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2 Questions for Kosh and Jon

There's a huge difference between white people who happen to be Jewish and Jewish people who happen to be white...

There is no appreciable rhetorical difference between:

"...the Jews of the 1960’s went to the streets but the Jews of 2019 don’t..."


"...Jews, as a group, cannot be counted on to take the fight to the…


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Greeting of the Day

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Go Big or Go Home


1: of, relating to, or providing for many things at once

2: containing or including many items an omnibus bill

The House of Representatives should pass An Omnibus Bill of Impeachment against:  the President, his senior staff, and the entire cabinet for

Violations of Oaths of Office

Violation of the Constitution



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Lawrence O'Donnell: Single Sentence Summation of the Political Impact of the Entire Trump Administration

Their actions erode the principal foundation of our democratic system: the rule of law. 


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If We Wish to Survive Intact, We Must Do Better Than This

If I can get in on the very ground floor of something like this, any and all of you can: 
Your Salon
 Public Group…

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On the other hand...

....There are those among us who are happy and proud to be characterized and identified as racists.

Do you believe that the society can do without these card carrying bigots, or, do you  believe the idea that "It takes all kinds..." maintains some sort of perpetual validity?…


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No Photography Allowed

That's what the sign on the wall says in the room in Buckingham Palace where the Trump children, and children-in-law, posed for this 'family portrait' in violation of British  protocol at the expense of American Taxpayers.

Who invited them to the official state dinner anyway?

Most if these people have absolutely no role in the government…


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Re The Identity of the Virginia Beach Shooter: I Couldn't Have Been More Wrong

There was a time when the news of a justified police killing of an armed and deranged black man would have gone viral WITH A PHOTO before the smoke cleared..

However, in this most recent instance the police and media restraint has been a pleasant and welcomed surprise...

Regarding my previous…


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The Classic Nonresponsive Response As Demonstrated By Jared Kushner

Duck, dodge, evade, and avoid at all costs and by any means necessary.

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The Identity of the Virginia Beach Shooter: A Single Sentence and a Question:

If the Virginia Beach Shooter were a black man, his photo would be all over the air waves, cable, and the internet by now.

So, where's the picture of the perpetrator of this most recent mass murder?

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Political Centrism?

"The donor base of the Democratic Party consists of a lot of pretty rich people who prefer the Democratic Party to be left on social issues but right on economic issues. The party elite see these wealthy folks as part of the party, and don't want to nominate a candidate who accurately sees them as class enemies."…


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When writing about the need for white people to be able to see and react to racism and racist behavior I said:

"The average white bread American in the throes of enjoying the practice of participating, perpetrating, and perpetuating white privilege doesn't choose to 'get' or understand this..."

Then, thanks to a link provided by Kosh in a comment on a previous post, I came across this:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon…


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Pelosi Is Trying to Set the Stage for Biden

There's at point at which caution becomes cowardice and beyond which cowardice becomes complicity...

Pelosi is willing to let Trump get away with shooting someone at high noon in Times Square in exchange for what she believes to be a guaranteed Biden victory in 2020....

She is grossly underestimating who and what the Democratic nominee will be up against as the 2020 presidential election draws nearer and nearer...

She believes that a Joe Biden "return to normalcy" is the…


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Why Latte and Limousine Liberals and Progressives Keep Losing to Losers

In his NY Times Op-Ed piece, "How Trump Wins Next Year", Bret Stephens writes about the electoral victories of right wing populism around the world:

"The common thread here isn’t just right-wing populism. It’s contempt for the ideology of them before us: of the immigrant before the native-born; of the global or transnational interest before the national or local one; of racial or ethnic or sexual minorities before the majority; of the transgressive before the normal. It’s a revolt…


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A Memorial Day Guest Post: This Is How the Military Conducts a Death Notification

I spent a year on active duty as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

My primary duty assignment and designated title was Executive Officer which is the equivalent of being chief of staff to a commanding officer...

I was the Exec to the Commander of an Aircraft Maintenance Squadron based at What was then Lockbourne AFB, in Columbus Ohio.…


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A Single Sentence re Checks and Balances On the One Percent

There are liberal and progressive politicians and media personalities who outwardly eschew the excessiveness and excesses of the 1% while inwardly harboring the desire to be one of them.

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In the Wake of Lorianne's Announcement: The Question

Should we attempt to migrate to another platform as a community, or should we simply say our good-byes, disband, move on, and seek new digs as soloists?

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Lorianne's closing Our Salon: In case you didn't get this email or haven't seen it:

I will be discontinuing this network beginning July 1, 2019. I have supported this project financially for many years now with very little help from membership and am choosing to stop doing that. I do not have the time nor the desire to continue to do so. This decision is non-negotiable and there is no mechanism for transfer of ownership to another.

Hopefully everyone learned from the past and has been saving their posts on their own computer. If…


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"The black man has no rights that the white man is bound to respect."

The Dred Scott Decision

Chief JusticeRoger B. Taney 


This horrendous and horrific attitude persists in American systemic officialdom to this day:

"A police commander in Staten Island received text messages from one of his officers in July 2014,…


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Do You Know What You're Talking About?: Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change occurs when changes in Earth's climate system result in new weatherpatterns that last for at least a few decades, and maybe for millions of years. The climate system is comprised of five interacting parts, the atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), cryosphere (ice and permafrost), biosphere(living things), and lithosphere (earth's crust and upper mantle). The climate system receives nearly all of its energy from the sun, with a relatively tiny amount from earth's interior. The…


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2 Questions for Kosh and Jon

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