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Roll Tide

The University of Alabama's student newspaper endorsed Jones. 

So did Auburn's. 

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Some great Christmas music

Nutcracker medley, Straight No Chaser (a famous a capella group) and Joshua Bell (a famous classical violinist)

The playing on this is insane. 

There was a famous experiment done involving Bell in 2007, covered by the Washington Post. I described it in a comment a few years ago:

In 2007, this world-famous violinist went into a Virginia suburban Metro station…


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What are all those X's in the title? They're a rhythm.

Try clapping that rhythm and see if you can identify it. Try it twice through, repeated exactly. The capital X's are accented, but each x takes the same length of time. They represent eighth notes in a four quarter measure. 

If you're having trouble counting them, there are eight X's per measure. In the first, accents are on 1, 3, 6, and 8. In the second, 4 and 6. This is really syncopated: Natural accents are on odd…


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Single Sentence Sunday: Concerning incivility on OurSalon

Incivility here is based not only on what you do but on what you accept.

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Knowing a lowered tax on importing corporate money won't work

I was listening to one of the NPR shows this evening. It was about money, but I don't think it was Marketplace. On it I heard something I found interesting.

A lot of major American corporations have colossal amounts of cash overseas. Billions. Per company. Congress wants to lower taxes on importing that money so it can be used to create jobs here.

Will it?

Signs are not good.

First of all, these companies already have enough cash here to invest with… Continue

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An amazing sentence hidden in an article about gun owners and masculinity

A friend forwarded me this article this morning:

The basic gist of the article is that White male gun owners tend to view… Continue

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It's a Monday morning in the neighborhood: The Koshersaalami Kronicles (in no particular order)

Comment by Arthur James 13 hours ago


we can't wait?

soon koshersaalami

will eel? show up and

Hate Ya and try to run

Ya's away with Ya's head

and hair between Ya's legs.




He as funny as

a bunny Haire

Hopping Rabbit`?




Comment by Arthur James 13 hours ago


soon… Continue

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A quick music lesson I gave on Thanksgiving about being a multi-instrumentalist

I was at my mother's for Thanksgiving. My sister is always there with her boyfriend, kids, and dog, and my mother's husband's daughter comes with her four sons, in their twenties and maybe early thirties now, and her husband. I gave the lesson in question to one of the sons (and a different one later to the oldest son - things just worked out that way).

I play a lot of instruments. Not all of them well by any stretch of the imagination, but I've played at least ten instruments in… Continue

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Come to the Dance

My wife and I just received a letter concerning an upcoming dance at my daughter's high school from her principal. Her high school is a suburban school, the most academically rigorous in the area (and they fund education in New York State); the school district includes the local university. 

This just sounds so welcoming. Having fun…


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One sentence Sunday, really a question, concerning the issue of third party politics

What is the most efficient path to liberal/progressive power?

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Good Morning

Good morning.

I know this is a terrible picture of a rainbow, but I've never seen one of these before [by which I mean morning rainbow,…


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What's the weather?

Yesterday I drove my daughter and her boyfriend over to the boyfriend's dentist. He doesn't have wheels and a while ago I said I'd to this. We come out of the dentist, it's flurrying, I get a business call on my cell, and I sit in the parking lot for about ten minutes dealing with the call. The call ends, I look up, and start driving. The snow is now in big flakes and is definitely sticking.…


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Another perception by someone young throws me a curve

I've recently posted a couple of times about unexpected perceptions of young people - a young man who didn't know what Thyme was and a New Yorker grad student of my wife's who thought that 9/11 was mainly local news.

I was asked this morning by my daughter's high school-age boyfriend to give him a lift to a facility about twenty-five minutes in the wrong direction from anywhere I ever go to deliver a piece of paper to someone working in county government. I asked if I t was time… Continue

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Local trails, and can you identify what these are?

I belong to the REI coop and they send me emails. A few days ago they sent me one that included a national listing of hiking trails, complete with an app. I wondered if there were any around here and, as it turns out, there are, in a state forest just over a dozen miles from here. 

Yesterday was a beautiful, pleasantly warm…


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The second best air and space museum

I was working with a guy from out of town today and we finished about midday. Normally when I've got someone from out of town and we get free time I take them to downtown Washington to show them tourist sites, usually the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It's the best of its kind anywhere. Hanging from the ceiling in one room are the X15, which set altitude records, the jet Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in, and the Spirit of St. Louis. If you view…


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I Used To Be Able To Write: from 8/28/12, Speech I Wish I Could Have Given in 1968

originally published August 28, 2012

So much of what happened then set the stage for now. 

It also earned one of my few Editors' Picks. 


This was inspired by a post by Jeremiah Horrigan called Neil Armstrong without tears.

I look at my elders and notice they wonder what on Earth is going on with the…


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Repost: Phony Individualism: Why we undertax the wealthy

I think of myself as a primarily economic blogger. However, in looking back over my posts, I realize that hasn't been true for a long time, I guess because I got tired of saying some of the same things repeatedly in different ways. In the last couple of years, who is active on Our Salon has changed, and so my self-image doesn't match what current bloggers have seen of me, so I think I'l repost a few old pieces.

This was originally published on March 20, 2014, both here and on… Continue

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