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Swing, Pendulum

Justice and honor have just been returned to the South in a very significant way that symbolizes the last gasps of the fools, suckers, haters, credulous imbeciles, racist scum and yes, basket of deplorables who have had their way down there for centuries. There will be more hissing and heavy breathing, but, the Civil War is finally wiping out the last of the remaining Confederate terrorists. There is much more work to do, but, we are less than a year out from the mid-terms. The Senate is…


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Alice's Restaurant --- The Actual Lesson Learned

Litterbugs suck, teen-agers will dump trash in the simplest way they can figure out, but, there is ONE thing about the story, song, movie (this is a great film for those who want to see what the 60s were really like. Face it, you can't get more authentic than Arlo) and that is the following line from the song:

"If you want to end war and stuff you got to sing LOUD!"

And we did, lesson learned and times have not changed all so much. 

Thanks J-Dub for the newspaper…


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Hate to say I told you so?

Well, for 9 years now I have been between OS and OS pointing out the obvious, that nearly half of white amerikkka is made up of a large, unwashed, uneducated and entirely hateful group of pieces of white shit. Fucking Haoles as we call them on Maui.

Weigh in, oh great writers of the Interwebs, explain away how my constant near decade long attempt to explain the Dunning School was off base.

See you in VA!

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to lorianne- great job on the re-design format.

Great work on the new UX! much better, more modern and improved in lots of ways. Sweet job. We all owe you and I'll go look at my old paypal account, haven't used it in a while, not much on an online shopper myself ... folks, lets please help lorianne out. She deserves it.

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A Trip Through Trump Country

Been thinking about this one since the Holiday weekend, today's events make the timing more interesting:

We took a trip through Trump Country over the Memorial Day Weekend.

No, not Kentucky or even Alabama, the real Trump Country- Central Park South.

As always the flight to NYC gives you at least a few butterflies. Depending on the approach to JFK you may or may not be treated to the entire Manhattan skyline from the air. Wow. All my life and never, ever getting used to,…


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Trump's A Symptom, Not The Problem

A few months in and no sense being knocked back and forth emotionally by Tweets, insults and other garbage distractions. Trump is not the cause, he is the disease caught. Lets take a little trip down memory lane:

What were the two most popular forms of White Entertainment prior to the wide acceptance of Radio in AmeriKKKa?

Blackface minstrel shows were one run by profiteering white "Thesbians" and just low grade haters. Jump Jim Crow, goes the song. And jump it did so you start…


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