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this has probably been thought of before now but i have to share it because it is making me happy. Trump-ocalypse.

and once again the Pod Saves America podcast is helping me to not jump off my building one day at a time. well, one hour at a time because things move fast with this complete fucktard. apparently the protests are working to some extent. instead of saying they will get rid of the ACA, they are now saying that they will amend it. he and the nazi are not backing down on the muslim ban. isn't having a nazi attending security briefings illegal in some way? unprecedented for sure. there have to be…


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i'm not a fan of oregon. but our protestors & senator rock. bannon & fucking 45/the putz has made me fat. that is an impeachable offense for sure.

so i'm very proud that there are protests every day here. there is no let up. the protestors are committed and mostly peaceful. they did the same things during Occupy. so many of them has nothing else to do but i am still proud.

the other positive thing. Jeff Merkeley is our senator and he is a good guy, an excellent guy. (and very cute which is just a side benefit.) he's on Rachel Maddow tonight as one of the Dems who is fighting to get 41 of the 48 senators to filibuster the supreme…


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what is happening in the emoluments lawsuit against drumpf? nerd & others.and with him not restricting people from saudi arabia, egypt and turkey, where he has investments?

this is fucking crazy. it's all crazy. and i'm fucking crazy.

those countries are exempt from the ban on muslims entering the country. saudi arabia was a major player in 9/11. and drumpf has investments in those countries. i don't know what that is called but it is certainly an emoluments Thang.

drumpf isn't whining about that lawsuit so he clearly hasn't received notice of it yet. he has to receive notice. i want him to lose what is left of his tiny mind!!!



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huff post article on saving the arts, new Pod Save America ep on Drumpf's 1st week, real time with bill maher, holocaust remembrance day, trevor noah's Born a Crime.

okay, this comforts me. it answers my questions about small steps that we can take to protect those who Speak Truth to Power as others have pointed out. i live in portland so there are demonstrations just about every day which is extremely heartening. today it's about the confirmation of that Education Asshole. i hope this is happening nationally. will check that out.

most of the other steps are challenging for a Shut-In like me, but i'm going to check on addresses and such to see…


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great podcast called Pod Save America. 3 ex-obama staffers. lots of humor and insight. also matt tiabbi on daily show and bruce springsteen on wtf with marc maron...

jon favreau and 2 others. obama's speechwriters and other staff. the latest one is about this past weekend, drumpf's speech and the many lies and the rant in front of the CIA memorial wall. and the fabulousness of the March. i listen to podcasts on but i'm sure this one is on Itunes.

also matt tiabbi on trevor noah is worth checking out. he's wonderful. his latest book Insane Clown President sounds like a hoot. he was on the stump with Drumpf.

and i forgot to…


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i just read this article in publisher's weekly and i am sick. Drumpf's plans to get rid of the NEH and the NEA means no fucking libraries!

yes i know there are other sources of funding but this is Nazi level shit. defunding the arts and humanities? selling off our national parks? privatizing them? who even fucking thinks of this crap? never mind as a way to improve this country? i am fucking chilled to the bone. and this is from publisher's weekly!!! not some fringe paranoid group!!

what do we do? what do we do to battle against this level of Evil? okay, kill the climate, but books??????…


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i was going to write about carrie fisher dying & about Deadwood! but then my car was broken in to & i remembered the Great Urine Incident of 2015 or 14 so...

okay, well, i say "broken in to" but the delightful thing about being in my 60s now is that i'm not completely sure that the car was locked. per se. i am religious about locking my apartment door even since the Great Urine Incident of 2015. or 2014. whatever. i'm not good with time. so well, someone walked in to my open apartment while i was taking cocoa chanel across the street to go runny run run in the shopping center parking lot and this pervert left a bag full of urine in the box of…


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the anniversary of the loss of my tiny ella fitzgerald & a day of grace, a respite from Our Voldemort provided by Deadwod! such excellent company!

my official service dog ellie mae passed away 3 years ago, at christmas time. i recently found this photo of my girl, the best one ever because it was taken by a photographer friend with a superb non-smartphone camera. she's wearing one of the fuzzy sweaters that i made for her. not one of the Chia Pet ones that were so popular, the ones where i added cotton yarn to the furry ones and that made it stand up so she looked like a teeny hedgehog. i'll see if i can find some shot of those. they…


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i really fucked up. is there an antidote to MSG?

i have not eaten chinese food in forever. one of my closest friends was working in houston for far too long and he finally came back to portland last week. so i went on Grub Hub -- we are only now getting this here in PDX because this city is so "laid back"/backwards and basically a big town (i know, i know. if i don't like it, why don't i move? good question. answer: because i battle with agoraphobia and barely leave my apartment.) -- and ordered all the dishes that i've been missing over…


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i forgot that i am a Partner Person! the story from my early days with my father & the new yorker& books & film to my screen and playwriting collaborations & more... Part One.

