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Part One:update on the friend whose daughter is supposed to be dying & her orgasm/week 3 Subsidized Senior Cooking Class

i'm going to share the cooking class adventure but first i want to talk about some things that happened with the Dying Daughter friend Anne. that were seriously creepy. now i've told you about her telling me that  her daughter is dying. i began to be suspicious when she said that she spends wednesdays with her kid. just one day a week? so i finally asked her full out what the prognosis is and she said anywhere from 2 days to 20 years.…


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3 days out & about!/week 2 of Senior Cooking Class/the great urine incident of 2014 flashback/lying liars lying

(i need to preface this by apologizing for not having read any of the very intriguing posts i have noted on the Main page. as you will see below, i had a series of challenging days and have now tipped over in to a Bipolar 2 Depression. BP goes in cycles so this too shall pass and all that jazz. but today, right now, it took all my energy to write this Cathartic piece. as soon as i begin to surface again, i will read Other People's…


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i just wrote and tried to post something that took me a long time to write and it's gone. it's just gone. week 2 of the Cooking Class.

there was some kind of Error and i went back to the previous page hoping against hope that it was still there but it wasn't. is this my laptop or has this happened to anyone else? obviously from now on i will keep saving to draft and will keep backing things to the cloud -- whatever the freak that is -- and to Word.

well, whatever. i needed to vent and i vented about week 2 of the Subsidized Senior Housing Cooking Class which involved a big dose of Major Suckitude because of the soul…


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i am extremely bitter. part 2 of my novella, which was brilliant & hilarious & life altering, is gone gone gone. girl. (critter pics. only for my new motley fans.)

my wifi crashed. except it didn't. it works on my phone and on my kindle but not on the laptop which i used to write my superb post. i rebooted so it works now. but when i hit Save As Draft? not so much. hence my being pretty much devastated and homicidal. which has a lot to do with the fact that a week or so ago  i hired this awful loud stubborn emotionally retarded Russian computer guy to fix my 2 computers. i found this sheer delight of a human on Craigslist.

and, yes, i know, he…


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Part One: i totally rock: great fun funny stories about cooking class, new attorney & a little bit about my dead ex-con "mother"

(shit, i just realized that a freaking miracle could occur -- i'm a believer in the universe bending or doing whatever it has to do to makes this possible -- and some people on here could read my post. people who usually don't do that. i was told by someone who posts here that there are people who think my writing is creative. great news. wish i  knew who they were, but, whatever. it's fine. but just wanted to be clear that i am Agoraphobic (AG for short) and that is why i rarely go out and…


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cocoa chanel has relapsed but it's going to be OK/my tv addiction/the superb sunday night line-up/i need to step up!

i am refusing to have a panic attack or to jump off something -- for now -- about this, even though it is extremely disturbing and disappointing. CC was doing so well. she had regular poop and she was eating. she was even happily chewing one of her enzymatic dental bones. so, silly me, i got complacent, let my guard down, and then when i got up today... Powww!

what particularly sucks is that i finally had an appointment with a Physical Therapist at OHSU (oregon health and sciences…


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a break from doggie drama. latest kitty pics. my kitten gary cooper is not a baby anymore. he's a gorgeous cat...

first of all, almost grown gary cooper posing against a red marimekko background. he told me he loves scandinavian products and bright colors. he may have an inner interior decorator.

gary on top of his Kitty Kondo, tuckered out after surveying his kingdom.

my boy draped over the top of the fridge. this is a first for him. he is constantly finding new places on or over which he can perch.

kitten with his favorite toy. a long stick with some brightly colored feathers…


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not going to jump. she ate kitty's fancy canned food. with the pills in it!! so whatever. we went for a walk. she was fine.

so i'm going to choose to not be insane for the rest of the day/night. i got curried chicken salad. my chiropractor says curry is good for heartburn. and got canned pumpkin. apparently it calms a dog's stomach down. she was chasing the kitty. so we'll share those foods. my mantra is now: cocoa is NOT ella fitzgerald. she is not going to drop dead tonight. she doesn't have a heart murmur. one minute one hour at a time...

i'm getting very nervous. it was very bad (in the past she's had…


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i prayed to godiverse for a friend my age. i found her. her child is dying. i was told by someone on here that i prayed improperly.

(it would never have occurred to me that someone could read my post about how i prayed for a friend my age but did not specify that the woman have healthy children -- i chose to talk about my prayers in this public forum but that, i thought, was my choice -- and message me to say that i had prayed incorrectly. apparently it is wrong and bad to share one's prayers with another person or group of people. prayers need to be private, it…

Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on April 2, 2015 at 3:30am — 7 Comments

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