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the best new best friend: reference librarian, jewish, loves podcasts & chickens!/standup comedy open mikes/I'm An Acquired Taste & an Oprah show guest! sorry, trigi

OKAY THIS IS ALL FUCKED UP. THE BOTTOM PART BEFORE THE ***** THINGIE. should be the first section. i think. my laptop is totally fucked. so you should read that second part first. i think.

First of all, I have to apologize to Trig for the long ass Title. He hates that I do this. He made clear that it’s not endearing. He also…


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i got myself and my increasingly fat ass and my sweet and smart senior service dog out of the house for the first time in 2 weeks! animal pics! Part One.

Okay, well, this is so very cool. I went out and about tonight for the first time in 2 weeks!!! leaving only to get my mail and to go downstairs and pick up delivery food. This is, I know, Incomprehensible for/to/not sure Regular Normal People. But, shit I don’t understand it so I can’t expect anyone else to fathom it either. (and, yes, this began after a hysterectomy and I got manic and I couldn’t shut up and I was shunned and I was the pariah of my neighborhood. Yes, that is what…


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i wrote a post because i am desperate to not receive any more emails of comments from the Squidly post. please help me. i wrote a self pity post and took it down.

please help me to not receive those emails. i want that chapter to be completely over. i took down ther other one. this goes just to my friends. i hope.

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attempted short title: more stuff that happened in the Johnny Johnny period of my life: bikers, hostages, auditing improv and more.

Okay, I need to write about this. This time in my life that was fun and where I felt seen and heard and accepted for who I was. -- some of this is in my Johnny Johnny post. My time in Hell Lay where I was a baby screenwriter was another such time. I ended up leaving l.a. after the 1992 riots, the ones after the Rodney King beatings and the cops being found not guilty and the city exploded. The riots weren’t far…


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i saw in my email that there are comments titled Now Squidly or whatever. i wouldn't deign to think that any of those have to do with me.

well, if that, they are probably more comments about how terrible i am. i get and got the idea, oh wow, i just realized that i can turn off comments from your lovely and delightful site. i'll go do that. never mind.

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short title: squidly apologizes to Amy. i was wrong to call her out in my post. i'm sorry about that. it was childish and bad.

i was trying to protect myself and my good friend from anti-semitic and anti-zionist comments. i should have just discussed this topic privately with my jewish friends. i wish i had. i would give anything to have not read the squidly post. you should all feel great about yourselves. and about my friend who misunderstood and thought it was a nice post about me. big error. which brought me there. it was humiliating to read that post. mission accomplished.

so have another party on me.…


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i'm sure you've all seen this about the anonymous posters. i had my writing workshop today -- which is actually great -- so i haven't seen the front page. but for those who haven't...

well i love this person, whoever did this. so much. this makes me so happy. we need more and more and more of this. AGent Orange says he's going to punish us if he can't get his ACA modifications passed. the ones that drastically cut medicaid. it will hurt me Bigly but people in this senior housing will die. along with millions more. if you haven't read 1984, you need to read it. it will give you chills. Bigly.…


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johnny, johnny, johnny, whoops, johnny, johnny (from 2009)

Theodora L'Engle johnny, johnny, johnny, whoops, johnny, johnny (this is a writing exercise from one of my mentors, the fabulous Deanna Metzger. i can't remember the exact assignment but it was great.)    

I met Johnny in a bar. They played blues there. It was sunday afternoon, and I felt lonely. I sat on the stool with my…


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one sentence Saturday/Sunday -- re:agent orange's tax returns. why can't they be hacked?

why can't agent orange's tax returns be hacked???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i'm not a tech person. but if the russians can hack the democrats and the chinese can hack anything, why can't someone hack a bank or whatever and get us drumpf's tax returns?

ditto with old episodes of Celebrity Apprentice with all kinds of disgusting things he's said and done? all the stuff he's said and done.

where are the geeks when we need them?



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bipolar mania leads to humiliation & betrayal/i was giant 'ho/my g spot's on vacation/ agent orange bloviates. Part One

the thing about mental illness is that it's okay for you to be bipolar (to have almost any mental illness) but it's not okay for you to act bipolar/mentally ill. even when you are on a good and complex meds cocktail and getting some counseling to help you with the BP and any other emotional challenges you might have. well, that doesn't prevent there being breakthroughs. we looney tunes need stability, need to manage our environments so we don't get tt triggered and Act Out. and we…


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