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Never chase a white rabbit......

Just ask Alice, she'll tell you.....never chase a white rabbit because you just might disappear down a rabbit hole and then no telling where you'll end up. Never was this  truism brought home to me like it was this morning.

The day began like all the others here on Almosta Ranch, with Mel and I headed out to the barn early to beat the heat and get all the critters fed before breakfast. However today was about to prove…


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Then there are days.....

My blog, for the most part, these past few years, has dealt mainly with life here on Almosta Ranch. Now, like most blog writers, my main source of…


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Velcro Sticks....and so does the dog.

I misnamed him, I see that now. I decided to call him “Velcro” when in fact his name should have been “Hollywood.”

He came into our lives like all our dog pack did…by accident and unplanned. Three years ago Mel was checking on the property next to ours. The owner…


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Miss Snickers and Her Morning Rituals

I have discovered over the years that if you watch animals enough you will find that we share many common traits with our four-legged friends. Nowhere is this more evident than in morning rituals.

Just like her human companions, Miss Snickers, the mini-pig, has her own special rituals she performs each and every morning. She begins her morning early, usually around six-thirty or so, when Mel or myself lets her out of her crate where she spends the night. We let her out, then open the…


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I thought of you Lorianne....

When I saw this on Face Book the other day I immediately thought of you, Lorianne. When I finally stopped laughing it came to me that every single Social Media site and every Blog site should have this sign prominently displayed on their front page.

So here is my offering to you, Lorianne, my little attempt at levity on a wet and soggy Saturday morning. Feel free to "Share" it if you like.…


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Life Lessons

My father never missed a chance to teach me little "life-lessons" and when I was fifteen he taught me a really important one and in the process, he gave me the opportunity to outrun a guy who had been the state champion in the 100 yard dash the year before.

Now this story begins when My Uncle Frank, dad's older brother, talked him into going in with him and buying a small herd of cows. At the time the price of beef was way up in the marketplace and Frank figured the two of them…


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Two Skillets, Two Women: A Tapestry of Life

It came to me this morning, as I watched my wife cook breakfast, how like the threads in a tapestry our lives are. Like threads woven together, our lives connect with others...past and present, to form the beautiful picture of Life.

You may wonder what could have moved me to making such a comparison, and the answer is simple: two old, cast-iron skillets.

One skillet was given to a young bride in Texas by her mother who told her with a laugh that the heavy piece of cookware is…


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Old Sayings....A part of our oral history

I was awakened this morning before seven by the gentle tattoo of rain on my tin roof. Rising from bed, I left the bedroom to perform my morning rituals and, that done, I took my first cup of coffee of the day and walked out onto the front porch and took a seat in my old rocker.

Moments later I was joined there by my sweet wife, Mel and we sat for some time in silence….listening to the rain and watching the wind rock the trees back and forth.

Then I heard it, off in the…


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My Memory Movie

Through the miracle of Face Book I reconnected yesterday with a cousin whom I had not seen nor spoken to in over twenty years. It is moments like that which make the Internet worthwhile to me.

We had a nice long conversation on FB, talking about our childhood and shared memories of long gone family members and when we were done and I was out in the barn taking care of chores, those memories continued to play in my head like a welcome home movie.

I remembered how my closest…


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Speaking of Porch Donkeys and House PIgs

Jeremiah, my porch Donkey.


I am one of the luckiest men on the planet. Few people manage to reach the level of success which I find myself enjoying at this late stage in life and I am truly grateful. After all, who among you can boast, like I can, of owning a Porch Donkey and a House Pig?

Jeremiah, my porch donkey, loves to…


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To the Grandchildren of my Grandchildren

I posted this in 2009, shortly after joining OS.  The project it pretty much complete now and upon my death my children will be given copies to pass along to their children. 

 Four years ago I sat down and wrote the first of what, so far has been five letters to the unborn generation of my family who will come along after I am gone. The letters are to be passed along to my children after I die and to their children…


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The Night Attack

Ask any soldier who has seen combat and they will tell you that the hours before dawn, usually three or four a.m. are the most dangerous time of the day. The human body is at its weakest during those hours, and sleep, or lack of sleep, will have dulled your senses to the point that you make mistakes. This is the time the enemy will attack.

So it was this morning.

My tired body had finally succumbed to sleep around midnight with the alarm set for six a.m. and by three o’clock I…


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The Young Girl on the Chestnut Stallion

The following is one of the few old blog entries I wanted to save from OS so I decided to reprint it here. Apologies to those who have already seen the piece, it was written in 2010.....



The Red Truck carried me toward Poplar Bluff, inexorably toward work, on the now familiar ribbon of blacktop. Inside the truck I hold one hand on the wheel and let my mind run free....this is my time…


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Moving Day!

I hate moving. Inertia has always been a friend of mine and, once settled, I was always loathe to move. Like many others, I have been suffering from an over bloated sense of loyalty to my old home and was determined to stay put.

This is how it was with me over at the place I use to call "home" and where I wrote my blog for four and a half years. Unfortunately things have gotten to a point where I hated to go there and…


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Sometimes it's better to show a man than to tell him

I can tell a lot about a person by watching his horses. That may sound strange to a lot of people, but actually the way horses act in their home pasture mirrors the sort of treatment they receive from their owners. Their actions also let me know just how comfortable their owners are around the animals.

Not long after we had moved to Missouri and started Almosta Ranch, we met a fellow rancher who owned a large horse herd and was well known in the area as the man to see if you were in…


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New Life

Sometimes, usually in the dead of Winter when the North wind is tearing at my body and snow is falling sideways in white fury, I start to ask myself why I am doing this whole ranching thing. Why am I putting my body to so much strain as I fight the elements in order to care for all the citizens of Almosta Ranch?

Well yesterday I got my answer. This is why i do what i do....New Life. I love bringing it into the world and I love caring for it and nurturing it.

Meet the lastest…


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Ducks/Dancing....Two Above the Rest

I have never made a secret of my dislike, nay, downright hatred for Reality TV shows. They are a disgusting blight on the airwaves guaranteed to destroy brain cells of any unfortunate watcher….but hey, that’s just my opinion.

There are, however, two notable exceptions to the rule when it comes to these shows. The first is Duck Dynasty.

My wife got me hooked on this show, well her…


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On Fishing

I love all kinds of fishing, catfish, striper, Crappie, but my all time favorite is black bass. I was asked once, by a non-fisherman, what was so great about bass fishing. Well, that was easy, I told the guy. Bass fishing is as close to big game hunting as you can get without a gun.

You have to stalk the bass and once you find him, then you have to coax him into taking your bait. If you are lucky enough to find the bass and then luckier still to bring him to strike your bait, then…


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Mr. Jack and the Deer that Got Away

As I have said before I consider myself a storyteller first and a writer second. I learned the art of storytelling from my uncle Frank who wove his tales around the campfires throughout my childhood and beyond.

Since beginning this blog I have felt that this is as close to telling stories around a campfire as one can get in this internet age. Sometimes, when I am writing here, I can almost picture you, the reader, sitting around a roaring fire and listening instead of reading the…


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Sixty-Four Trips Around the Sun

So this is what you get with sixty-four trips around the sun….not bad. I find, after all this time on the planet, that while I don’t have all I ever wanted, I have all I will ever need and what more can any man ask for.

I was lucky enough, those first trips around the sun, to be under the care of two people who loved me and devoted their lives to seeing that I had what I needed to not only live, but to grow into a well rounded adult.

Even though those first ten or twelve solo…


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The Final Frontier

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Spun Dry

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