i realized this past mostly horrible week that i keep forgetting/ignoring something that is key about myself. that i keep floundering around wondering why nothing works in my life, why i feel so off kilter and just lost most of the time and why finding a Safe Person and a Comedy Buddy are so so so very important to me. crucial, really, to my very existence.

because the thing that came to me, back to me, is that i am a partner person. i have always been a partner person. i LOVE…


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paul ryan is on 60 minutes. i'm having a major major panic attack. one positive thing: celebrity apprentice is back with Arnold Schwarzegger and drumpf will go nuts...

i will have to zip through it. he will talk about getting rid of medicare and SSDI. which scares me to death. i have a nest egg but the people in my building, my fellow seniors, are going to be in big ass trouble. on the verge of starving. Ryan is so evil. to go after Seniors and the Disabled. the most vulnerable population besides children. and undocumented immigrants. so many fragile segments of the population. i can't even look at his face.

i have been severely depressed since the…


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lovely day: crafts/coloring for adults (yes, i know...) with my 2 good friends here in subsidized senior heaven & shopping with CC at fred meyer/kroger -- our other homw away from home

okay, now, please try not to be jealous of my exciting life. not everyone can handle this kind of breakneck pace. it takes hard work and discipline and dedication and a lot of downtime to recoup. olympic level tv watching and feline and canine management -- the weekly interspecies family meetings alone could break a lesser homo sapiens. there are just so many times you can hear your critters tell you that you have an Attitude Problem before you begin to break down. and then there is the…


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a swastika on a mirror, a meeting shown on tv where people gave the nazi salute, but also visiting the groomer & huge great dane puppy & a brave man being very kind to me.

i was so afraid of this but i never dreamed that it would start so soon or that it would happen in my neighborhood. i was so naive. i thought that because it's an affluent area but also has many apartments complexes where students live. i was comforting myself that this is a safe place. i was a fool.

Kosher, i need to read the post of a post that you posted about this country not being a safe haven for our people anymore. i am so scared to read it because it is already obvious to me…


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Open Call? a la OS? What is your favorite poem and why? (i'm completely ignorant of this genre so you are also doing a great service!)

this is a stupid idea but i'm going to keep this post up just in case someone besides me and zanelle wants to share a poem!

this is a tough time and there is so much fear and negativity. creativity seems to be our best antidote, our…


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major inspection of my apartment. i'm not handling it well. some chocolate chips dropped in some cleaner, unbeknownst to me, and i freaking ate them.

of course eating backing soda mixed with Method spray is the least of my problems right now. and these are the delights of stress, man. and this freaking Housing Authority which everyone in the building has to deal with regularly. the Organization has some major assholes. i call it DMV power where people don't feel in control of their lives so they lord it over those who are dependent on them for help. it's creepy and pathetic.

we get scared enough when they announce an inspection…


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i'm almost finished with The Crown and,, it's surprising, but no one has grabbed anyone's pussy. Also, Westworld. is it manageable for a Squeamish Person?

i'm so freaking pissed off. turns out i'm allergic to Gary Cooper the Gigantic Transgender Kitty along with dust mites and grass and just Life in General. my sinuses have rebelled because they are big wusses. it's not pretty.

The Crown is excellent. so well-written and acted and all that jazz. i have one tiny beef with it, something that takes me out of the story from time to time, but it's not a major deal. they have so much story to tell that we almost never see the kids. almost not…


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Drumpf in the White House and Purelle/bad bipolar 2 manias/depression/agoraphobia (AG) /the blessing of service dogs for invisible disabilities/and more...Part One

i got up late. i always get up late which i will explain in a moment. i had left the tv on. big big big mistake. so the first thing i saw when i walked in to the living room was DRUMPF in the freaking White House with OBAMA. shaking hands. walking side by side. even in the Oval Office i think. and i wanted to take my eyes out of my head and wash them thoroughly in purell. i wanted to coat our current president in that same sanitizer. i couldn't get my mind around it and i went right back to…


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we are so fucking fuckedd.

but especially the most vulnerable among us.

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i am so furious with all of you people who told me that this was a fucking slam dunk. i knew that it was not.

i knew it. this is so scary. and i knew it was going to be this close. and all the fucking pundits in general and on here... this is so fucked up. he's on his way to 270 votes. these races are freaking too close to call. new hampshire is too close to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to jump off something.

what the freak are we going to do? i can't make it through this evening? can't even watch MSNBC. they are so shocked and surprised. we are…


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did anyone listen to the latest episode of This American Life? apparently the scandal is that HRC knows nothing about tecnnology. NOTHING AT ALL!!!

if this story is correct -- and TAL is not known for telling tall tales -- then it turns out that hillary does not know how to use a desk top computer. which is actually kind of more disturbing than the incriminating emails. she doesn't know how to you use a smartphone. only the blackberry. and an older model of a blackberry that no one else uses. if this is true, and, again, i don't know why anyone would have made this up. the person telling the story sounded as shocked as i feel right…


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