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A question no boomer should ever have to hear

i was visiting North Carolina a few weeks ago and Rich, my old bandleader, handed me a CD. I'm on one cut. Just before I moved north, he befriended an older musician by the name of Juma Sultan, a percussionist. I never got to play with him though the rest of the band did. Recently they put together a CD with him on it. One song they wanted to do was the old Eric Burdon song Spill The Wine, which my old band has put into its rotation on occasion. On a previous visit, Rich asked me to lay down…


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Monopostal Monday: The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives

In my experience, the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives don’t know what minorities really face and don’t want to know. 

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How not to wake up

I'm on my way home from a business meeting in Anaheim, on a three hour layover in Newark heading for Syracuse. My daughter wanted me to bring her home some candy, so I started looking at retail. I've been here for a couple of hours, this place is wide awake with a lot of open businesses at five in the morning. 

So I looked at this shop called "America"

and found…


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In case you still think the Wall is about immigration

The day before yesterday, there were a couple of demonstrations at the Mall in Washington, DC.  One was the March for Life, an anti-abortion demonstration; the other was a much smaller Indigenous Peoples’ Day march. As the Indigenous Peoples’ Day march wound down, an Omaha (the tribe, not the city) tribal elder by the name of Nathan Phillips was playing a drum and leading a chant for a small group.  A group of Catholic high school students from Covington, KY, there for the March for Life,…


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Good morning from the Southern Tier

I just took my dog Mabel out at 9:00. We’re supposed to get serious weather here.…


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Tales of J: Yorzeit, it’s been seven years


It’s been seven years today since the worst day of my life. We lit a yorzeit - literally “year time” but really annual memorial - candle last night. They burn about a day. Supermarkets serving areas where anyone Jewish lives typically have them. There is no blessing. 

Precisely three weeks before J died, he was in a…


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An answer to those saying we should get rid of welfare

This was an answer to an anti-welfare post on another site which I wrote a day or two ago. Slightly edited for context. 

I think to a certain extent the case against welfare is a bit simplistic. If the question is: “Welfare: yes or no” I think the question can be answered by what a debater would call a “negative repairs” case, in this case meaning that refining the welfare system makes more sense than trashing it, and trashing it could have a lot of expensive…


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I saw Mary Poppins on Friday

My wife wanted to go see it and I had no objection, so we went. It’s a decent remake, but I’m not writing a review of the picture. I just want to talk about a single scene featuring a cameo.

The character played by the cameo actor is an old man, white hair, heavy white beard. He is stooped, and he does a tap dance on a desktop. Quite a graceful one. He moves like a young man playing an old man. …


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Happy Chanukah (final night)

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One Sentence on a Thursday: Why liberals hate Trump to an extent conservatives don’t get

Liberals are first and foremost about protecting the vulnerable and we have never seen a President who so universally despises the vulnerable, which for us is a cardinal sin, perhaps The cardinal sin. 

Thank you Ron for pointing out in PM that today is Thursday. Title changed.

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Kristallnacht , America today, and Veterans Day

Boanerges was surprised no one had written about Kristallnacht, which happened eighty years ago Friday. I don’t want to disappoint. 

The day before yesterday was the eightieth anniversary of Kristallnacht. It was ostensibly a spontaneous reaction to the shooting of a German diplomat, Ernst von Rath, by a seventeen year old Jewish kid by the name of Herschel Grynszpan. Not too spontaneous, it was actually government ordered. It is named for all the broken window glass…


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One Sentence for a Friday: On Republican morality

Republican morality is based on the proposition that it is less of a sin to allow a poor person to starve or to get sick without medical care than it is to allow someone to freeload. 

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On Arizona, Democrats, and Greens

A friend of mine was speaking to me on the phone today about the election results. He was angry about the results in Arizona, where the Democratic candidate for Senate lost to the Republican by a smaller margin than the Green vote. He viewed the Greens as spoilers.

There was a time I would have agreed. I don’t any more. As I have been told many times on this site, the Greens don’t owe us their votes. 

I’ve made a mistake about the Greens. I’ve thought of them as liberal allies.…


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On Trump and what yesterday’s election means

Some people wonder why Trump gets so much devotion and why his party has been forced to follow him. He has done something very simple and very effective: He has listened to what makes his constituents angriest, validated them issue by issue, and tried to mold policy to addressing those issues. No one else has done this, so no one else gets the kind of devotion Trump gets. That’s why he could shoot someone in Times Square at noon and get away with it. That’s why his constituents will ignore…


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Video link: GOP Jesus

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Monosentencical Monday: On Patriotism

Being a sycophant for your country does not constitute patriotism. 

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Single Sentence Saturday: An observation about conservatives and race

What strikes me most when talking to conservatives about race is how adamantly they deny any White responsibility for bad race relations. 

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Houston, we have a problem. A mother of a problem.

I’m not on Facebook. My former head rabbi in Greensboro is, and my wife showed me something he posted this morning. He is politically active, does a ton of outreach to clergy of other religions, I was a regular attendee of his Saturday morning Torah study sessions that were always well populated at any time of year because he’s that good. When the 50th anniversary of the March on Selma was held a few years ago, he realized that no rabbis were involved (they were on the original march) and,…


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What I still appreciate about Our Salon

I’ve been blogging on another site lately because I was looking for a place with some activity and someone I know here told me he was also there. It is mostly a luridly conservative site, you know, blaming victims, blaming Jews for everything wrong with the world (on a scale I never saw here), etc. A lot of post titles that sound like Ann Coulter wrote them. 

So this morning I decided to respond. 

Here’s my post title

“The Republican plan to…

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