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A Reflection on the Mystery of My First Communion

I received communion the first time in May of 1959, just 2 months before I would turn 8.  It was near the end of second grade at St Phillip the Apostle School n Clifton NJ. Half of the class had already been through the ceremony the year before.  The…


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Failed Strategy of Beating The Meat ... after Doc Vega

In the weeks that followed the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the ideologue is atrophying!

With ears that are functional,

bending the law,

distorting the truth,

Jeff Sessions (is) somehow guilty

the Russian ambassador, the beast

shining knives of its karma.

betrays its own reality

Casting aspersions

Sputtering half truths

Propaganda like a python squeezing the life from the throat

the Russians, arrogant, who…


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The Distinguished Guest

Yesterday, I was honored, or (where I work) we were all honored to be in the presence of a distinguished guest, John W Franklin. He was at our worksite for the final program in Black History month, about the new NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE.

But even more distinguished…


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Art, Influences

Influences in Art - what are they?

Words are slippery things.  If someone asked what are my influences, I could make note of those whose work made me think that art making was something I wanted to do.  So I could name Tibor Gergely (a children’s book illustrator) or Andrew Wyeth.  I could name the impressionists who made a vivid impression upon my when I was in my teens.

But I am also influenced by what I see, so by the view from a bus, train or car.  Or the…


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Golden Books Turn 75

If you grew up in the 1950s and 60s you probably read little golden books among your first books. Yesterday on NPR, they featured a short segment on what was the most revolutionary series of children books in the 20th century. Before Golden Books, children’s books were expensive and so owned by the well to do. After GB children’s books were accessible…


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It is high time that economists, especially those of the left, give some thought to producing more jobs for average folks.

If they don’t come up with something, they leave the field to Trump. He may be all wet, but it will take a while for his voters to find out. In the meantime, Republicans will run rampant over the institutions that our nation has built up over the last century to protect average folks from the harm that comes from an untrammeled free market. From Social Security to…


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A Black History Month short feature

Is there anything more square than step dancing? I love it, but it is definitely the nerdiest, squarest art form, unless you consider square dancing! Yep, square dancing is even cornier than step dancing.

So how did white people get from step dancing and square dancing (which are our native arts) to something like…


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Monumental Sculpture

For a certain ambitious artist, a large work in a public space is the test of their artistic chops.

An example of one such artist is Richard Serra, whose work changed how we view art in public spaces. Still, some of his works are claustrophobic (which is my problem, not his). And in one famous work, Tilted Arc, he miscalculated the public's reaction. He thought that he was making folks really see space - but he forgot that workers in a busy city feel a great ownership of the public…


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Almost Haiku

A trip to New York

African Burial Ground

Closed for the season


Narrative: with Monday a holiday, I planned…


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No Obama Did Not Leave a Mess

Donald Trump has begun to blame Obama for his poor start. He is using distraction by complaining that Obama left a mess.

We could ignore the issue if this was just a Trump tweet, but the party faithful have started chiming in too. Thus John Barrasso went on Greta Van Susteren (MSNBC) the other day to deliver these talking points.

How do the rest of us…


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For Valentine's Day, a story of real love - in my real life.

Valentine’s Day brings thoughts of love. But mine is not a romance. Instead it is a story of the satisfactions of ordinary life.

My wife and I have been married 40 years now, and have but one child, our son, now 38 years old. He is not married and so we have no grandchildren (sigh). At 40 years, we have a different sort of love than we had when we were young. No more fantasies of nights of passion. We both get up early, she before me, and I am up by 4:30 on weekdays, so by 8 o’clock…


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The Various States of Man's Government

I pondered an alternate name, Boobocracy, but felt Idiocracy sounded better.

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My Reflection on Black History Month

As a late middle aged white man, I am an outsider to Black History Month (or National African American History Month). I understand the need, but I am not the reason it exists - when I was growing up and in Catholic school, our teachers gave special attention to the place of Catholics in US history. And as an Irish/Polish mix, I was told about Fighting Father Duffy (Irish) or Casimir Pulaski (Polish). My mother never failed to mention Marie Curie, both Polish and a Woman. Naturally, African…


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Please read TRUMP'S BUDGET BLUFF in the New Yorker.


It was written by James Surowiecki.

The following is a shortened version.

Trump’s executive order on immigration overshadowed almost everything else in his first week, but the order has a lot in common with (other) policies, especially his plan to slash federal spending. Both rely on scapegoats (immigrants, on the one hand; on…


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The Left's Orchestrated Rebellion in America (I extracted the few truthful words)

Perhaps because of tyrannical rule, the Trump presidency would rather create social unrest than see an economic recovery.

Recently the President did issue a ban on travel to the US.  This intentional distortion (victimizes)  many American citizens…


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A Rational Approach to Abortion

Abortion is as old as men and women. For any society where we have enough words to tell how the people lived, we also have abortion.

The rational approach is to leave it to women to decide what makes sense. And by all measures, women agree that it is the woman who should decide the fate of the fetus.

By the way, the fetus is not a tenant. It is far closer to a tumor.

Roe v Wade did not create abortion. In fact by some accounts, the rate of abortion was higher before Roe…


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Trump Orders Review of Dodd-Frank, Repeal of Fiduciary Rule

This piece has two purposes. The first is to discuss briefly a single executive order that effects an industry that I am part of. The second is to imply that all of Trump's executive orders are suspect.

News Flash: President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that directed the Treasury Secretary to review and restructure financial regulations. He also signed a memorandum instructing the Department of Labor to delay the implementation of a rule extending…


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Vetting of the Unvettable the Humanitarian Illusion (for Doc Vega)

I identified the following as possibly true in your post.

The year is 1980, Jimmy Carter was a Democratic Party President.

History repeating itself

Barack Obama presided over a serious economic recession.

President Carter served as a governor and a distinguished Naval officer.

A travel ban?

The year is 2011. There was no (travel ban).

Newly elected President Trump, the crude, profane, arrogantly refusing to acknowledge the will of the…


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If You Still Think It Didn’t Matter (re the election)

Are you just lying to yourself? Or are you simply so blinded by idealism that you cannot see that bigger picture? That we traded the possibility of a moderate Democrat for a monster?

I have read the angry comments of those who think Obama was (is) a war criminal, and who think Hillary was even worse, a trigger happy war monger (or close). But whenever I read the complaints, I wondered just what the shrill voices expect of a president. And please don't cry over how the Democratic…


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Donald Trump Introduces one of his CEO Advisors

Jamie Dimon will take a stab at Bank Regulation.

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Can A Sitting President Be Indicted?

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Happy Chanukah (final night)

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Playing Father Time

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Her Body

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The Mermaid

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Low Energy

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Master Of The Arts

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