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i'm not a fan of oregon. but our protestors & senator rock. bannon & fucking 45/the putz has made me fat. that is an impeachable offense for sure.

so i'm very proud that there are protests every day here. there is no let up. the protestors are committed and mostly peaceful. they did the same things during Occupy. so many of them has nothing else to do but i am still proud.

the other positive thing. Jeff Merkeley is our senator and he is a good guy, an excellent guy. (and very cute which is just a side benefit.) he's on Rachel Maddow tonight as one of the Dems who is fighting to get 41 of the 48 senators to filibuster the supreme…


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what is happening in the emoluments lawsuit against drumpf? nerd & others.and with him not restricting people from saudi arabia, egypt and turkey, where he has investments?

this is fucking crazy. it's all crazy. and i'm fucking crazy.

those countries are exempt from the ban on muslims entering the country. saudi arabia was a major player in 9/11. and drumpf has investments in those countries. i don't know what that is called but it is certainly an emoluments Thang.

drumpf isn't whining about that lawsuit so he clearly hasn't received notice of it yet. he has to receive notice. i want him to lose what is left of his tiny mind!!!



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huff post article on saving the arts, new Pod Save America ep on Drumpf's 1st week, real time with bill maher, holocaust remembrance day, trevor noah's Born a Crime.

okay, this comforts me. it answers my questions about small steps that we can take to protect those who Speak Truth to Power as others have pointed out. i live in portland so there are demonstrations just about every day which is extremely heartening. today it's about the confirmation of that Education Asshole. i hope this is happening nationally. will check that out.

most of the other steps are challenging for a Shut-In like me, but i'm going to check on addresses and such to see…


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great podcast called Pod Save America. 3 ex-obama staffers. lots of humor and insight. also matt tiabbi on daily show and bruce springsteen on wtf with marc maron...

jon favreau and 2 others. obama's speechwriters and other staff. the latest one is about this past weekend, drumpf's speech and the many lies and the rant in front of the CIA memorial wall. and the fabulousness of the March. i listen to podcasts on but i'm sure this one is on Itunes.

also matt tiabbi on trevor noah is worth checking out. he's wonderful. his latest book Insane Clown President sounds like a hoot. he was on the stump with Drumpf.

and i forgot to…


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i just read this article in publisher's weekly and i am sick. Drumpf's plans to get rid of the NEH and the NEA means no fucking libraries!

yes i know there are other sources of funding but this is Nazi level shit. defunding the arts and humanities? selling off our national parks? privatizing them? who even fucking thinks of this crap? never mind as a way to improve this country? i am fucking chilled to the bone. and this is from publisher's weekly!!! not some fringe paranoid group!!

what do we do? what do we do to battle against this level of Evil? okay, kill the climate, but books??????…


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