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A post I should have written years ago: What antisemitism looks like

I’ve given people a hard time for either doing things that are typically antisemitic or not reacting to it. What never really occurred to me is that a lot of people here may not know what it looks like, which may very well include some who appear to be its practitioners. There are things it shares with other forms of bigotry and things it doesn’t. If you have either practiced aspects of this or tolerated aspects of this because you didn’t recognize it and I gave you a hard time, I apologize…


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I’ve got a trade show in Orlando starting tomorrow so I drove my family down to Disney. We were at the big shopping area here, Disney Springs, this afternoon. One store that’s there that we always hit is the LEGO store, where they actually sell LEGO blocks in bins with scoops. They do some cool things. I took a few shots of their main display outside, different angles to show detail:…


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Tariffs, Take Two - Trump threatens Mexico - amended June 6 due to updated immigration information

Donald Trump is now threatening Mexico with tariffs if they don’t decrease immigrant traffic to the US, and the tariff is supposed to escalate over time if there isn’t compliance.

I took a position, probably not a popular one, that I thought tariffs on China were necessary. That’s not remotely what I believe about Mexico. It’s wrong from a trade standpoint and it’s wrong from a policy standpoint. 

Mexico is not exactly in the business of limiting American…


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From the Kosh Vault: Why do I ever worry about antisemitism?

There are some posts I never published. We’re on our way out so I may bring some of them out. Not all. I guess this one’s OK to release, though. This was written before the Squirrel Hill killings. 


Nothing in particular triggered this post. It just occurred to me so I wrote it. 

As a Jew, I live a safe life. I don’t face employment or educational discrimination, I’m highly unlikely to get…


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As expected, the Trump tax cuts did nothing but make rich people richer

A Congressional Research Service study of the Trump tax cuts found that their only significant consequence was to make rich people richer. Ostensibly expected benefits to the economy haven’t materialized to any significant extent. Big shock.

I could have told you up front it wouldn’t…


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McConnell’s Nightmare

We’re going to win big in 2020.

We’re going to Gerrymander the living shit out of America. The GOP won’t have a shot at the House for ten years.

We’re going to regulate everything in sight. 

We’re going to abolish the Electoral College. All those big empty Red states will become electorally insignificant. No one will bother campaigning there. The Federal Government will take over even more land in those states. Grazing on public land will be expensive, unless the animals…


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Question: What will you do with your posts?

When the last site closed, we knew what we wanted to do with our posts, at least in part. The ones we wanted people to see we moved. However, at this point we haven’t settled on a joint destination. I suppose if we find one the question will in part be answered. 

Part of my question is how you’ll figure out which posts you want to save in some form. I’m not sure of that across the board. Two series of posts I knew I wanted to save: the series on music theory for musicians who don’t…


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ISO Another Goldene Medina (explanation now included)

This is slightly adapted from a post I wrote upon leaving Open Salon. Its inspiration is Anatevka from Fiddler on the Roof - see following link for the original, without which this post will make no sense. Goldene Medina is Yiddish for “Golden Land,” how Jews in the Shtetl (in Europe where Yiddish was spoken) referred to America, as in “the streets are paved with gold.”…


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Some commencement addresses are more interesting than others

If you’re conscious of racial inequality in America at all, you know that a major disadvantage faced by young Black people is that on average their parents aren’t in nearly as good a financial position as the parents of their White peers. When they start out at young adults, Black kids are less likely to get parental help buying their first house because their parents are less likely to be able to afford to help them than White parents are. The same goes for college tuition…


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The United States imports from most countries pretty freely. Not all, particularly in agriculture. What generally determines how much we import from any given country is how much Americans want to buy from that country. If those countries want to build factories in the United States, great. 

However, that kind of importation and investment opportunity is not always a two-way street. Cooperation between industry and…


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The three men who have destroyed American politics

American politics is now dangerously less functional than it was a few decades ago. These changes for the worse are mainly due to the actions of three men. All are Republicans, but their sins aren’t based on political ideology per se. They’re based on interfering with the processes that America depends on. 

The first of the three is Newt Gingrich. He is the man most responsible for damned near destroying working relationships between Democrats and Republicans. He made…


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Two quick and easy paintings

Polar bear in a snowstorm:

Game of Thrones Episode 3, Season 8:

(Apologies about the Tag)

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Night Drizzle While Taking The Dog Out

I took the dog out a few minutes ago. As I do at night, I took along a Coleman flashlight, $20 at Target, two settings: normal and distance/spotlight. In bright mode it can go a lot farther than anything I’ve ever fooled around with. I bought it a few months ago when one of our cats got out and we couldn’t find him. He came back in a couple of days. 

So I pointed it at the sky in normal mode, then in bright mode. Bright mode was surprising. I wasn’t aware it was drizzling, I could…


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Single Question Sunday, concerning Trump’s tweet disagreeing with the stewards’ Kentucky Derby decision

If Maximum Security had been an immigrant, would the President have insisted that the rules be followed?

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NBC News just released a story about police racial profiling of drivers. The story concerns a national study done by the Stanford Open Policing Project, who released their traffic stop data to NBC. The sample size:

Nearly 100 million stops over 21 states and 29 municipal police departments from 2011 to 2017

The search rate is…


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Another musical RIP

What do Be My Baby (Ronettes), Mr. Tamborine Man (Byrds), Strangers in the Night (Sinatra), Good Vibrations (Beach Boys), the Pet Sounds album (also Beach Boys), Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel), Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Simon & Garfunkel), The Way We Were (Streisand), Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In (Fifth Dimension), the theme for Three’s Company, Close to You (Carpenters), and the theme for The Brady Bunch have in common?

That, by the way, is an insanely abbreviated…


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On the first day the Lord created Property

I just wrote this for another site, where this probably describes most of the blogging population. I thought you might enjoy it.

In the beginning was the Void, and the Lord spake, saying: There is nothing to own here. Let there be Property. 


And He could not see that it was good, so He spake, saying: What is the point of having Property if I cannot see it? Let there be Light. And He separated…


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Grace Slick and a Chick-Fil-A commercial during the Grammies

Chick-Fil-A, an extremely conservative anti-gay marriage company, ran an ad during the Grammies. It consisted of cows handing out VR headsets and people reacting with obvious delight to whatever the video is, then a note to go to their website to view it.

Maybe one of you can find the ad. It may prove difficult as it’s been pulled, even from YouTube. The video it links to on the Chick-Fil-A website has also been pulled.


It has to do with the music from the ad, which…


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