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Ode to the Cold (stolen from j.p. hart)

dear j,p.,

one of my students from last semester knows the artist who tags using the ‘hart’ font from my last post. These are examples of the current work of that artist. The tags on the bus stop signs are on the same block, one for each direction

such that

If you are driving/riding, the eyes catch yours as you travel up or down the avenue. …


Added by catch-22 on January 9, 2018 at 2:48pm — 20 Comments

for j.p. hart

This graffiti/art improved my waiting for the bus on an already sunny day. Thought you oughta know ~…


Added by catch-22 on February 6, 2017 at 11:32am — 10 Comments

Close Enough to Dance With

in dreams every time I hear this song you come close enough to dance with

leading me by leaving me out at the top of the twirl

where you are as far from me as our arms will allow

so that I feel most like flying every step closer I get back

to your body, my hand holding your shoulder again

eyes already looking to the sky

the sun seeping into his wine-stained horizon…


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Unsolicited Advice

Burn his body back to ash and bone

Wait for a perfectly windy day to throw

What's left of his teeth clicking dusty gossip

Over bean fields curving under high summer sky

The red wooden fence on his land lived an enviable life

An impartial mediator between two perfectly worn running lanes

Arabian stallion against country collie every evening

Dirt packed as hard as beating hearts

A bedroom window, its brave face

Always heard… Continue

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Come Out To Play

Superman is an insomniac

or at least a guy with an aching back

it was Clark of Kent who could sleep to dream

in his mind in the moonlight he is Atlas or Alcides

or any other ace on any other team

playing and winning with rowdy men who dig in deep

Kent works curves into corners, watches every batter weep

happily married to the mitt, he delivers love and stinging kisses

sent rent over home plate, the only thing angular between him and his…


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Noticias y 'olas / News and Waves

Noticias y 'olas

por allí se ve a un caballero en su yegua del mar

a todo galope en su velero revelero

su rostro en al aire, autentico y sincero

pues, bailamos, bailanos, compadre marinero

hazme girar, a brillar, a lucirme, lucero

cada paso una palabra 

cada palabra un farol

dos manos hechas guantes de seda

dos piernas en pantalones de mármol

veo que tus botas son de botánica acuática

siento a tu dedos dibujando Eros y…


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Mujeres Solteras/Single Women

Check me out in my many colors miniskirt

Excellent mileage on pocas palabras means mucho flirt

Let’s get together en el coche y en la guagua

Detrás de cada puerta en my Soviet made Lada

Con su máquina running, cunning, purring, no-shirting

Oh, and like I mentioned, full throttle flirting

Salsa music on the radio, carne asada waiting for us on my…


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Straight down falling snow
In the tropics it would be rain
And everything white would be green
Mango dripping hearts
Beat under teeth tearing
Ojos entreabiertos staring
Warm palms pressed to my back

But tonight is white
Dressed up deep in smooth moon and starlight
Snowman wine, weighted and fine
Straightens my spine
Heat soaked and held close

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Strawberries Come First ~ Erotic Fruit Yoga

las fresas are always first
honey heavy breathing, silk almond milked sighs seeping
leaving glazed fig colored thighs weeping
gasps and grapes exchanged
sheer shirts and tart flirts, as usual, blamed
for raspberry mouths, smiling, bitten, stained

Added by catch-22 on September 22, 2012 at 8:00pm — 7 Comments

Farm Fingers

The Spanish radish sailed a ship 
Sunk a treasure fit as farmer fingers
White meat oozes core heat
Returning to burning
Once teeth slice surface
Saliva and Godzilla
Devour their love-child
One bite at a time

Added by catch-22 on August 7, 2012 at 3:13pm — 11 Comments


Greeting of the Day

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Waiting And Seeing

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Leaving the Purple House

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As Luck Would Have It

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PreOP Poem

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