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Dear E: so happy that Ruby is OK! out & about 5 days in a row! interviewing possible Safe Persons! 2nd Writing/Collage class

Dear E,

first of all, so extremely happy and relieved that Ruby's surgery went so well. Whew, right? i have no idea how they manage pain in toddlers but i hope she is experiencing the very minimum of suffering. i sent her an ecard from Jacquie Lawson's site. most beautiful and charming ones i've ever seen. it's Tinkerbell or her alter ego flying around, touching everything with her wand, bringing light to the darkness of a Halloween night so things are still a little scary but glowing…


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To E: Craigs ad is working okay! went to Acu twice this week! Coloring book & watercolor group today! i totally freaking rock, man!

Dear E,

i told you about the Acu helping me so much that i finally posted on Craigs again, in hopes of finding someone to help me travel outside my "safety zone". people with agoraphobia (AG), like me, call this a Safe Person. i put that in the heading of the ad and then i realized that people may well not realize what that means. might think it has something to do with HIV or god knows what else. so i changed it to "Seeking congenial companion to accompany me." that probably sounds…


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To E: i finally remembered to go back to Acupuncture & it's as magically helpful as ever. already feeling the results!

Dear E,

as you know, i love acupuncture but i skip it during the summer because i can't leave cocoa chanel in the car. so i was waiting for the weather to cool off... and of course i forgot about it completely. as i am wont to do.

but i got it together to go there yesterday. and it was so lovely and sweet and healing. i don't think i ever told you about this but the receptionist, whose name is Adam, claims that i am his favorite client. which is extremely flattering considering…


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i had an epiphany today while watching Sunday Morning. i need to be more grateful & i could have ended up in prison.

Sunday Morning is one of my favorite tv shows. they always have at least one or two fascinating segments. today's: Erica Jong, Elvis Costello, "Dogist" photographer, the growing drone craze, a rodeo where the participants are prisoners. and more. the rodeo story led me to a powerful epiphany.

well, it was a combination of that television piece and a TED talk on happiness that i listened to right before watching it. Daniel Gilbert, an expert on happiness, was talking about how we all…


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i went to a freewriting and collage class last night & it was excellent. i made a new friend./cocoa has a lump & i need your good thoughts and/or prayers.

i just wanted to share good news after my last very grim posts. i was allowed to take this lovely class for free because it's taking place in the community room here in Subsidized Senior Heaven. i was proud of myself for truly having no expectations. so i was particularly delighted to find that the teacher is a sweet and very creative and competent person. everyone taking the course is a woman of a certain age like me, which I love. i was terrified of creating a collage because i admire…


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It's the One Year Anniversary of The Great Urine Incident of 2014.

it's the one year anniversary of the Great Urine Incident of 2014. for those who don't know about it, i will re-tell the tale. and talk about what has happened since then. very little, i'm afraid, but as my fellow bostonians say, Ya Nevah Know. …


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cocoa chanel sitting in her crate, R.E.S.T ing. gary cooper the Kitty L.O.V.E.S her! Pics!/the best phone provider & plan? please.

okay, so, GC the kitten adores CC. she is mostly indifferent to him, except when he bats at her and chases her around and vice versa. it is so cool to see my 10 year old canine-american in play position, jumping around to Get The Kitty. now CC LOVES her crate/den like her relatives, the Wolves, do. she feels safe and can Chillax. GC is fascinated by it. he can see her from the front because it's open. she ignores him completely. but the sides are mesh and he can glimpse her but he's…


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I Left The House Again After 18 Days of Houseboundedness! as the Jewish Cowboy says: Yippie Oh Chai A!

i'm so freaking proud of myself. as usual, i have no idea what made it possible for me to Go Out and About last night. i mean, "Why was this night different from any other night?"  Sorry, i'm having a Real Jewish Day today. no idea why.  this Freaking Agoraphobia (AG) is, as they say in 12 step meetings, cunning, baffling and powerful. but Cocoa Chanel and I went to Fred Meyer/Kroger and i shopped while CC "hunted". she get extremely focused on this and her job of Keeping Us Safe. it is so…


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