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There's Something Inherently Wrong

There is something inherently wrong with a political process and system that requires a person to spend more money to get elected than he/she could possibly earn as compensation for holding the position to which he /she is elected.

There is something inherently wrong with a process or system of government that permits an elected official to leave office with more wealth than the accumulated/compounded value his/her official gross salary is worth over the period of tenure in… Continue

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Trevor Noah asks what is perhaps the most important question of our time. I'm asking the question for today.

Is Trevor Noah's assessment and assertion accurate and correct?

Kudos and thanks to Koshersalaami for bringing this video to my attention and giving me the incentive for this post.

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It's Been Sixty Years and We're Still Fighting for the Right to Vote: "Give Us The Ballot!"

The Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, or Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington, was a 1957 demonstration in Washington, D.C., an early event of the Civil Rights Movement, and the occasion for Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Give Us the Ballot" speech.

The demonstration was planned at the occasion of the third anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education, a landmarkSupreme Court decision againstsegregation in public schools. The event organizers urged the government to abide by that decision,…


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A Father's Day Greeting and Gift


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Father's Day in Two Words



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One Sentence Video Question for a Saturday

Would it spoil some vast eternal plan, if I were a wealthy man?

Why hasn't this man had a lifetime career on stage and screen?

That's 2 questions....

If you're really good, you'll be able to answer both questions with a single response...

But please don't try to criticize, condemn, or excoriate me for asking....



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Question for a Friday: Gun Control, Whither the Chickens?

"Representative Steve Scalise, 51, was in critical condition Wednesday after surgery to treat a gunshot wound to the hip. The Louisiana Republican describes himself on his website as a “strong supporter” of the Second Amendment that lays out rights to possess arms, with an A+ rating from the National…


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Question for a Thursday

Someone in one of many of the gentrified, high end, residential areas around Yale is trying to dispose of this lovely couch(love seat) by simply putting it on the sidewalk....…


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First Evening on the Gig : A Partial Play List

No sheet music,  

All by ear from memory:

Pure Imagination                       Young at Heart.                           When You Wish Upon a Star       Over the Rainbow

The  Very Thought of You

The Nearness of You

That's All



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COVFEFE Revisited

A good look at a standard cellphone keypad and you can see where the now infamous code word  "covfefe" may have originated...

The nit wit in chief tried to text a request for coffee , fell asleep or nodded off, and inadvertently tweeted  'covfefe' instead.

Then the sycophants…


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National Prayer Breakfast? Question for a Monday

The National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly event held in Washington, D.C., on the first Thursday of February each year. The founder of this event was Abraham Vereide.[1] The event—which is actually a series of meetings, luncheons, and dinners—has taken place since 1953 and has been held at least since the 1980s at the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue NW.

The breakfast, held in the Hilton's International Ballroom, is typically attended by some 3,500 guests, including… Continue

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I Have an Audition Today....

...To play the piano in the visitor's lobby at at Yale New Haven Hospital.... I'll be playing this Yamaha Grand Piano ...Lovely sound , nice venue...…


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My Two Cents Worth in One Sentence for a Saturday

The best among us can not rise top the top if we continue to permit the worst among us to invent, implement, and institutionalize ways and means to prevent that from…


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Comey to Senate Intelligence Committe: "I don't think that's a question I can answer in an open setting."... And nobody asked why!

Time and time again, when asked a substantive question of import or consequence, Comey replied:

"I don't think that's a question I can answer in an open setting."


During a cursory review of the topic of classification of government materials, I found this gem of…


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The Simple Truth About Trump's Alternative Facts

It's not about the lies he tells others.

It's about the lies he tells himself.

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The Formula, 1980

f you haven't seen this prescient 1980 film, please rent or buy the video.

iIt's a riveting prediction, made over 35 years ago, that bears uncanny relevance to what's happening today:

You won't be disappointed.

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Absolutely and Unequivocally the Right Choice?

There are three countries that do not subscribe to the Paris Accord on Climate Change; Nicaragua, Syria, and the United States of America:…


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The War On Civil Rights and Social Justice Has Begun in Earnest

During the campaign for the Presidency, I warned that a Trump Presidency and Administration would result in an attempt to 'deconstruct' the framework of the hard won gains in Civil Rights of the past 60 years.

Just as in wars fought on foreign soil, brave and heroic people made patriotic sacrifices and paid the ultimate price in efforts to preserve, protect, and defend the principle of equal justice under law and guaranty equal protection of the law as articulated in the 14th…


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Mercy not Pity

Posted by Rodney Roe on June 26, 2017 at 10:30pm 2 Comments

the fatness within.

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My Yoko Ono

Posted by Con Chapman on June 26, 2017 at 4:39am 6 Comments


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