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Does Anyone Know any Active Masons?

Masons occupied the center stage when the Republic was founded and they remained the go to club for the power elite through the middle of the 20th century.  Powerful men from George Washington to Warren G Harding were Masons, with masonic temples occupying prominent locations in our major cities with the structures designed by prominent architects.  

Since the mid 1960s the Masons have…


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September 11, 2001 a personal memory

The first two photographs were pulled from the web (no indication of ownership).  The last two are mine.

Another anniversary is here, and the horrors of the day are now far enough in the past that we should be able to put the event in perspective.  

the WTC as it was before…


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Deputy Shoots New Carlisle News Photographer

Did you hear about this one?  The deputy sheriff is white, so it Andy Grimm, the photographer.  

From the New Carlisle News:  New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm was shot by a Clark County deputy Monday evening.  

Andy had left the office around 10:00 p.m. to…


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When I was a child, our family would visit cemeteries each Easter and Memorial Day.  We would visit my mother’s family one holiday and my father’s on the other.   

After my father died 45 year ago, my cemetery visits stopped.  I married 40 years ago, and in all these years, we only visited a cemetery when my mother and aunt Vi died in 2003 and in 2007 when my mother in law died.  So it…


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Why the Civil War?

Arguments over why “we” fought are clouded by “we.”  

There is no “we” only two parties whose reasons were in no way related. 

The North fought to defend the union - only as the war progressed (and slaves flocked to union lines) did they realize that extent to which defense of the union was tied to…


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Who Was McCran

This is not about McCran but about what we memorialize. 

Thomas McCran was a well connected Republican lawyer from Paterson New Jersey who was attorney general of the state and an assemblyman.  He died suddenly at age 50 and for some reason his friends elected to fund an elaborate memorial that is now ignored, except by the poison ivy which seems…


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A Chip

A chip on a shoulder over and over

hard to imagine

that anyone…


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LOTH comes to my house with MMOG

God and Jesus’ mother  showed up as I was putting some burgers on the grill.  God said we’ll have 2 cheeseburgers, make mine medium rare, Mary likes hers well done. .  ….  Oh, and I’ll have whatever is cold.  Mary is driving so do you have a diet coke? 

I said that I have bottle of Jamisons just in case he came over.  He said no, not till after Halloween.   I gave God a Stella and…


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Flatiron My Old Friend

FYI, nowhere in the blog does the writer claim to be an artist.  If the chip on your shoulder is weighing you down, please don't blame me. 

I have been away from NYC for 40 some days while I recovered from a dislocated elbow.  As someone who grew up in NJ but close enough to see the Empire State Building from my bedroom, I grew up considering NYC…


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Policies Not Ideas

While the left argues about racism and white privilege, the average white voter fights a losing battle to maintain a middle class life.  The notion of white privilege may be useful in an academic setting, but it has not swayed the voters in most of the US where white folks like.  (If you think I am wrong, you ought to see the blue lines painted in the middle of roads in many US towns - this was a direct response to Black Live Matter.  And remember, I am not saying that what BLM is saying is…


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Words in the Morning

Have you even watched Wanda Sykes.  Don't see much of her anymore, but she is marvelous on the amusing differences between men and women.

I thought of this as my wife talked on and on this AM.  It was 4:45 (yes, AM) and we were watching coverage of the hurricane coming ashore in Texas.  I was silent, my wife filled the vacuum with words.  In just a few minutes she mentioned getting a cat enclosure for a side basement…


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Meaning Without Words


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No Racism at Yesterday's Eclipse Viewing.

While racism is debated by various advocates for public policy, the nation goes on with living.  So it was that yesterday, the nation celebrated an eclipse.  

In Paterson NJ (a poor town with a majority minority population) folks of all races came out to view the eclipse with guidance (and glasses - as long as they lasted) provided by the Park.  

Change comes slowly and rarely…


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Do you want to take pictures of the eclipse?

Here is how.

If you try this, do exactly as I say. 

First - select a camera which has a lens that accepts screw on filters.  Such cameras range from higher end consumer cameras to professional cameras.

Second - select a neutral density filter that reduces…


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Art By Committee

Real art emerges as a lucky break granted to makers by fate or perhaps the gods.  The maker may be flawed and may not deserve the gift, but that does not matter.  Thus the artist may be an asshole or a bigot or even the absolutely worst person.  But in the end it does not matter.  The work is the only thing that matters - as far as the work in concerned.  (So it is that Woody Allen and Roman Polanki’s art is worthy regardless of their…


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The painting (1) shows a scene of family drama familiar to most cat owners.  No matter how much and well we feed pussy, he or she still stalks and kills.  The prize is presented (proudly?) to the family as if a great gift.  I doubt that any cat ever…


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Funny Thing about Der Donald

He criticizes everyone and everything except Putin and the Neo-Nazis.

Feel free to draw your conclusions.

And yes, I know this is not original.  But the addition of a Tump/Hitler pictures gives it a nice sparkle.…


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The Follow Up

The other day, I posted the story of a local priest caught with his hands under a girl's skirt.  I was curious if the diocesan newspaper would report the story in next week's paper.  Yes, they did.  Page 2.  But no commentary.  Their editorial pages showed the same blindness that created the mess they are in.  Jesus simple message of mercy and love - of turning the other cheek and of loving the sinner has been swallowed up by the church's corporate form of…


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Once Again, a Priest is Caught.

Comments will be moderated.  I invite clear expression of opinion, but please don't make this the location for your rant.  I will delete.

When I see priests, especially young priests, I wonder how they can possibly tolerate their forced sexless lives.  



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The Sinister Behind ... a free verse poem, after Doc Vega



Disarming terms

US Media…


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In The Year Six Hundred Eighty Four

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Book Burning Alive and Well in America

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Minority Report, part the second

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Question for a Wednesday

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How Far We've Fallen

Posted by cheshyre on September 19, 2017 at 7:30pm 5 Comments

Burn Out

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