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i was going to write about carrie fisher dying & about Deadwood! but then my car was broken in to & i remembered the Great Urine Incident of 2015 or 14 so...

okay, well, i say "broken in to" but the delightful thing about being in my 60s now is that i'm not completely sure that the car was locked. per se. i am religious about locking my apartment door even since the Great Urine Incident of 2015. or 2014. whatever. i'm not good with time. so well, someone walked in to my open apartment while i was taking cocoa chanel across the street to go runny run run in the shopping center parking lot and this pervert left a bag full of urine in the box of…


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the anniversary of the loss of my tiny ella fitzgerald & a day of grace, a respite from Our Voldemort provided by Deadwod! such excellent company!

my official service dog ellie mae passed away 3 years ago, at christmas time. i recently found this photo of my girl, the best one ever because it was taken by a photographer friend with a superb non-smartphone camera. she's wearing one of the fuzzy sweaters that i made for her. not one of the Chia Pet ones that were so popular, the ones where i added cotton yarn to the furry ones and that made it stand up so she looked like a teeny hedgehog. i'll see if i can find some shot of those. they…


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i really fucked up. is there an antidote to MSG?

i have not eaten chinese food in forever. one of my closest friends was working in houston for far too long and he finally came back to portland last week. so i went on Grub Hub -- we are only now getting this here in PDX because this city is so "laid back"/backwards and basically a big town (i know, i know. if i don't like it, why don't i move? good question. answer: because i battle with agoraphobia and barely leave my apartment.) -- and ordered all the dishes that i've been missing over…


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i forgot that i am a Partner Person! the story from my early days with my father & the new yorker& books & film to my screen and playwriting collaborations & more... Part One.

i realized this past mostly horrible week that i keep forgetting/ignoring something that is key about myself. that i keep floundering around wondering why nothing works in my life, why i feel so off kilter and just lost most of the time and why finding a Safe Person and a Comedy Buddy are so so so very important to me. crucial, really, to my very existence.

because the thing that came to me, back to me, is that i am a partner person. i have always been a partner person. i LOVE…


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paul ryan is on 60 minutes. i'm having a major major panic attack. one positive thing: celebrity apprentice is back with Arnold Schwarzegger and drumpf will go nuts...

i will have to zip through it. he will talk about getting rid of medicare and SSDI. which scares me to death. i have a nest egg but the people in my building, my fellow seniors, are going to be in big ass trouble. on the verge of starving. Ryan is so evil. to go after Seniors and the Disabled. the most vulnerable population besides children. and undocumented immigrants. so many fragile segments of the population. i can't even look at his face.

i have been severely depressed since the…


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