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Making my Peace with Cinco de Mayo

My years spent as an elementary teacher usually colors the way I see most holidays.  In the classroom, my favorite thing to do was to say "Let me tell you something that the other teachers won't tell you..."  It made the students pay attention, and made them feel that they were in on a secret: the secret truth that is…

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Shameless Self-Promotion!

 I used to hate writers who shamelessly self-promoted.  I grew weary of their advertising, most of them wrote books I'd never read, had posts I seldom agreed with - made little sense and had little pride.

Now I know their plight.

Writing is a thankless job with the most internal rewards I can ever imagine.  Most of us earn meager livings as…


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Make a Wish

The best part of being a grandmother is that you get to experience children for who they are - and have no expectation of them.  I am 52 now, a calmer version of myself at 23, the age I became a mother.  …


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Hi Everyone.  

I've missed you all - being here reminds me why we do this - blog.  I got Kosher's message about Open Salon closing and ran to my computer, saying "'s really happening!" 

In the time I have been away - we have moved back to America.  I lost fifty pounds (it's still off).  I wrote another novel - which isn't really as good as my first novel, which is still unpublished.  I've returned to college - and…


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What a Blog Is; What it's Supposed to Be - Says Who???

"BLOG" is a portmanteau (a word like “smog” - formed by blending “smoke” and “fog); a combination of the words “web” and “log”. 
This word was invented in the late nineties by two geeks sitting in front of their computers in their pajamas and braces (I can’t prove…

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Why Jane Austen Still Kicks Ass

Jane Austen in her cottage 

garden at Chawton. 

Painting by Tom Clifford, 2002

In the 1983 movie, Max Dugan Returns,…

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12-12-12 - The Quest for Truth, Beauty and God.


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The Strange Case of the Post-It's Survival

Recycling became mandatory in the city I raised my children when they were small.  By the time my kids were teens I’d have a hemmorage if I even thought of throwing away an aluminum can. 

We moved to South Africa six years ago, where recycling is relatively  a new concept and optional. Little more that a noble idea, it is also very  inconvenient.  One…


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You Have No Friends

As a writer, I am always looking for prompt.  They challenge me, demand things inside of me to come out...and dare me to write beyond the prompt.

Today I woke up, jet-lagged and ready to re-writes on my book.  I made coffee and headed to the computer.

The jet lag is a result of a two week visit "home" to the States - nine time zones there; nine time zones back.  I specifically went to visit my daughter and her daughters- my littlest angel  just turned one.  I would have to…


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The Apple Green Bracelet

Its beads are oversized and held together by a thin, durable elastic which fits neatly over my hand and on my wrist.  The color, though, is the story – it’s bright green.  The color I always wanted my room painted as a girl—apple green.  It’s the color that we eventually painted her room after she heard the story of my own childhood longing. 

Years later, the bracelet is a reminder of the season we shared as giggly girls both impulsively painting the walls of her room my dream…


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More Notes To Self

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Spun Dry

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