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Open Call, to the Flounce!

Woo hoo!  I can do this. 

Lorianne, has it really been since 2010? 

Seven years, ...damn.

That's a good run, it really is. 

...and now, it's winding down. 

Some have gone to the face boo, some to the twitter, and the instagram, and other web blogs.  We have some in our email.  Some have died, and some have simply gone off line.  Hard to quit a drug like this, though.  Especially after 20 years.   I kinda like this nic name of Julie Johnson, made it…


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Total eclipse of the sun

For months now, I've been thinking ...oh, 99% that's pretty close, close enough anyway.  


I'm not so sure now. I've been doing my googling and 'they' are saying, just that one percent makes the difference between interesting and totally awe inspiring.  Life changing, even.…


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Haunted Laundromat...

This is an old, old, old photo shopped picture.  But, I like it and I don't think I've posted it for awhile. 

Makes me think of you all, out there. …


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The pivot point of the 'memoirs'...

{Image removed}

Is happening, right now.  Has been decided, but I just don't know.  There's the elections, the protesting going on where I grew up, and then my oldest son. 

I've typed and deleted, and typed and deleted, typed and deleted every morning now, for the last 4 months.  Here, there, everywhere.  It's out there.  An hour every morning, to where I almost feel like I could do this as a 'job'. It's damn sure not 'art'. 


Here it…


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Small agitated murky pond

I actually have one of those in my back yard.  A small agitated murky pond.  This will be it's 5th winter coming up.  A 7200 gallon above ground pool, that the chlorine evaporated out of and we threw some cat fish and bass fish in. …


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The hottest day I ever remember...

107 degrees in the shade, and the wind was blowing hard, across the prairie.  That would be 41.6 on the Celsius.  Late 1970's, can't remember the exact year, but it's true so I could google it. 

My girlfriend, Alyson,  and I were driving around town in my dad's old red Ford pick up truck.  Half ton, and 4 on the floor, no A/C of course.  We thought it'd be a good idea to stop at the local liquor store and grab a 6 pack of cold green bottles.  It's hard to believe now, but back…


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More of the copper trees


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It's the 4th of July!

Here in Scruffy City, fireworks are not exactly legal, but they do sell some big ones just over the county line.  They've been going off for the last two nights already, and tonight will be the big ones.  I love fireworks, I do.  The bigger, the better.  My dog does not, though.  She's a big dog, and does not know her own strength.  She gets under the furniture and for some reason, likes to get near the electrical cords and that starts knocking over the television set and pulling the…


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oh, what a tangled web we weave

More of the copper tree...

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What a mess

2nd copper tree

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Actions speak louder than words..?

I hope so, because I am at a lose for words lately.  

I keep thinking, if I say just the right thing in just the right way...

But, it's not working and it's never worked, so I guess I'm insane because I keep believing it will work.  I just have to get the words right.  

My apologies for such an introverted post.  You don't have to comment back.  I'm just typing out loud.  

Rodney makes an open call about books, and I think back on  my book…


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Art, parts or scrap 2, blogging along

Added by Julie Johnson on April 5, 2016 at 2:00am — 20 Comments

Is it Art, parts, or scrap?

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Irish Goodbyes

February 24th, 2016

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Another post...3 am, the witching hour

I like ellipses, so sue me. :-) I also put the little nose in my emoticons, AND I have an old aol account that still gets mail.  Hey, it gets me my AARP card for free.  

An AARP card?  No way.  Has it been that long?…


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A Post

Just got back from a funeral.  Cold rain, all day today.  Thankful it was just the viewing and signing the book, and no opening the ground up for us.  I signed the guest book 'wrong'.  Put my mother in law's name first with a comma after, then mine and GB's together.  I'm going to have to look this up in my etiquette book.  Our main car that looks decent has thrown a rod, so we had to take the '98.  Spent the money for the part for a different thing we thought was wrong, turned it over and…


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Snow days

They called off school last night, over their phone network.  I stayed up 'til about midnight reading around here.  When I went to bed, it was overcast but there was no smell of snow in the air.  Tootsie didn't get the memo.  Her internal clock, is 6 am.  She comes in and wakes me up by nuzzling my nice warm nose, snuggled under the covers with her cold wet one.  'UP, Momma, UP!'  My side of the bed is about a foot from the window, her tail is banging on the wall,  going thump,…


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Seeing things around corners, barely catching a glimpse...

Saving for another day


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7, 600 gallons of water, and winter is coming.

That's how many gallons are in a 16' x 48'' pool.  

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