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That's the title of my latest painting, finished (I think) today.

Once again a view of Sinclair Inlet, which is a part of the Puget Sound.

My town, Port Orchard, runs along the south side of Sinclair Inlet. The US Navy Base in Bremerton is across the way. 

On sunny days the aircraft carriers are huge and looming. In the fog, they take on a different character.

I took several reference shots a about a week ago on a densely foggy morning.

We were actually on…


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Last Light

A few weeks ago, the BLP and I took a short trip to the Washington Coast. You may have seen my mention of it in my last post, called September At the Beach.  If you don't want to go see the post here is what I said:

(In October we went to Long Beach and Cape Disappointment (Southwest corner of Washington State) for a second Fall beach trip. I took over a hundred photographs.…


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September at the Beach

Lots of folks like to visit the beach during the summer. I grew up on Long Island, where access to the beach was easy, and that's what we did as soon as school was over in June- we went to the beach all summer long. Eventually I discovered that the beach was even nicer in the fall. There were less people around, and I could enjoy the sun and the air and the surf from the comfort of a blanket on the shore. No need to go swimming. I would go whenever I could until it was just too cold to be…


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A Gathering at Ecola Creek

Even with college and home studio classes in full swing and the band working almost every weekend lately, I've been squeezing in time to paint almost every day. It really feels good to go away from the world and into the one of my own making. 

This one is another Cannon Beach painting. Ecola Creek (in the foreground) begins many miles inland, and ends with a narrow stream at the Pacific Ocean in Cannon Beach, Oregon. A little ways South past this point, it levels off completely…


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Painting is My Sanity

I’ve been painting every spare hour I can find. In reality, I need at least three or four hours at a time; more if I can get it. I have been able to accomplish that fairly often these past few weeks, because I took a month off from my home classes after the summer classes were finished. It’s become more important than ever to keep my mind occupied with constructive, positive work. There is too much going in…


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Painting v. Politics, or Nero’s Got Nothing on This Administration

It seems to get harder every passing day, to watch the blatant and irrefutable insanity emanating from within our government, and see it exacerbated by every elected or appointed government official who allows it to continue.

I simply don’t understand why they do.

I feel helpless against the tide of humanity pushing us toward chaos. Society seems more broken than ever. The troglodytes get braver and ever more righteous. Nature herself seems to be responding as well, with…


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Almost Home

Last weekend, I met my daughter in San Francisco. She was moving there from Long Island to start an MFA program in animation at a wonderful school.. It's a grand adventure, and I have to give her props for moving across the country to a place where she knows no one, to start a life anew. She did bring her pet rabbit with her on the plane. 

Our planes arrived at the same time, same moment, to gates across the way from each other. We walked off and there we were! We collected her two…


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Seattle, Eclipsed

In Port Orchard, Washington, the neighborhood known as Manchester sits right on the Puget Sound. Manchester has a great state park (we walk there a couple of times a week), and a sweet little rural waterfront that includes a public boat ramp and a floating dock. (With 15-foot tides, docks that can move are a necessity.) Manchester also boasts the smallest library I’ve ever seen. Across the way from the library is a nice neighborhood restaurant and pub, and a new…


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Anxiety is at a new high for me. I am experiencing many of the same physical symptoms I had when I was pre- and post- divorce. During those years, pharma helped, but I'm not going down that road again.

I have to make some changes in my life, like staying away from the news except for headlines these days. I get the gist, don't worry, but discussion seems fruitless and has become very upsetting.

About a week or so ago, I wrote to every single sitting US Senator.…


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Looking At the Sun

Painting is the one thing that keeps me from sinking into an abyss of anxiety caused by the current political/cultural/social/etc chaos. So, I paint as often as I can. That immersion has become more important than ever.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The smoke from BC has changed the Puget Sound summer air, made it somehow thick. It's not humid here, exactly, but the air clings to the skin and the body reacts as though it were damp. The haze…


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Sinclair Inlet; Smoke at Sunset

One of my favorite subjects for painting is Sinclair Inlet, a body of water that is part of the Puget Sound in Western Washington State. Our little town has a great downtown on the waterfront. There are shops, restaurants, a tiny public market, and a park with a gazebo where a farmer’s market holds court every Saturday from May through September. During that same period, local bands perform on Thursday evenings. We’ve played there with every incarnation of our…


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Summer Fog

Summer in Western Washington on the Puget Sound arrived right on time- a bit after the 4th of July. It's been sunny and not too hot for weeks now. I understand we are heading for record high temps (maybe 100+) over the rest of this week for the Seattle area, and probably high 90s here in Port Orchard. It won't last very long, but it will be enough to remind us of one of the reasons why we left Long Island, which regularly gets blistering heat waves.

One of my favorite parts of our…


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The Obliteration Room (Pending Obliteration) - Not as dire as it sounds.

Before I start, I would like to say that I don't know if this is Art, but it was certainly a fascinating experience.

Summer 2017

The Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama currently has a show called
Infinity Mirrors installed at the Seattle Art Museum. She plays with light and color, shape and…


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Whitehall Rowboat

Every painting has a story, and this one is no exception.

One day a couple of weeks ago, an ad from The Reader’s Digest arrived in the mail. Usually I just toss every piece of unsolicited “junk” mail right into the recycle bin without reading it, but the gorgeous landscape photo on the cover of this one caught my eye, and I opened the folded ad to see what else was inside. I’m glad I did- I saw some beautiful contest-…


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I'm on hiatus from teaching for a couple of weeks and have been doing some painting. As in every spare minute!

It feels good.  

This is the latest finished piece and the story that goes with it.

The BLP and I were both born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island. We spent our summers as children going to the beach, first with parents, and then once old enough to drive, with friends.

Both the North…


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June Flowers

I was going to call this post "Summer Flowers" but then realized that a) it's not technically summer yet, and b) even if it were summer, we in the Puget Sound area are still having one of the chilliest springs on record, and I'm still wearing my winter duds most of the time. So no, these are not "summer" flowers. But June it is, and the gardens know that.

And things bloomed, albeit some later than usual, but with no less enthusiasm.

Taking the Georgia O'Keeffe approach;…


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East Coast Family Gathering

As many of you already know, my father passed away a month ago. I had planned a visit well before that, but circumstances conspired so that I missed him by two days.  I had spoken to him on Sunday, just four days before my arrival, and he told me, point blank, I don’t know if I’ll be here when you get here. I…


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(You Don't Have To) Hold On (updated)

Many of you here at Oursalon are familiar with my posts about my family.

You may remember that my father has suffered some serious health setbacks over the last two years, and at his age, each of them could have been the last one.

I've visited a couple of times a year since moving to the West Coast. Last visit was this past fall, when he turned 85.…


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Soon, Pink Snow

This is the painting I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I know I mentioned it in my last post, Moon Shower, and thought I'd include it here. It depicts the front entrance of our house obscured by the tree. Which I think is as it should be!  

We look forward to the blooming of this lovely ornamental tree (we don't know exactly what it is) every year. This year, I was…


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Moon Shower

We moved to the State of Washington from the Long Island on the East Coast almost nine years ago.

(Where did the time go?)

We found almost everything about our new environment to be significantly different from things ‘back East”. We fell in love with the hilly, rural roads that often have sheer drops on either side. We adore the exquisitely tall evergreen forests, and just how green everything is all year round. We even love the Scotch Broom, which blooms extravagantly yellow on…


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President Zero Is My Hero

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the gourds

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this shit we made we so deserve

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The Devil is in The Details

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good morning my fellow hip o kritz!!!!!

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