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Catching Up


I spent the last month of 2018 in a frenzy of painting.

"The holidays" (December 1 through January 6) are a trial for me, family dynamics being what they are, and I do my best to get through them with as little angst as possible. The political climate of the past two years sure hasn't helped. 

As of the end of November, I closed my home art studio classes for kids. I just don't have the patience anymore. I am still teaching at the college and that is enough. The…


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My Favorite Gift

This year, my stepmother sent me some wonderful presents. The first is a pillow made from one of my Dad's shirts. The other is a photo album that my sister and I had put together for our Dad many years ago. (He passed in May 2017, my sister in 2005)

It was so much fun, bittersweet too, to see those pictures from our shared lives. 

There was even a picture of him wearing the very shirt that is now a pillow. 

She also included some much older photographs, that had been…


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A Miss is as Good as a Mile

Especially when it comes to tornados. 

You may have seen on the news that my little town of Port Orchard, Washington, just across the Puget Sound from Seattle, was visited by a tornado on Tuesday afternoon.

Me and mine are fine, but inside of a relatively small swath about a mile Southeast of us, it took the roofs off of several houses and caused other major destruction to others, leaving many homeless. It threw motor homes into the woods and downed many trees and power…


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A Couple of New Paintings

I thought I would share this with whomever is left here of my old Oursalon pals.

Recent health concerns and changes in lifestyle have allowed me to spend lots more time in the art studio, painting. I've done 47 works so far this year. I've been showing pretty regularly, and selling a bit, too. I am hoping this continues and is not merely an anomaly. Doesn't matter, though- I will keep painting regardless.

Both are oils on canvas.

This first one is called The…


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End of Summer Painting

Here we are at the end of summer. It was a favorite time of year for me when I lived on the East Coast,  though I always looked forward to the fall as well.

I love Washington summers, too! I know the rains will be here soon and that's quite all right. 

An old friend of mine, "F",  from our High School days, recently posted a picture on Facebook she took while on vacation in Cape Cod. It was a nice shot, and made me nostalgic for The East Coast beaches I grew up…


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Barn #17, The Hammerhead Crane at Bremerton Navy Yard, and a Smoky Sunset on Sinclair Inlet

Here are my three latest paintings. 

The barn is a local one, just a few miles from me on a road we rarely travel. I had forgotten about it. We took a ride down that way to visit a park and I took some photo references on the way back, when the light and shadows were a bit more interesting to me. 

The Crane and the Sunset images are representations of what the wildfires on the West Coast have done to the palette of the sky here in Washington State. I've painted that weird…


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Barn #16, a commission, and another foggy view of the Naval base.

Here are a few recent paintings, including two I finished this past week.

The first is my latest barn painting. I was still working on it when I posted the other 15. 

This barn is located in Skagit County, Washington, in farm country. The area has so many old barns that the county publishes a self-tour of over 50 historic barns, and there are tons of others who haven't made it to the registry yet. 

This one is on the registry and still a working barn; the farmer was on…


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A Body of Work


The 15 barn images below represent about 50% of the paintings I've made so far this year. I'm currently working on the 16th barn, with no end in sight. I just love doing them. 

In between, I've done a number of commissions, and several old-truck paintings. Those are fun, too! Also working on a series of foggy waterviews for a show in October. (I will post about the other paintings separately.)

I have enough barns to be able to choose 12 for a 2019 calendar.…


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Open Call: how I started blogging

Kosh wants to know, so here's my story.

In 2006 or 7 or so, I met "La Sirenita" online through a different website. (We knew her on Open and here as Sirenita Lake/Cris Guitierrez) 

The site had a pretty specific audience, not mainstream at all, really, but the participants were smart and funny and there was some great story telling.  No art stuff. As in any social media site, there was also a lot of arguing and nonsense, but as here, participants could certainly choose not to…


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That's the title of this newest painting, finished on Monday.


