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i know i am being a giant asshole for not reading other people's posts...and some comedy.

oh wow, i just remembered that there is a section in my standup is about being a recovering account and a recovering 'ho -- big laughs for this because i am so not 'ho like now. basically an old broad with a little dog.

i later added that i am a relapsing recovering asshole. and how you never recover and you have to go to rehab for like 2 years. oh, and Asshole is in the DSM 5 or whatever it is now. after agoraphobia and, shit, i can't remember. this is a nightmare... agoraphobia…


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so excited about the Orange Orangutan news!!! & subsidized senior heaven...

know the shit is going to hit the fan because he's a fuckwad.

wow, the optics of putin shaking hands and smiling with mbs. the despots of russia and saudi arabia. they have the OO by the short hairs. obviously. this is so awful and fucking fascinating.

i know i'm not saying anything that you guys haven't said in a much more erudite way. but i'm binge watching msnbc so it's pretty up to date. yes, i know i'm a looney tune. i have a lovely basket of mental illnesses. kind of feel…


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kay, i have a question for the men on here. there is some behavior that i am not understanding.

so, i have a friend, philip. he's a good friend but it's weird. he is happily married. my closest pals are usually gay men or those who are happily coupled. the challenging part is that he is often unemployed which he seems to handle very well. i would be beside myself but he had a good early life and was loved and shit, which i cannot relate to at all. so he handles stressful situations very well. plus he's been married for 28 years and they still say i love you and shit so...



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i apologize. i'm being a giant asshole. i'm turning on comments. and welcome some

and welcome some helpful comments!!!

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i'm back. my blogsite -- under another name -- is not political. i'm so confused about the caravan and the border. i feel like the Dems were mistaken.

okay, i am so confused and i am concerned that the dems were mistaken. they kept saying that there was no caravan. that it was just women and children and they were so far away. well, that does not seem to be true. i mean, wtf????

shouldn't have said lying. were the dems misinformed? this gives fodder to the Orangutan in Chief and his minions and the Assholes in the senate!!!!! i am so worried about 2020. obviously there was and is the Blue Wave. so we are probably okay. sorry for…


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