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Insanity Right and Left

Insanity Right and Left

When Obama hinted that he might be in favor of compulsory suffrage in the United States, I thought that the lunacy threshold had been clearly crossed. Even though his motives were transparent, (it’s interesting: Obama’s motives are always transparent; it’s his actions that are opaque and deliberately obscured), one look at countries that have such a policy, e.g., Brazil, would convince any rational being that such a policy would be disastrous. A…


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Obama Out! Who In?

What Could Americans Have Been Thinking?

The question has long ago been answered. The Obama political machine, not once but twice, managed to cobble together a coalition between those who measure a candidate’s appeal solely in terms of food stamp generation and those who, from the vantage points of their liberal education and relative financial security, sought to assuage their groundless guilt with romantic visions based on a disrespect for the very concepts that…


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Republicans Unite!

Memo To Republicans in 2016—Don’t Fuck It Up!

A Republican presidential victory in 2016 should be a piece-of-cake walk. If the tired trilogy of Hillary (old-car smell) Clinton, Elizabeth (Minnie HaHa) Warren, and Joe (Bumblin’) Biden is the best the Democrats can offer or threaten, then, what’s the problem? That none of these potential contenders is in a position to identify, much less apologize for, the scandals that have infected almost every agency or branch of the…


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Conservative Tsunami in 2016

Can the Liberal Media Stem the Conservative Tsunami?

One might think the liberal-dominated media, which touted to the bitter end the ability of liberal candidates to prevail in Israeli and U.K. contests, might have learned something, but no such luck. Embarrassment is not in the tool kit.

Without media influence and interference, there is no reason to believe that the U. S. electorate will not evidence equal awareness of the folly of producing domestic scarcity…


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When Conservatives Collide

When Conservatives Collide

Conservatives generally have no problem finding common ground in demonstrating how misguided, morbid, counterproductive, and just plain silly liberal positions are.

Therefore, it is more than worthy of attention when conservatives disagree about a particular event or expressed position. One such is the holding of a contest in Texas asking artists to submit pictorial representations of the “Prophet” Mohammad.

Was this a…


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Open Our Salon For Good

Posted by Robert B. James on June 25, 2019 at 6:52am 4 Comments

Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

Posted by koshersalaami on June 23, 2019 at 3:00pm 11 Comments

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