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The End of the World for Me

Your little girl's screams brought the neighbors. Did you know? She was in the back yard; the place of birthday parties, long lost balloons, that friggin Barney birthday cake, Easter-egg hunts, your ashtray up on the fence post, mom's still-going-strong Boston fern in the corner, the pot rotted and cracked, and you working on a bike engine. Oldies on the radio, "Why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to shore?" and Grace splashing in the wading pool. There, there, she was…


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No Words

No words can convey the pain I feel now upon learning of the death of the irreplaceable and brilliant Gordon Osmond. Be at peace my friend.

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Saving Your Virginity

Some of you gals may recall a time when virginity was a virtue to be guarded. A time when fighting off your date on a Saturday night was a laborious process to be rewarded at some point someday in the future when your beloved dad walked you in white down the aisle. You fought this battle week after week in the front seat of many a car. (Some of you had this struggle at the local Drive-In. If your fathers had known about that, well, one can only imagine. My dad had a rule, " NO DRIVE-INS!" and,… Continue

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When Everything Was Swept Away, What She Remembered to the End

Oh, Kolya, do you remember our street? How the dust whirled into fluffs before the toes of your shoes as you casually escorted me to our home? To that ever-sad place where our shared grandmother mourned not the sons that had bequeathed us to her, but her pony stolen by "them" when she was, "just your age, Katia"? The sons betraying her, us, became "them", lost to her. They were just two more willing participants in a "New Golden Age" that left her bitter and defiant. Our mothers were then… Continue

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Just After Midnight, Four Girls and A Boy

It wasn't that long ago. Not in an astronomical sense, nor in a cultural or relative one. Humphrey Bogart was 19, perhaps "looking for a job", as Rick reminisces with Ilsa in Bogart's most memorable film. John Kennedy was one. Frank Sinatra was a nearly three-year-old toddler. John Lennon would be born in 22 years, Elvis in 17. The first world war was about to end. (It was called The Great War then.) Hemingway and Fitzgerald were off to Paris, or at least packing. Queen Elizabeth's grandfather… Continue

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Our Beautiful Boys in the South

You boys awoke with just another day ahead. You perhaps anticipated it with dread because, Lord, it seems to me looking for good men and women in an office in a strip mall, no matter how worthy the endeavor, must be terribly dull. Some of you kissed a wife or lover 'Good-bye' and just went off to work. Perhaps you had discussed with her weekend plans. You maybe even left angry because of something you both would have forgotten about by the evening and which she will now remember… Continue

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What I Learned from my Chelsea Clinton Post

1. Joking about Chelsea is like standing in a cathedral and questioning that long-past-ascended Mary dame's purity and suggesting she may well have been just a brilliantly media-savvy unwed mom way ahead of her time. (Note: I have made such jokes to real, as in they wear the collar and drink too much, Roman Catholic priests and received nothing more punishing in return than a smile and a request for a refill. Obviously, these men were not Democrats and the JFK photos on the walls of their… Continue

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When Chelsea Returns to the White House

I am surely not the only one looking ahead and contemplating the finer points of another Clinton presidency. I am decidedly not talking economics, Greece, those dastardly Russians, and stuff like that, (can you say, "Boring?"), but rather I am thinking about something that may be on the minds of a few others as well. To wit, (clever huh?) just what can we expect when our former First Daughter, and Clinton spawn, Chelsea again ascends the White House steps in the wake of her mother's glorious… Continue

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The Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Hillary Clinton

After watching the recent less-than-victorious CNN interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton, and knowing how depressed some of her fans may be feeling, I graciously offer 10 reasons to, nevertheless, still vote for her.


1. A vote for Hillary is, in a sense, a vote for her colorist, and considering the lack of tips Hillary is infamous for, that brilliant artist (do not deport her!) deserves our appreciation. (Christ, those… Continue

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Greeting of the Day

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Go Big or Go Home

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Waiting And Seeing

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Leaving the Purple House

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As Luck Would Have It

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PreOP Poem

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