes

Now I realize that Trump’s and Clinton’s VP choices pale in importance to whom Kelly Ripa, that tiresome, toothy, no-talent waif that dominates every opening screen on AOL, chooses for her co-host on TV’s most irritating morning show, but let’s have a go at the current US Presidential VP sweepstakes.

On the Democrat side, it doesn’t much matter. The Clinton Machine, which every American should gravely fear, has already ground up to mincemeat, several persons who had rightfully…


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Comey's Clay Feet

Comey’s Clay Feet

From the very beginning of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary way of dealing with emails during her tenure as U.S. Secretary of State, the public was repeatedly reassured that FBI Chief James Comey was bright, highly qualified for his job, and, most importantly, totally above the fray in terms of political pressure. Under his august aegis, justice would surely prevail.

Comey’s incredible, self-contradictory statement…


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America, the Beautiful

I mentioned to a friend that one thing I miss living in Brazil is the celebration of July 4. I added that it is not as bad, however, as living in England, where, for obvious reasons, the day is greeted with even less enthusiasm. My friend, whose husband was at the time in London, noted that her husband, whose considerable family fortune had been made in America under relative capitalism, was equally unmoved by the holiday. This, mind you, is the guy  who thinks that Battle Hymn of the…


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Bill Clinton Finds Another Female Victim

The Lynch-Clinton Confab

Although, reliant as I am down here in Brazil on CNN for news, I don’t know the details of the now-notorious meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, I gather that it was not a casual, coincidental encounter in some public airport area, but rather a 30-minute secret conference on someone’s airplane.

All of Lynch’s accounts of the meeting, which might have been believable in the case of the casual/coincidental tarmac scenario. ring…


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