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to E: my hair: i look like Bernie Sanders! my ad: i found 3 lovely & fun "Safe People" to help me expand my reach/life!

Dear E,

i'll be seeing you wednesday night for color and cut. it's been so long because of ruby's surgery and my insanity that my head is mostly gray/white with copper tips and it's crazy high. i look like Bernie Sanders with that trendy ombre effect.

but, hey, people are saying that i look young for 63, including 2 very youthful verizon guys -- one, who is totally straight, even commented on my colorful clothing and accessories!!! -- so striped hair must be In. a few of the…


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to E: i was tested & i have significant hearing loss. & i'm altered in some other ways. i'm concerned that the brain tumor is back.

Dear E,

can't wait to see you on Monday and hear all about Ruby and how all of you are doing. and to debrief with you about all this stuff that's going on with me. So much that is positive. going out and about so much and doing multiple errands in one day. it's all good. but, of course, life is complicated so there is this other crap too. nothing compared to Ruby having surgery. i know i keep saying this but i'm so crazy about her and i'm so happy that she's okay now.

well, so,…


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dear E: ruby's fine! coke & ted's excellent adventure! the shower, the sun, the dentist, the vet, the cellphone provider. oh my. & ella fitzgerald pics!

Dear E,

wow, girl. first of all i have to say again how thrilled i am that Ruby sailed through that scary surgery, that her kidneys are now okay and no more infections and all that jazz. i'm so relieved. so i can't even imagine how ecstatic you and Luke and your extended families must be. but i am pissed off because i need my Weekly Dose of Ruby pics. as you know, they make me so happy. the last one with the tiger print leggings and the apple green boots!!! outstandingly cool. she is…


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