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Halloweenie Spooktackular! Kitties!

Every night when the moon was full, the air seemed different. It was fall again and the sounds of the forest seemed to be more than crickets and distant hoots of owls. It was not a quiet place when the moon was full.

We waited each fall for this time. It was important to our group. When the full moon came and the air was crisp, we listened. As we moved sleathly in the night, we knew what would be coming. We knew that soon we could be answering a call. It was an eerie sound to…


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To Teach a Child to Obey or Teach a Child To Reason

What is better, to teach children to obey or to teach children to think?

The sorry thing is that too many obey, and too few think. It is better to help a child form by teaching critical thinking so that they understand what and why they might or must obey. It does not prepare them for the future to send them out into the world with a set of rules which they might not be able to apply or that are perhaps flawed.

Is it not better to send them out…


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Sign Up Here ^ for the Answers

Are you confused by the snow and the polar votex in your town? Do you feel that men in the GOP, along with some women, are actually aliens? Are you wondering if all that chemically tainted Mickey D's Happy Meals you fed your kid and yourself are having an effect on your brain?

Worry no more. I can help you find the answers.


Turn to page 11 of your work books. Ready? Begin.

1. I will not vote Republican. True or False.

2. I will not eat fast food. True or…


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Kevin Baker Died

Kevin Baker died last month in Chicago.

Kevin was a young man, 19 years old and attending Harold Washington College in Chicago. Gunman wanted his cell phone. He gave it to them. As the two armed men walked away, one turned around and shot Kevin, in the head. He died. Why? Kevin had family, a reason to succeed in life, a drive to go to college and years of living ahead of him. It was cut short, like so many lives in this country.

Why? What are we all collectively missing here?…


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Dinner on the Beach

It was a very long time ago,
that dinner on the beach
we traveled with some
friends to the
Mexican Riviera
Puerto Vallarta
where Taylor and Burton romanced...
Why shouldn't we?
Our friends were travel buddies and
knew all the ropes
they succumbed to a time share rant
for a  dinner on the…

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Blatz Brewery Phantom Beers

Milwaukee is a very old town
let us say mystery and intrigue abound
who would have thought an ambitious man
would emerge the husband of a dead brewer's wife;
he worked at the company to make it fine day and night
could he have had something to do with
her plight?
The son of a brewer in Bavaria,
takes the boat to…

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Bernie Sahlins dead at 90

After spending time in Europe and graduating college, I was kind of drifting around trying to figure out what I had done all that for. I lived at home and it was in a very quiet, dry town, far away from big city life which I rather enjoyed.

At one point I got a job through a guy I met in college, which turned out to be selling insurance. I had to work waitressing to make ends me. It was a kind of bizarre existence. I lived in an apartment in a place that was half way between where I…


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International Women's Day

Students in 1910



Women Students at Ohio State University in 1910


This is International Women’s Day. What does that mean to you? There has been an International Women’s Day since 1910. Women all over the world have been in a struggle much longer than that. It might seem that it is hopeless but through the years there has been some progress made for women, but sometimes for every…


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College Bound or Bound to College

When you have children, there is a good chance that as a parent, you might be interested in their education. I grew up in a family that was first generation immigrants. My grandparents were new to this country and while they were from somewhat humble backgrounds in Europe, they were not without some experiences and worldly aspirations. They came here to do it better, "it" being living. They were motivated by politics and opportunity. 

My parents had their own achievements. At the time…


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I Made It Another Year

This year was a very special birthday. Most people don't know it, but I do try and set some living goals for myself. I originally set a goal to live long enough to raise my own children. This one I copied from my mother. She got her wish and with all my kids out of their teens now, I think I got mine. Sounding silly to you? I never understood her obsession with this small wish until I was a mother. I loved and still love my children so much that I wanted to be the one to bring them into…


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Vintage Meaning in Modern Times, Thanksgiving


 At Thanksgiving, an empty table can be filled.


Celebrating with friends and family is a joy that comes into your life, sometimes as a learned experience. If you did not come from a celebration loving family, you might not even know what you could be missing.

Today we have experienced a change in how families interact. Couples might live farther away from their parents, distance making it difficult to meet for celebrations. There might be a pattern…


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The Tao of the Silver Bike

"Taoism teaches a person to flow with life."

In those first moments of being alone in his new home, a sense of overwhelming questioning over took my son. He silently contemplated, "Am I doing the right thing, why am I here, I left everyone I know, my family, I am alone". Well, as he later considered, he was not really alone, he was with some people he knew from his college, he was in a foreign country, but one in which he had visited before, knew the language of and…


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Alfre Woodard, Choice and Why You Should Vote

Meeting famous women is not something new to some people, especially if they happen to be active in politics. Rarely though, and no offense to all those famous women who write the checks and help agents of change do their work, are they as intelligently articulate regarding their cause as Alfre Woodard. I say this as a high compliment. I have sat through speeches, spoken intimately and shared bread with many, many people and Alfre was the only woman who I felt a spark listening to, that…


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Everyone Should Vote

"Subject: HISTORIC PHOTOS: of women who secured our right to vote.  Use it this November!

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Sometimes the most beautiful thing in our day is looking up and seeing. Enjoy!

The sun was doing a brilliant job of lighting all of these leaves up and making them seem almost like bits of…


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She Was Gone


 Running away was always the plan. It was the only way in which she felt that she could really breathe. Stuck in a life that only few would understand she was always anxious and pacing. Working on a plan to leave the confines of her cell, she could barely expect anyone to understand.

 Every night as she lay in bed, the sounds of the evening called to her. The scratching of branches on the window, the roof, and the outer walls, all spoke to…


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Stealing From A Corpse



Stealing from a Corpse


There are so many things laced together with a death that you might find it hard to imagine the connections of some. For instance, when someone dies, who get their clothes? I remember one person who was rather odd. He kind of got hammered out of the legislature after several years for his paradoxical votes and his personal scandal. Going over the lurid details might be too much for one to…


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In the mid seventies, Holocaust survivors were very much alive and engaged in rebuilding their lives, but the past was not so distant. This is inspired by a true story.



Marc Chagall's Wedding   (a painting)   1910  …


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Cantor Fitzgerald

It was time to get our daughter to school. She was about 8 years old and her dad was going to drive her to the school that morning. Her twin brothers where at middle school already. Sitting on the couch I was brushing her hair and putting in a ribbon. Her dad was patiently waiting. The television was on as it normally was to the morning news show in New York. It was not long before the plane hit the first tower. Almost instantly it was being viewed across the nation and in this little room,…


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Part Two of the Seeress of Salzburg Continues

 Lavender, Wikipedia

In a few moments everyone again focused on the Seeress. She had not been introduced to anyone except with the title of Seeress. To me, she had been revealed as Zelda Moskowitz by Rolf, with the agreement of the committee. I had heard some things about Zelda Moskowitz in the circles of those who can see and hear things that others cannot; she was…


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