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I think it was Suzanne on Facebook (Zanelle as she was known here) who said she watches Rachel Maddow and gets terrified.

Well, ditto. And I wonder why everyone else isn't running around with their hair on fire – you all bald or something?

Two nights ago, w. additions last night, she outlined how Putin has scored mightily in undermining, if not taking over, the American government. Tillerson was buds with Putin, and they have a common interest in getting Russian oil liberated…


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I don't understand... psychopaths are in charge of the world...

I fail to understand... Simply fail.

Oh boyohboyohboy, now Americans can choose among health insurance companies. Why would they WANT to? What does anyone think the benefit of health insurance companies IS?

What's got me riled up and typing madly before I even get my coffee down (and what I should be doing is wading out in…


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Where There's Smoke, There's Mirrors

Every day a new freak attraction in the funhouse. Today it's T accusing O of wiretapping him.

Hmm. There is some legality whereby listening in on citizens can be done if national security is at risk. T's connections w. Russia were known before the election. It's theoretically possible that O had T wiretapped as part of an investigation...…


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My poor snowdrops - they came out on schedule for Imbolc at the beginning of Feb, when a 2-ft dump of snow finally started to melt, but then another 18 inches came down and they were buried again for a couple of weeks.  They were out again a few days ago, kinda despondent and stunted, and now another couple of inches have re-buried them.

Someone on a local Facebook group suggested that we locals should use our snowed-in time to do some art.  He led the way with a crude (in technique)…


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Losing my mind, but only the useless bits

I did my regular check-in with the neurologist to see how I was doing and to get my prescription refilled.  The medication is great - holds off the mysathenia 95%, and that remaining 5% is way way over to the right, a part of my vision field I don't much use.

He did a cursory examination - had me Follow The Finger, poked at inflated cheeks to try to deflate them, tried to pry open squinched-shut eyes, had me press upwards against his hands, took his Maxwell's little silver hammer to…


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How to 'discuss' w. people who live in alternate though overlapping universes? I tend not to, though occasionally exasperation trumps (damn, a perfectly good word irreversibly contaminated) good sense.

I've been *refraining* in person and on Facebook w. a friend. She gets her news from one of those alternate but overlapping news sites and thinks the…


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The Apprentice, Supreme Court Edition

SO ... T has summoned the two finalists for Supreme Court to a televised announcement tonight, where one will be chosen and the other dismissed in person in front of the entire country. Is this normal procedure? I mean, for government, not The Apprentice.

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Gee. All the things T has done – 'University' scam, the birther insult, ruining contractors, then during the campaign all the shit about Clinton, currently the cruelty of this travel ban, hey I haven't got room to list (Lorianne, another whole website please), none of that matters, but if someone slights Dear Leader (“Don't they know I'm the effing president”), then he and his enablers spray tears all over the landscape (but…


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How do you deal with a space-lizard?

The thing about psychopaths is they're entertaining.

Someone on Facebook this morning suggested that Trump has Asperger's. I disagreed. I think he's a psychopath. Except for Doc Martin, I don't think Asperger's people are all that entertaining.…


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Trumpers on TV saying tut tut, pundits talking about crowd size when there's CRIME JOBS blah blah.

Well, yes - it says something significant that Obama drew far more people to his inauguration than Trump.

Do facts matter? Does it matter that your president lies outright, in your face, in the CIA's faces, and sends out his press secretary to lie outright?

Kellyanne Conway on Meet the Press this morning tried to slough it off with the notion of "alternative facts".…


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     rumbling      bumbling                grumbling



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Kinda depressed by the talk of how creativity shrivels and all but disappears with age.  Like, it's depressing enough contemplating that at 80 one only has a few years left...and could in fact be str…

Kinda depressed by the talk of how creativity shrivels and all but disappears with age.  Like, it's depressing enough contemplating that at 80 one only has a few years left...and could in fact be struck down any moment.  Plus this is the longest, coldest and snowiest winter in a long time here in (haha) Hope - it's almost like being back in Ontario.

BUT...I still haven't got myself any boots.  So there. The thaw was supposed to start yesterday and still hasn't happened - but the…


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CRYSTAL SNOT - or what happens when I can't get outside to terraform

A previous creation from another cabin-fever day - Baby Cthulu

A classier crystal snot from last winter -

Another 18…


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Phone Phun (not)

What kind of stupid picture is this, you ask.  Supposed to be a bright snowy sunlit mountain as seen from the shady side of town (as opposed to the sunny side, not the questionable side), taken while I was filling up my car on a very cold day - taken with my phone.

I just have a cheap flip phone, about five years old, bought at grocery store, just to have in my car. …


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Hamming it up for New Year's

Well, our NY dinner with Reno Rob went better than at Christmas.  If you recall, he gave up and went home on Christmas because Slow Cooker with pot roast.  NY's we got a ham, already cooked, only needed to be warmed up.  Cranked the slow cooker up (with microwave standing by) for the potatoes and squash, and voila.

Daughter L. and Reno…


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That's so I'll remember its name. There's a word for gimmick-to-remember-by, but I forget it. Oh okay, mnemonic. I sort of remembered it, but can be excused for not having it clear in my head. What kind of a word is that? And…


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Christmas Dinner, ho ho ho (hum)

Don't usually do anything for Christmas.  But this year my younger daughter L thought it would be nice to invite our reno guy for a meal. 

Rob has grown daughters, who seem to be closer in both senses to their mother and her current husband and their kids.  He also has a brother in Van, whom he consults on construction matters, but doesn't seem to visit much.  Well, it's a long trip in an old truck that uses a lotta gas.  And there's another brother who made tons of money and is now…


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Long ago and far away... sometimes I wish I were there...

I just uploaded an old photo card and found these shots from a place in the woods where I used to live...…


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CTHULU RISES...the gates of hell open wide and demons fly out...our species is doomed...

A cosmic joke. By the invading alien space lizards. Or Jehovah – who always had a nasty side. Or some of the crazier pagan gods, wakened by modern worshippers who knew not what they did.

Those whom the gods would destroy (all of us), they first make mad.

How to explain things like this…


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Happy Solstice! Merry Yule!

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