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godiverse, i am so grateful... for finally beginning to surface from months of deep dark debilitating despair. one tiny baby step at a time.

well, it's more like beginning to surface very very very sloooowly but even that is a miracle and a blessing. i still can't put together exactly why i went so far in to the worst Can Barely Get Out of Bed and Having Constant Obsessive Negative Thoughts Fucking Depression. well, i do know a bit of it.  i've talked about the events of last summer that haunt me, including being fired from a writers' group. i haven't talked about the 2 therapists i saw who were beyond belief awful but i will at…


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My insanity, Franzen's Purity, biography of Beryl Markham, Stephen Colbert Despair, my freaking asshole of a Cat and more...

NOTE: i haven't posted anything for a long time, haven't read anyone else's posts for weeks and weeks. i apologize for that. someone i value highly was not happy that i hadn't read his/her personal posts and i felt terrible. because i thought it was clear that i was out of commission. but it was my bad. not everyone understands the depths to which mental illness can lead a person. i'd been and still am way down the Rabbit Hole. i'm only now, months later, finally finally finally finally very…


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