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My New Book - "Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story" - has been published and is available for purchase

My new book, "Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story," is now available for purchase on and for Kindle. With a cover illustration created, as always, by our Diana Any Stokely, this book is a must for any baseball fan, fantasy baseball player, or fiction lover.…


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Last night, the Mets completed a four-game sweep of the previously-mighty Yankees. This is the first time that the Mets have taken every game from the Bronx Bombers in a season, and the Mets' faithful are, properly, sticking it to Yankee Nation.…


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The Perfect Gift For Any Baseball Fan - "Bloggin' Baseball (from the bench)" is Available for Purchase

My latest book, "Bloggin' Baseball (from the bench)" is now available on and for Kindle. A collection of my baseball-related blogs from 2009 through 2013, each entry has been updated and contains additional commentary. It is available on and for Kindle.

“Andrew's love and respect for our national pastime shine through from first pitch to final out. His ‘extra innings’ are especially insightful and make for perfect post-scripts.  Written with…


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I'm On the Radio Tomorrow Morning (February 14th, 2013 at 11:00 AM EST)

If you have ever wondered what your fellow OS'ers sound like, or, more to the point, if you have ever wondered about what I sound like, here is your chance to find out. Tomorrow morning, WCWP radio will be airing an interview that I recorded last week, promoting my newly-released book, "In His Own Defense".

The Interview can be heard at 11:00 am on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013 on WCWP, 88.1 FM in the New York/Long Island area. You can also listen by logging onto the station's…


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Baseball's (Common) Name Game - A Little Sunday Fun (Even Though it is Still Winter)

      In less than a month, the beginning of this year’s episode of “Hope Springs Eternal” will begin for Major League Baseball’s 30 teams. Pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training in less than three weeks. At the same time, there is no real football being played today, with the league taking the weekend off to conduct the no-contact exhibition known as the All-Pro Game before ramping up its publicity for next…


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NFL Avoids Being Tackled By the Seau Family's Litigation

        It seems that Junior Seau’s uncanny ability to make the “big hit” on opposing ball carriers was not passed on to his family or its attorneys. News came Wednesday that Seau’s family had filed litigation against the NFL, blaming it for Junior’s suicide. The former star linebacker committed suicide last May, and examination of his brain revealed that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), presumably from the untold number of hits to the…


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The Baseball Hall of Fame & Lance Armstrong - Needles, Needles Everywhere

           It has been quite a week for the endlessly-intertwined worlds of professional sports and performance-enhancing drugs. Days ago, the Baseball Hall of Fame voters emphatically slammed the doors to their hallowed building in the faces of players who used such drugs, were accused of using such drugs, or who merely played in an era where such drugs were prevalent. In so doing, the now holier-than-thou baseball writers shunned baseball’s all-time home run king, the man widely considered…


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Happy 102nd Birthday, Hank Greenberg - A True Mensch

Tomorrow is New Year's Day. It is a time of new beginnings, as we anxiously greet a fresh twelve months full of hope and promise. It is also a time for us to look back on the year gone by, of triumphs and sorrows, and a day for us to remember the recently departed. We remember those whom we knew personally, those who somehow touched or enriched our lives.

We also recall public figures who perished during the year, whether statesmen, celebrities, or…


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My Latest Project - a New Video Game - Sure to Be a Smash Hit!!

           I never thought that I would be adding “Video Game Creator” to my list of (ahem) accomplishments. That was, however, before my latest trip to see my parents. Now, I have an idea for a video game which will break all sales records – well, at least in the New York area and in those places where transplanted New Yorkers reside.

            The game is called (blaring of trumpets):       

“Grand Prix: Florida Jewish…


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"In His Own Defense" - my first novel has been released

I am pleased to announce that I have released my first novel, "In His Own Defense", which is currently available on Order your copy today!!


The cover and description are below:


 Attorneys spend their lives defending others. They never expect, however, that they will have to defend themselves, especially when the accusations against…


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Ohio State's (Im)Perfect Season - How Will it Be Viewed By the Coaches?

Yesterday afternoon, the Ohio State Buckeyes capped off a perfect 12-0 season by defeating their rivals from Michigan. Last night, they were joined by Notre Dame as the only undefeated teams in Division I football. Even in the overly-confusing world of the BCS, that would normally have led to an inevitable OSU-ND game to determine this year's national champion.

Unfortunately for the OSU faithful, however, this was no ordinary season in Columbus. Due to the tattoo for jerseys scandal…


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A Little Perspective for Thanksgiving Today

     As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is important for us all to appreciate what we have, not regret what we do not possess, and try, as best as possible, to maintain a little perspective with respect to what should be important to us.

     Professional sports is a fantasy land. Fans align themselves with teams as if they are on the baseball diamond, gridiron, hardwood, rink, or pitch, and use terms like "we" and "us" when describing…


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Yankees Mauled - Now it is Time To Rip Them to Shreds (But Keep A-Rod)

                The World Series begins this week, and for what seems to be the umpteenth year in a row, it will be conducted without the presence of the highest-paid team in the majors, the New York Yankees. Tonight’s NLCS Game 7 will decide the Tigers’ opponent for the championship, and the cats from Detroit will need to be reminded that, whether they are facing the Cardinals or Giants, their next opponents will put up much more of a fight than the sputtering Yankees did last…


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Top 10 Benefits of My Daughter Attending The Ohio State University

               Keeping with my daughter going to college theme – many people seem surprised when we tell them that she is attending Ohio State. “It’s so far,” some say. Others ask why she would want to go there, as it is not one of the “hot” destinations for New Jersey high schoolers. Thus far, however, it seems to have been a great choice, for all of us. So without further ado, I present, for your reading (dis)pleasure, the top ten benefits of her attending school at The Ohio State…


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For My Daughter, On Her 18th Birthday

                Today is my favorite Buckeye’s 18th birthday. Normally, this is when parents update their Facebook status with an overly-sugary, sappy display of ridiculously exaggerated love for their child: “Happy Birthday to the bestest child who has ever walked the face of the earth. I can barely imagine how the world survived prior to you being born. Everyone should thank G-d, on this day, for bringing you into their lives.” Not me, however, for at least three main…


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