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SERIOUSLY??? They are telling immigrant parents to pay For DNA tests now?

Wow.  Simply fucking wow.

It is like a fucking Onion article, FFS!

Words fail me...

Immigrant families were told they have to pay for DNA tests the US government is demanding they take before they can be reunited with their children

  • Immigrant families have been told to pay the costs of a DNA…

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YEAH!!! Because... Science, Baby!!!

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A couple of things have now been scientifically proven...

1.  I knew something y'all didn't!

2.  Lesbians have better sex than straight women! 



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A Proposal...

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I doubt ANYONE finds our current electoral system to be acceptable in this day and age.  It was mostly created by slave owners who believed only property owners/the "Elite" should have a say in electing government officials.  That is why they create a system where the "common man's vote" really meant nothing and the votes of the people THEY placed in the "Electoral College" meant everything.…


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Fuck A Whole Bunch of "Civility"!

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As someone who personally has been badgered & harassed for my lack of "civility", I find it mildly amusing when I hear the Democratic Elitest and the Corpocracy Owned Republicans both calling for "Civility" from the people they have been oppressing with their corruption, machinations and duplicity.

As Joan Hunter Iovino…


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I LOVE Chicago!

If you know anything about me you know that I am a HUUUUGE Chicago Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks fan.

"Why" you might ask?

Well... besides being great teams, I believe they have "Heart!"

A couple days ago, MY Blackhawks proved my beliefs to be true.  …


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Ana Navarro NAILED It!

I certainly don't agree with Navarro's politics (seeing as how she is a right-wing supporter and strategist for the likes of Jeb Bush and John McCain), but it is nice to see that all "heterosexual, Republican, Catholics" (her own self description)  aren't homophobic asshats.…

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...And No One Bats An Eye...

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Deeper and Deeper

Just when you'd think the apartheid state of Israel couldn't get any worse...  they do...

What could be worse than killing an unarmed medic WHO WAS NO DANGER TO THEM?

How about an entire government doing their land stealing, war criminal loving, ethnic cleansing best to smear her memory by having HIGH OFFICIALS IN THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPREAD LIES ABOUT…


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As Jesus said...

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The Difference...

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This is Razan, a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse.  She was murdered by an Israeli sniper while caring for the injured... Razan is a Palestinian, btw.

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This Rebecca who proudly wears the uniform of war criminals and murderers... Rebecca is an American, btw.…


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She was a nurse, for fuck sakes!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Razan Najjar wasn't planting explosives...

She wasn't charging the prison fence...

She wasn't throwing rocks...

She wasn't threatening or harming anyone....…


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I Stand So That You Can Kneel...

I read this poem for the first time today.  

I cried...

I Stand So That You Can Kneel

I stand to honor the promise the flag represents.

You kneel because that…


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Grab your Apocalypse Buckets, we are being attacked by ‘multidimensional Luciferian advanced beings’! OH NOES!!!!!

First of all, you've got to understand that Chief Fundie Nutjob & Couch Hider-Under-er Jimmy "Bob" Bakker has been busy selling his "Super, Duper, Floaty, Don't Starve During the Next Rapture" Buckets to all of his "fans".



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Time to give them the boot???

Image result for nasty neighbors

Lets say that your neighbors go on vacation, and while they are gone, the government moves a bunch of very aggressive people into their house (totally without the neighbor's permission, btw).

Of course, you and all of your other members of your Homeowner's Association are upset about this happening, but the government who…


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Happy Birthday, Harvey Milk!

Image result

Yeah, I know most of you straight people don't give a damn, but he did a lot for me, mine and my community, so...  

...this is for you, Harv...  you earned it, dude.…


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The “Philip Cross” Treatment

How many of you use Wikipedia as a source, or at least as a verification of a source?  

I know I sure DID.  Please note the emphasis on "DID"!

I know...  I know...  Wiki is "unreliable" because they allow just about anyone to edit posts.  That used to not be such a bad thing, but now?

That brings us to…


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"What It Feels Like To Be Palestinian..." An essay from a friend.

This is an essay, written by my friend Shahd, in response to her being asked why Palestinians risk their lives to throw stones...  

If her plea for justice doesn't move your heart then you ARE truly dead inside!

Image may contain: 2 people

"Being a Palestinian means that you wake up daily to more …


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On the first day of Ramadan Israel sent to me...

Nothing says, "Let's try to deescalate this conflict" and that I have respect for YOUR religion and culture like killing the unarmed civilians that your snipers missed by dropping bombs on them from American bought and paid for F-16s...

Egypt hit out at Israel on Friday for killing civilians in Gaza with 'oppressive policies of mass punishment', while urging the international community to act quickly to end the conflict

Funny how people around here, and in Israel, scream "anti-Semite!!!" at anyone who dares disagree with the actions of their religion and…


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"It wasn't Martin Luther King's fault for crossing the bridge in Selma..."

Noura Erakat is a Palestinian American Assistant Professor at George Mason University.

She is a legal scholar, human rights attorney and specialist in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, refugee law, humanitarian law and national security law who received her undergraduate degree and Doctorate of Jurisprudence from UC Berkley.  

She has…


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Birth of a New Day

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A Body of Work

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