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Anvil Drops

Well, as usual truth catches up to even the stupidest or most brainwashed of us when it begins to effect their food, water, employment, housing, etc. Their privilege, their "White" way of life.

Just watched a CNN interview with a bunch of old white hicks who are finally clamoring for, get this, THE GREEN NEW DEAL!. And these ARE TRUMP VOTERS. You could laugh your ass off at them and their incredible ignorance and susceptibility to propaganda.

Of course, truth be told, these are…


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On Hypocrisy

Oh the hilarity, hypocrites and parasites ...

It's apparent that while some of us are indeed angry at the world's injustices, magnified by the current administration, others simply bounce between passive aggression and mad insults, to sudden attempts at dialog, then, back again to pathetic aggression, racism, anti-specific religions and ethnicity as if they are responsible for, again, the world's injustices, some of them anyway, and, a bizarre idea that Googling anything for…


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My Apologies

I must say I'm sorry to any and everyone who wastes their time on the little flame war going on with the small minded moki. I don't normally stoop so low in the gutter, but, when a phony outsider tries to talk shit about Hawaii the old me starts acting like the young me.

BTW, there is a cool song out, by a POLYNESIAN, that was huge this summer. Old me knows because I hang at the beach with the musical youth: it is called Future Me Hates Me --- was moki's theme song back in his New…


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Authenticity/Life Experience

Everyone got's one- an opinion that is.

And, we are supposed to share them here. And, if you don't like someone else's thoughts you can be a little keiki and cry all the way home, then delete or block them, or, you can be a WRITER and a CITIZEN and have the ovaries to say what you mean and back it up. And, when you are proven wrong dead wrong (Me, Surfing, Gaza and the Mullahs, as ex. 1) you can have the GUTS to admit it. Also, if you are a typical 53% coward on race, or a total…


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tttttt-Tulsi !!!

How nice to see SBA a readin' and a writin' here this week. Now she can check the news, (I hope Kosher is here too, there aren't many of us left; lets face it ...) and see the truth behind her little girl crush on the Hater Samoan Tulsi and how she is a complete cult member totally brainwashed against gays, ruined for life because the indoctrination came so early in her little Keiki days, the so called AmeriKKKan hero just because she went to Iraq. So did my daughter, who knows her better…


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Election 2018

Well, you are probably watching the results, and what you see is AmeriKKKa still exists. The Cavalier Confederates are still scared shitless and full of hate. Cowards, credulous fools and imbecilic morons, and all out haters.

Dems have only won twice since Carter, an aberration due to Nixon and a Southern Cracker himself. The next, Clinton, turned out to be not just an aberration, *only wins cuz Perot* and also a Southern Cracker and also a scumbag piece of shit who I used to work…


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I Kind Of, Sometimes, Liked Ike

My most recent comment, left On this day...

I still have a photo of the young me wearing my "I Like Ike" button. And, he did right in Arkansas, against not a Democrat but someone who was essentially a Dixiecrat, Mason-Dixon be damned. Ike also was responsible for the death of thousands of Latino Braceros in a forced deportation without water into the desert launched by the INS with the lovely name, "Operation Wetback" ... further, every single one of those…


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Isn't It Impressive ...

... to have your own blog page? And be a coward who needs to hide behind censorship, a mirror of some of the worst things that you use the forum to present about?

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Finally, a legacy of America, in this case the actual American Broadcasting Company, has stood up to the Confederate Agenda of Drumpf and his shrill and nasty "Apprentice", his accomplice Roseanne Barr.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of something that will swing hard with the pendulum in November. We'd better hope so as one thing Trumpster Divers have in common is constant anger at their oh so tough lives, which every statistic bears out do not exist as they would like to have them…


Added by Maui Surfer on May 29, 2018 at 6:23pm — 6 Comments

The Smell and the Fury

There was a time, when he confronted the traitor Bork, that I had some amount of admiration for Ralph Nader. It was mixed, as a Super Sport guy I had a problem with his problem with my Big Chevy's little cousin the Corvair, but, that was mostly just thinking of him as a basic dork, which he is and most certainly was. Now, it has been almost 20 years since I stood on a Berkeley street-corner, right near our dear People's Park (which is now in trouble yet again, they want a dorm on it this…


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The Power of Youth

Kosh has accused, actually pointed out accurately, that much of what I put down to words is mainly autobiographical, and, I admit I will not stoop often to citing sources anymore online, google it, better yet duckduck it.

