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About Pope Francis and the molestations: Is his reaction just PR?

Pope Francis just released a letter talking about the child molestations reported from Pennsylvania. He said:

”We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them.”

I read about this in a piece by the Daily Mail, which I can’t link to. That article ended by pointing out that the Statute of Limitations has run out on most of these crimes. 

For a variety of reasons, I’ve had a lot of hope for Pope Francis, but I found his talking about mercy for child…


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Since I’ve lived here in the greater Binghamton NY area, I’ve known that locally carousels were a big deal. Today my wife and I had some time so we went to investigate. There are currently about 170 working antique carousels in the US and Canada. Six of those are local to here. 

Why six? This area used to have a major shoe manufacturer called Endicott Johnson in the first half of the twentieth century. One of the Johnson brothers decided that no child should be without the opportunity…


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Aretha died this morning

We’ve lost Aretha Franklin. I’ve posted about a lot of music deaths on Our Salon but I can’t write this obituary. I’d get too many corrections from Ron. I have to report this as news, though, in case anyone here hasn’t heard yet. 

This is the voice that topped Rolling Stone’s list of Greatest 100 Singers Of All Time. Someone somewhere might have disputed that. I’m more knowledgeable than most people about music and I find the conclusion too obvious to dispute. A slew of Grammies, a…


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An answer to the main question Amy asks in her “” post

In comparing Jon Wolfman’s take on the Catholic Church’s responsibility for its child-molesting clergy

Amy looks at some rabbis who have done awful things and asks:

Why don't the actions of become the responsibility of members of…


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Interference in elections

I read a post this morning concerning Israeli interference in British elections. I haven’t followed British politics at all but I knew that, given the source, there was no way in Hell we were getting two sides of the story. So I did a bit of checking. 

Let me begin by saying that I do not fault Putin for interfering in American elections, I fault Americans who cooperated with him. I have made this point before more than once. Putin is not sworn to uphold our Constitution. 



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Repost: A Dozen Underhanded Arguing Tactics / A Dozen Rules for Intelletual Integrity

originally published July 2 & 17, 2012 on Open Salon

This was a pair of posts, now combined. The second one is first because I was talked into rewriting the first. However, the first may be easier to follow. The first was called A Dozen Rules for Intellectual Integrity.

Two posts ago, I said I'd change my post if someone came up with a better idea. Margaret Feike got me thinking. The trouble with the original is that it leaves the…


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Let’s please get something straight about the 2016 Presidential election

If you are a liberal who does not like Hillary and wanted to vote for someone rather than against someone, by November of 2016 there was no good candidate to vote for. 

I don’t mean that there was no viable candidate to vote for, I mean there was no good candidate to vote for. Assuming you didn’t like Hillary, by November of 2016 there was no candidate who it would have been a good idea to install in the White House as Leader of the Free World. 

Bernie was no…


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There Is No Difference

When the House committee that recently recommended that gay couples be prohibited from adopting gets its recommendation enacted by a Republican Congress, the Republican President signs it, and the Republican majority Supreme Court affirms it,

When thousands die in megastorms and drought-expanded fires triggered by climate change brought about by the United States not signing and thereby not observing the Paris Accords,

When thousands of immigrant families get separated by…


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Open Call: How did you start blogging?

I know how I came to start but it occurs to me I don’t know how most people did. I’d like to hear your stories. I’ll start with mine:

I started out in a chatroom: Beliefs Judaism on AOL. Chat was OK but it had a couple of disadvantages, and those disadvantages keep me out of chat here. One is that you can be on for a couple of hours with nothing happening, so it just kills time. Another is that when fights break out…


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Photo essay, highlights of the season so far

Traditional beach ball 



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An old amplifier and the deceleration of change

For the nine years or so that I was in a band in North Carolina I used amps that the bandleader had because my old one was kind of noisy. I’ve played a few times here and I’ve had my keyboard go through the PA, which meant how much I could hear myself was dependent on how much they put me through the monitors, which weren’t exactly pointing in my direction. I tried putting a little portable monitor on…


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Louie Louie, an FBI investigation and probably unintentional misdirection

(For some reason, YouTube is no longer giving me Embed codes on my IPad.)

Earlier this evening I played rock n roll. How it works here is a local bar has a house band on Thursdays that you can sign up to play with - or sometimes a whole band comes and plays a few songs. I started a few weeks back and because keyboard players are rare I often sit in for most of the evening. My connection with the…


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Single Sentence Saturday: On Anthony Bourdain

I think Bourdain would be completely amazed by how much attention he has gotten in death. 

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Single Sentence Sunday: Trump's unexpected accomplishment


For the first time since well before I was born, the President of the United States is not the leader of the Free World. 

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For Anna

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Single Sentence Saturday: Clue for weeds

Kosh in the front yard with ______.

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A photograph from a Palestinian demonstration

A while back I saw a post featuring a photograph of a big, fully armed IDF soldier with his boot on the back of a very small Palestinian child. It was a picture worth a thousand words. I was embarrassed by it even though I’m not Israeli. By the way, in spite of what I’m about to write, I still am. 

When I saw such posts I tended to keep my mouth shut unless I was sure I agreed with the point of the post, like the recent shooting of a sixteen year old demonstrator in Gaza by the…


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The ADL on the Armenian Genocide and (not) on the destruction of Al Aqsa

On the pages of this site, a couple of accusations were made by Safe Bet’s Amy about the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization founded to combat antisemitism. 

The first was that the ADL does not recognize the Armenian Genocide. Let’s see:

The second concerned alleged ADL statements calling for the destruction of Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. I…


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Weird stuff I learn on YouTube: Michael Jackson’s Human Nature became a hit because of a feature on a cassette player

I love YouTube because you can learn all sorts of stuff on it just browsing. Lately I’ve learned a whole lot about various entertainers and musicians just because I trip over stuff. This is one of those instances. This story is about a Michael Jackson song called Human Nature.

For some reason, I no longer get embed codes from YouTube videos, so I’m sorry I’m just providing a link. 

This morning, I tripped…


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