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first time walking cocoa in the dark but streetlit area across the street since The Great Urine Incident of 2014

i'm disappointed. i was sure that i had transferred the Urine post from OS to here. but apparently i did not. so i need to repeat this information, for which i apologize to those who have already read about this.

before a certain day 7 or 8 months ago, if i had not gotten cocoa chanel (CC) out and about to shop/hunt in a grocery or other store and was of course feeling horribly guilty about it, i would, before 10 PM (the rules forbid loud noise after this hour), take CC across the…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on May 31, 2015 at 8:00pm — 6 Comments

the new laptop came!/I have to wait 2 weeks for an MRI/Granny Panties are Back!/i'm the Bully Whisperer!

i'm going to talk about this ridiculous panty news first because it makes me so happy. now, i have been wearing Big Ass underpants for many years now. alternating with a lightweight Spanx type girdle thingie that holds in the Fatitude of my middle region. i accepted that i was aging and all that that entails but i did have some pangs when i saw young attractive women wearing thongs, the underwear that requires a string/floss to go up your butt. or boy shorts that cover less but that also…


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miscellaneous: do you love cooking or eating? Chef's Table on Netflix/Marc Maron interviews Terry Gross!!/Jon Snow at a dinner party on Seth Meyers!

okay, i don't cook. i'm not sure if i never learned or if i'm an idiot or just terminally lazy. i eat a lot of salads and wraps and such. the men in my life have all been decent cooks. my dead husband was fabulous at it. i would chop up all kinds of ingredients and give them to him and he would turn them in to Food! i hadn't put that together. so after he died, i kept chopping things up but i couldn't/didn't want to take the next step to creating an actual meal.

i think i just felt…


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i was at the ER for 4 hours tonight/my cleaner Shana IS very dumb/cocoa chanel is a Wonderpup/and Painkillers!!!!!

the lack of Intelligence is kind of staggering. Shana came to pick me up -- i assumed that she was acting as my Safe Person and i would pay her but she wouldn't take any money which was admirable. but knowing i have a bad knee. that i can hardly walk on it, well, i wasn't good. there is a loading zone in front of the building. everyone parks there, especially when he/she is picking someone up. she knows this. we go downstairs and she had left her car across the street. asks me if we should…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on May 24, 2015 at 6:46pm — 9 Comments

my knee was already very bad & now i've blown it out completely doing my Physical Therapy exercises!/i am homicidal.

i'm furious at the idiot therapist and at myself. she wasn't good. i didn't like any of the exercises she gave me. when i went there a few years ago for my lower back and my upper left arm? the stuff he gave me to do was perfect and the results were outstanding.

i found myself just not doing the selections on the sheet she gave me. one of the routines is being against the wall and sliding your back down to do a kind squat but with support. it gave me the creeps because it was a very…


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last cooking class at subsidized senior heaven/the origin of the conflict between me and the Geriatric Mean Girls...

tonight was the last meeting of the Oregon Food Bank Cooking Class. it was very sweet. we made turkey tacos and black bean brownies. and we got diplomas to show that we graduated. it was a such a blessing because the main Old Mean Girl was absent! huge gift from the Godiverse. her best Pal Sally was there but she is basically De-Fanged when Cruella Deville is absent. plus she is pretty frail and has very bad osteoporosis. it makes me so sad for her that she has that hump kind of thing where…


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Gratitude: my friend philip helped me find a fancy new laptop. my old one broke apart. and, of course, the latest gorgeous Kitty Pic!

i'm so relieved but also emotionally exhausted. i've never experienced something like this. i've always had machines that slowly died or, like my ancient HP backup laptop, have kept on chugging. just very slowly. so i was able to  prepare to buy a new one and have everything i needed uploaded to he new machine. while this one? a hinge just broke off, leaving dangerous sharp metal spikes and shattered monitor glass. really awful and scary.

this is what i got. i hope i made the right…


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great news! laptop still fucked. but reached out to best friend/computer guy in So. CA & he's coming home!!!!!!!!!

talk about a freaking silver lining. his gig there ended so he's back to looking for a tech job. which sucks. but, selfishly, I'm just so happy to have him back in portland. I hate it here but he and his wife love it, so...

I'm going to talk to him tomorrow and he will help me figure this out. I'm so relieved. my other close friend who moved away is still in…


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the hoarder/packrat whisperer was here & it's awesome!/so many "lost" treasures found!/ great pics of the Clutter & my Good Willa Hunting!

i'm such a dork. i took many Before photos of the giant mess under and on top of a long shelf/desk. and of the choas that was the 50s style table. and i somehow deleted the ones that didn't work but also the original pics. so i have no record of the over the top Mess that was there. i guess you just have to take my word for it, that it was completely out of control. not Hoarder level clutter, thank God. but it was a solid high level…


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