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To my son Grady, and the man who delivered him to us

I wrote this reminiscence a couple of years ago and have re-posted it -- and re-written it -- ​several times since. I wanted then, as I do now, to mark my son​ Grady​'s birthday, ​​a time he can't remember but one I'll never forget. He means more to me than even the most carefully chosen, most compulsively re-written words can say:…


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Unsuspected Symphony

No one goes to a hospital to heal. We go there for the same reason we take our cars to the repair shop – because we must. We’re in need of repair.

I found myself unwillingly wandering the dismal halls of the place I’ve come to call HospitalWorld nearly four years ago, when a one-hour colonoscopy turned into a four-day surgical sleepover.

My grandfather had warned me long ago against hospitals. "You don't want to go there, Jerry," he told me. "That's where…


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I wish no words

I wish no words

No eloquence


No first-persons

No calls to action

No analysis

No petitions

No sad songs

No prayers


This is not the time for words

Let silence speak

The silence of death

Because there are no words

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Late file


It was sometime in the fall of 1976, I’d guess, the day I stepped into an ornate elevator in Buffalo’s old federal court building. I was a cub reporter, roughly dispatched to report a story about which I knew next to nothing.


An older man wearing a tan trench coat got into the elevator behind me. I noticed his trench coat because I was wearing one too. Mine was…


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Writing exercise: Ten years. Three words. Two pages.

Let me explain: I recently met Abigail Thomas, author of several splendid books including the memoir "A Three Dog Life" and "Thinking About Memoir," which for my money is the best and most engaging book on the subject. Though I've been unable, because of scheduling conflicts, to attend her memoir-writing group, she gave me an exercise to do that I initially thought was impossible: "Write two pages about the most interesting 10 years of your life using only three-word sentences."



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More Notes To Self

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Spun Dry

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