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An idle, trivial, utterly non-controversial question

How many States (DC counts) have you had an address in during your lifetime and which ones?

As a later afterthought, how about foreign countries?

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Trevor Noah talks about racism and the police while off the air

Trevor Noah talks to the audience while off the air between filming. He recently had some things to say about racism, the police, Philando Castile,and his personal experiences. You might find it interesting.…


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A Great Business Model

I was just at Disney World with my wife for several days, first for a vacation celebrating an anniversary and then for a trade show I needed to attend in Orlando. The last morning we're eating breakfast at Ohana in the Polynesian (my wife likes characters) and she asks me for quarters. I sometimes use them for parking meters, so I ask why. She wants to get a souvenir, I later find out for my daughter. What kind…


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Dad, a Repost

Originally posted Sept. 2013

Because my Dad passed away on September 1, I’m in a mood to write about him. Writing helps me consolidate my thoughts and my memories. Things become clearer to me when I try to talk about them, I suppose because I have to process thoughts in order to explain them. So I pace around talking to myself in the middle of the night and things become clear to me.

I have no reason to believe that anyone here has any reason to care about my… Continue

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One Sentence Post: Trump shuts down Newark airport for 4-5 hours for fundraiser for a Congressman at his NJ golf course

He apparently didn't want to let Chris Christie outdo him at inconveniencing New Jersey travelers.

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A one sentence observation about Comey's testimony

When asked yes/no questions, Comey had two responses: "no" and "not in open session," the second of these being every bit as opposite to "no" as its plain English counterpart is.

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The Positive Consequence of Trump Pulling Out of the Paris Accord

I have always been in favor of regulation on the grounds that corporations that say they'd rather regulate themselves don't. But that was because the Government traditionally had more stringent standards than private industry.

The President and Republicans in Congress may have achieved what I thought was impossible and actually regulated industry less than than they think they should be regulated. A whole lot of companies are likely to maintain higher standards and goals in working… Continue

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Who the Hell did Trump pull out of the Paris accords for??

I just read in an article by AP some of the companies opposed to pulling out of the Paris agreement.

They include:


Goldman Sachs

Exxon Mobil



This is his idea of being pro-business?

At least his backing out won't mean as much as we thought, because private industry, municipalities, and states will still reduce emissions.…


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About Rainbows

I didn't see rainbows as a kid. I saw pictures in children's books, but not the real thing. Probably two many trees. I spent most of my life in Eastern coastal states. 

In the seventies, a woman who worked for a manufacturer my father and I represented came out from Indiana to work for us. She'd grown up in Nebraska. She'd never been…


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Repost: The Price of Admission

This was originally posted May 25 of 2014. This post is about my father in law. My father, who died very shortly after my father in law, was also a veteran, but not a combat veteran. Dad was stationed at the Panama Canal Zone, which is how I happened to have been born there, like John McCain was, for a similar reason.


My father-in-law was a Korean War combat vet who died this past August a few days… Continue

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Gregg Allman died

Gregg Allman died today. He was 69 years old.

I don't know if there is anyone here who doesn't know who he was. In case you don't, he's the surviving brother (until today) in the Allman Brothers Band, their lead vocalist and organ player. He is known in some other circles for being married to Cher for four years.

I saw his band in concert twice, both during the early to mid seventies, during the period with Chuck Leavell on piano, once at RFK Stadium in DC with the Dead… Continue

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One sentence post: Profound observation about gay marriage by a retiring Conservative rabbi who changed his mind over time

"Part of my evolution, part of the world's evolution, is it's not about sex, it's about love."

Rabbi Eli Havivi, Temple Beth David, Greensboro, NC

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Guest Post: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, "The Mutating Virus: Understanding Antisemitism"

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain.

I'm rarely struck by the brilliance of the author when I read. The last time I was, I was reading a book by Rabbi Sacks. I finished wishing I could take a class with this guy. That book is called "Not In God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence."

The following was given as a speech at "The Future of the Jewish Communities of Europe" conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on Sept.… Continue

Added by koshersalaami on May 17, 2017 at 12:27pm — 7 Comments

The President leaks classified information to the Russians

The President has apparently leaked classified information to the Russians who visited the Oval Office. This information was about ISIS. It came from another country who shared it with our intelligence…


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One sentence Saturday: Toward more successful communications

What people ask is usually less important than why they ask.

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Fourteen Wolves

This morning, my wife showed me a video about the introduction of fourteen wolves into Yellowstone National Park in 1985. The consequences of  that action go way, way beyond what any person could reasonably expect. This action completely transformed Yellowstone, drastically altering the fauna and flora (to the better) and even altering the course of a river. …


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Cool New Technology: Disney's projected makeup

In my industry I get trade publication emails, and once in a while something cool will show up in them. One just did:…


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President Trump on the Civil War

President Trump was recently talking to a journalist about history, in his case usually a bad idea. He was talking about being compared to Andrew Jackson. Somewhere in the course of the conversation,…


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The Reality of Our Salon Politics

  • There is too much racism in law enforcement and sentencing and government at all levels should mobilize to address this.
  • There is too much money in politics and Citizens United should be overturned.
  • There should be strict separation of Church and…

Added by koshersalaami on April 20, 2017 at 10:32pm — 65 Comments

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