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A coming phenomenon I will name R.I.D.

Daily Kos pointed me toward an article about a large Social Security savings under the Republican insurance plan. Three billion dollars. Sounds great, right? This figure comes from the Congressional Budget Office.

So where do you think this savings comes from?

Extra deaths from people who lose coverage.

They calculated this by looking at how many lives the Massachusetts plan saved when implemented and reversing the number.

I have a suggestion. I… Continue

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So, Dear, did you get yourself to school this morning?

=========================================================== same day:

My daughter texted me a couple of pictures this evening.…


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Bluexit, an interesting proposal

Below is a link to an article in the New Republic. It's kind of long, so I'll give you the gist of it.

The author, Kevin Baker, suggests an approach that is sort of half secession, economically and politically. I'll get into exactly what he suggests in a minute, but he says there are three regions that could do this: Northeast through Virginia, West Coast, and mountain Colorado and New Mexico.

What he suggests is that when Republicans want to shrink the Federal government,… Continue

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A lesson about establishing closeness and a subsequent story

When my oldest nephew was two, a couple of years before J was born, my wife and I went on vacation with her parents, her sister and husband, and my nephew. We rented a house at the beach in North Carolina for a week. I was not yet a parent but was anxious to become one and I had always liked kids, so I spent a lot of time that week playing with my very cute nephew.

I think my sister in law was pregnant with her second son on that vacation. Once I had two nephews, I saw the boys on… Continue

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Bad joke I heard on Fixer Upper tonight

If you're Russian when you go into the bathroom and Finnish when you come out, what are you while you're in there?



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One sentence observation about Trump's favorite news source

Whoever Bart is, he's not very bright - more like Dimbart.

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One Sentence Quiz: Who wrote this and when?

"It's well documented that more than 80 members of Congress and the Senate are card carrying Communists, a system in direct conflict with our system of social economics and defense of inalienable rights."

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Muslims and Jews in America: Mutual Support

The first article is about the Muslim community raising money to restore a St. Louis Jewish cemetery that was badly vandalized.…


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Trains and Planes

A couple of days ago I heard a train in the distance, its chugging and its horn echoing through the valley. I live high up on a hillside on one side of the Susquehanna River valley, so the sound is trapped. I hadn't heard that sound in a while or at least been conscious of it. I used to hear it all the time.

The airport near where I live is not very active. We don't hear planes much.

In North Carolina, we lived pretty close to the local airport. A highway was under… Continue

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Starting with an old photograph

This photograph was taken sometime around the turn of the last century in a town called Lipshitz (pronounced "Leapsheets") in what is now Belarus but was then Russia, near Minsk. At least that's where they lived - I don't know if they travelled for the photograph.

I don't know her name,…


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I agree with the Palestinians about the Azaria case

Recently, in the West Bank, a young Israeli conscript by the name of Elor Azaria shot and killed a wounded Palestinian prisoner. He was just sentenced in Israeli military court for manslaughter. 

Israel is divided about this case. A whole lot of Israelis think this was a case of an inexperienced conscript in a supercharged situation.…


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Fox and the Wall Street Journal go after the President

This is Shepard Smith from Fox News. He talks to a couple of other journalists, one of whom is from the Wall Street Journal, the other from Reuters. They are highly critical of the President's performance in his recent press conference. When the President gets this kind of criticism from Fox and the WSJ, including defending a CNN reporter and taking the administration to task for possibly being involved in hacking the…


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Dominican Newspaper publishes article about Trump talking to Netanyahu. Newsworthy? You tell me.

A Dominican newspaper recently published a front page article about Trump telling Netanyahu that the settlements aren't doing him any favors. 

That isn't particularly noteworthy. 

However, you might want to have a look at the front…


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A few (Hah!) comments about Israel and antisemitism

Being as the topic of Israel and antisemitism has come up on the site lately, I thought I'd clarify a few things.

Israel is a political entity with bad leadership that does a lot of bad things. The settlements are an obvious obstacle to peace. The fact that Israeli leadership is not working as hard as they can to get to a two state solution is both immoral and ultimately suicidal. The simple, immutable reality there is that there are two major populations living there, neither… Continue

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How to get more cops killed

Here's the link to a new Executive Order to create new laws against violence against law enforcement officers (state and federal) and to add or increase minimum sentences for what laws there are.

That approach… Continue

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84 Lumber and How Not All of Corporate America is Drinking the KoolAid

I have read a lot about how similar what is happening now is to what happened when Hitler first took power. And, in some respects, it does, probably because Steve Bannon is so familiar with how Hitler did it.

But there is a difference.

Corporate America is by no means giving the President a blank check, particularly on immigration. Not by a long shot. The companies or leaders of companies that have expressed concern or outright opposition to the White House moves include… Continue

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screw it

I got pissed off the other day and thought about taking a leave of absence. I’ve thought about things a lot. I wrote a post that is what passes for angry when I write, it contains a lot of explanations, you know, the sort of thing I write when I’m pissed at bigotry. I went into a lot about the relative evils of Trump and Pence. It’s actually not bad. Then I realized I’m wasting my time. And yours. So I didn’t post…


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Trump v. Ahnold

President Liar attended the National Prayer Breakfast, where for some reason he proceeded to knock Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance as his replacement on The Apprentice, treating him as if the Pres was fired to hire Ahnold. 



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The Perfect Image Encapsulating the Trump Administration So Far - Except It Isn't (edited 2/2 10:11 AM EST)

This is at Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia, in the Washington, DC area.

He's five. He's ethnic Iranian and an American citizen. He spent a few hours cufred. 

He traveled home with another family. His mother…


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