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the Great Housecleaning Debacle of 2016 has ended. there was a glitch, of course, because of Godiverse, but, as steven wright says, "you can't have everything. where would you put it?"

now, i have this theory that because Godiverse is very very busy, you have to be very specific with him/her/it. you can't just ask for a good housecleaner. you have to put out in to the ether that you want a cleaner who is not one just in her own mind. so you have to specify that this person not be delusional and that -- would have never thought to have ask about this -- this woman not have a cockatiel that somehow fell out of his/her cage and broke his/her wing. i'm ignorant on the subject…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 31, 2016 at 7:17pm — 9 Comments

i'm losing my mind. 1 point? they are separated by 1 point!!!! i can't bear this. the FBI guy is being so inappropriate and out of line. wtf is going on?

i knew there would be more emails and there will be more and more and more and more and, meanwhile, the fucking democrats/entertainment people aren't leaking squat? i'm not crazy about hillary but this cannot happen.

you don't have to bother reassuring me. this is just fucking devastating. she's only 300 electoral votes ahead. i know that this probably means nothing. but what if it does mean something? this comey thing is insane. the AG is furious. can't the fucking AG do something…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 30, 2016 at 4:15pm — 25 Comments

i'm panicking again. please tell me why these recent emails won't torpedo Hillary and what any of this has to do with Weiner's Dick Pics.

please write something brief and very very clear and easy to follow and comforting and encouraging and is this going to happen every day until the the voting day. i can't even call this an election any more. this is just a giant ClusterFuck. Fubar. etc.

it's so fucked up, of course, because if any political figure's emails were subjected to this scrutiny, well, it would not be pretty either.

i know i'm very very very not alone in feeling this way. people are going nuts all over…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 29, 2016 at 7:15pm — 36 Comments

i am going to freaking kill someone and i'm not kidding. i just finished writing the most brilliant post about the Great Housecleaning Debacle of 2016...a

and it is flying fucking freaking GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought this was a freaking fucking OS thing. i didn't realize that it also happened here. and i am so fucking freaking fucking pissed off. i'm not freaking kidding that what i wrote was fucking freaking funny and fun and dark and all that good stuff. and if one person tells me that i SHOULD BACK UP/COPY MY POSTS BEFORE I TRY TO PUBLISH THEM, I AM GOING TO GO ON A freaking fucking…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 28, 2016 at 1:16am — 7 Comments

the hell and humiliation of being a packrat/borderline hoarder and shopping for a new housecleaner. the great cleaning debacle of 2016. Part one, apparently.

okay, so we have established that i am not a tidy person. not even remotely tidy. i tried to read that book about tidying up, the one by that japanese woman, and i pretty much just wanted to tell her to stick it where the moon doesn't shine. which wasn't a very charitable thought. i'm a slob. i have always been a slob. and i come by it honestly. both of my parents, when they died -- which they did in different venues since they were divorced -- when they died, their respective families…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 28, 2016 at 12:51am — 14 Comments

ok, if anyone else is an NPR and/or PBS and/or Hamilton nered, i need your help. and, with huge apologies, possible pics of a pretty kitty. yes, i know...

so i'm seriously kvelling. (need to look this up. i'm a jew but have never been up on my yiddish but i'm letting this stand for now because i already used verklempt.) anyway, my tv guide -- again, yes, i know. who the freak subscribes to tv guide except for shut-ins and old people and nielsen families? well, i'm agoraphobic (AG) which i keep beating you over the head with. hmmm, dangling participle anyone? i'm an AG senior who can only dream of being one of those families. for those who have…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 22, 2016 at 7:31pm — 4 Comments

i'm a relapsing recovering politico. shit, man, they've pulled me back in. the debate, the al smith dinner, the hours of punditry and the surprise of feeling sad and sorry for donald drumf

shit. i just lost everything i wrote here. fuck fuck fuck. i'll come back and try to re-create my brilliance. basically my thoughts on the debate and the hours of msnbc punditry that i watched afterwards. and then the al smith dinner today which so much more interesting and revealing than the debate and then all the pundit talk after that. i'm fucking hooked, man. thank godiverse it's only a few more weeks. but, hey, i got my rachel maddow on and i don't think i can quit her any time soon.…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 21, 2016 at 2:47am — 13 Comments

i need some help understanding some thing about this hideous election. i'm sure it's been answered already... and back to standup comedy open mikes

and i apologize for being so ignorant.

NOTE -- i forgot to say that i have been doing something positive in between flipping out about the election. i've started thinking about going to standup comedy open mikes again. because of the agoraphobia (AG) and the clubs being outside my AG Safety Zone, i'm searching for a Comedy Buddy. you wouldn't think this would be hard to find. i mean, i'm just asking for someone to go with me and freaking LAUGH. and i will spring for drinks and…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 18, 2016 at 6:00pm — 18 Comments

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