Living in the shadow of Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, WA, has provided me with some insights into my community. Many of my art students come from military families stationed here. I don't discuss politics with any of them, though I suspect a number of ideological differences based on some of the things the kids say.

What I can't ever fault is the dedication and love these families have for our country, and…


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Just in Time

As many of you know, I've been painting barns. I've posted some of them here. 

The first three were painted during February of this year.

This particular one was finished on February 26. Here is the post: Olalla Barn 3

Here is the painting…


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Three More Barns and a Truck

Apparently I am on a mission to paint barns. I did three more. I have a file of photographs I've taken of another six or so. They may well become paintings at some point. And I have folks from FB sending me photos of barns they see on the road, all over Washington. I don't really want to work from other people's photographs but now I also have a list of places to go do some more picture-taking if I want to. (The exception is for commissions. Then it's not really considered a "derivative…


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Olalla Barn #3

The three barns I've painted recently are all situated, albeit precariously, along the same stretch of Olalla Valley Road in Olalla, Washington. I've been posting these images on our local community FB pages, and it's been fun to hear some of the comments. Lots of folks volunteered information about families that used to own the structures, or how they used to work in one of the barns during different seasons. It seemed to kindle some reminiscences for folks, and that makes me…


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Another day, another barn

It's been snowing here in Washington. That's not unusual for points East of the Cascades, maybe, but here by the Puget Sound we are in a little bit of shock. Usually we are well into spring by now. 

This was the view from my kitchen window early this morning...pretty, huh?

Anyway it's a good day to stay inside and paint. I finished my second barn painting…


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Flu and some good things after that

About 12 days ago, I started feeling like I was coming down with something, and I did. What began as me feeling uncharacteristically cranky, out-of-sorts and inordinately tired blew up into the worst chest cold I can remember. I think now that it might have been the flu (again) even though I had it last year and got a flu shot this past October. 

From what I've been reading on it, this season's flu shot is only about 25% effective, but can mitigate the worst of it.

Still, it's…


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A Couple More New Paintings

Here are the last two paintings to be finished. I've got a third in the works but so far I'm really not happy with it and will probably abandon it. I don't love doing that but I'm pragmatic enough to realize that not everything I do needs to be finished. Some of them are really good learning experiences. Or simply just mistakes. It's fine any way it goes. The surface will get rubbed back to smooth, and off I will go again. 

Port Townsend to Coupeville  Oils on canvas,…


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I'm Not Gone, Just Busy Painting

Hello, All.

I want you to know that you've been on my mind. I haven't stopped coming around, just stopped being part of the ongoing conversation. I've had a few interactions in PM with some of you. I have been seeing that I've become very easily stressed and overwhelmed. Simplifying my life is not easy, but giving up some things has helped relieve the pressure. A recent convo with Monkey made me realize that I miss this place.

I've been working- teaching at the college…


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That's the title of my latest painting, finished (I think) today.

Once again a view of Sinclair Inlet, which is a part of the Puget Sound.

My town, Port Orchard, runs along the south side of Sinclair Inlet. The US Navy Base in Bremerton is across the way. 

On sunny days the aircraft carriers are huge and looming. In the fog, they take on a different character.

I took several reference shots a about a week ago on a densely foggy morning.

We were actually on…


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Last Light

A few weeks ago, the BLP and I took a short trip to the Washington Coast. You may have seen my mention of it in my last post, called September At the Beach.  If you don't want to go see the post here is what I said:

(In October we went to Long Beach and Cape Disappointment (Southwest corner of Washington State) for a second Fall beach trip. I took over a hundred photographs.…


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September at the Beach

Lots of folks like to visit the beach during the summer. I grew up on Long Island, where access to the beach was easy, and that's what we did as soon as school was over in June- we went to the beach all summer long. Eventually I discovered that the beach was even nicer in the fall. There were less people around, and I could enjoy the sun and the air and the surf from the comfort of a blanket on the shore. No need to go swimming. I would go whenever I could until it was just too cold to be…


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