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the vanity fair article about jews moving to israel due to the virulent anti-semitism scares the shit out of me. seems to have made me physically ill.

i'm sure that this has been discussed to death and i'm glad if it has. i could barely bare to read a bit of this article. i'm a coward and i am scared. seriously scared. the man who was the Key Person fighting against this hatred and violence and trying to broker some peace has given up and moved away. that is extremely frightening to me. i love france. i did my graduate work there. i believed that the French were tougher than this. despite the whole not so great WW 2 chapter. turns out they…


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my official service dog, little Ella Fitzgerald, died a year ago at age 11. july is a bitch. (oh yes, & Gary scratched the whole left side of my face.)

July is not only the anniversary of my moodELLAvator's passing.i've already whined about this but it's also my birthday month, which mostly goes uncelebrated because everyone is away for the 4th. it's a long ass holiday weekend that is all about families. and my ridiculous Agoraphobia that keeps me from going to the Blues Festival on the waterfront, which i loved back when i had Safe People to go with, to accompany me to too many places that were/are outside my reach. well, for now. i am…


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thursday b-day. worst every. great pain. but i got lovely messages on Facebook. & finally got an MRI & new doctor & new cleaner/my ex-con mother/pics!

my good friend philip -- the tech guy who set up my new laptop for me and fixed everything that could be fixed in this place -- couldn't figure out my smartphone camera so i have like 1000 pics of me and Cocoa Chanel, my Wonderpup/Service Dog/Canine American, and me. it's fine. better than the cranky ones. i love this because it mostly hides my Fatitude! i will upload some great photos of Gary Cooper the kitten very soon. for my birthday i got great new treats and toys for my critters. a…


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