What this old body with a brain that still feels the same anger as it did when they tried to draft me, or when Shrub the Lesser lied us into a war that has killed millions and destroyed decades of work in the Cradle of Civilization, can tell you is there is only ONE…


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Come On!

Apres Surf and I just returned to see the Drumpf Confederate Yankee coalition totally Benedict Arnolded by a disheveled drunk.

Who is going to get the conversation started on this? Come on people, we've the majority of us been predicting this for one year and some change now, well, here it is, the whole nine yards ... Little Donnie is a seditious traitor, Big Donnie has the worst case of both ADDH and NPD ever recorded. Sarah Sanders is the worst and snoddiest liar seen in public for…


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Re-Post --- Trump Country Trip

(some of us can't, don't or won't get out enough, so re-posting this which is a very accurate portrayal of a day in the shadow of the Tower of Trump- I encourage you all to visit the City and see for yourself, that way you could be writing about your own experience, not something you just heard about or were indoctrinated into)

Been thinking about this one since the Holiday weekend, today's events make the timing more interesting:

We took a trip through Trump Country…


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Swing, Pendulum

Justice and honor have just been returned to the South in a very significant way that symbolizes the last gasps of the fools, suckers, haters, credulous imbeciles, racist scum and yes, basket of deplorables who have had their way down there for centuries. There will be more hissing and heavy breathing, but, the Civil War is finally wiping out the last of the remaining Confederate terrorists. There is much more work to do, but, we are less than a year out from the mid-terms. The Senate is…


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Alice's Restaurant --- The Actual Lesson Learned

Litterbugs suck, teen-agers will dump trash in the simplest way they can figure out, but, there is ONE thing about the story, song, movie (this is a great film for those who want to see what the 60s were really like. Face it, you can't get more authentic than Arlo) and that is the following line from the song:

"If you want to end war and stuff you got to sing LOUD!"

And we did, lesson learned and times have not changed all so much. 

Thanks J-Dub for the newspaper…


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Hate to say I told you so?

Well, for 9 years now I have been between OS and OS pointing out the obvious, that nearly half of white amerikkka is made up of a large, unwashed, uneducated and entirely hateful group of pieces of white shit. Fucking Haoles as we call them on Maui.

Weigh in, oh great writers of the Interwebs, explain away how my constant near decade long attempt to explain the Dunning School was off base.

See you in VA!

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to lorianne- great job on the re-design format.

Great work on the new UX! much better, more modern and improved in lots of ways. Sweet job. We all owe you and I'll go look at my old paypal account, haven't used it in a while, not much on an online shopper myself ... folks, lets please help lorianne out. She deserves it.

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A Trip Through Trump Country

Been thinking about this one since the Holiday weekend, today's events make the timing more interesting:

We took a trip through Trump Country over the Memorial Day Weekend.

No, not Kentucky or even Alabama, the real Trump Country- Central Park South.

As always the flight to NYC gives you at least a few butterflies. Depending on the approach to JFK you may or may not be treated to the entire Manhattan skyline from the air. Wow. All my life and never, ever getting used to,…


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Trump's A Symptom, Not The Problem

A few months in and no sense being knocked back and forth emotionally by Tweets, insults and other garbage distractions. Trump is not the cause, he is the disease caught. Lets take a little trip down memory lane:

What were the two most popular forms of White Entertainment prior to the wide acceptance of Radio in AmeriKKKa?

Blackface minstrel shows were one run by profiteering white "Thesbians" and just low grade haters. Jump Jim Crow, goes the song. And jump it did so you start…


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Where To Now?

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Thanks, Lorianne

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Twenty-Three Minutes

Posted by J.P. Hart on May 25, 2019 at 3:57am 3 Comments

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