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Chemo Man

I got through my first treatment of chemo. I should stop here and just say goodbye. That is all anyone who went through the two poisons they pumped into me for five hours last week should say. If anyone who has cancer or will have cancer finds out what it did to me for five days last week, they might decide not to take the treatment. I wouldn't want to…


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Update from the Other Side

                                                          No, please, not the hair~~~~

And now comes the hard part. Chemo! The PetScans revealed a mass of cancer in my lungs and chest with some around my heart and lesions in other spots. There is even a small spot in my liver, which is not good by any means. So yesterday, I began the dreaded chemo…


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Only the Good Die Young~

                                                      Scanner & Sexy Sadie

I was supposed to have surgery this Thursday, but after a chest x-ray and a CT scan, it was canceled. You can probably guess why. Yep, it's time for the ScanMan to 'bite the dust. After going to my cancer doctor at the cancer center Friday, I was given the bad news. I…


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The Ballad of Caitlyn and the Bruiser

On Monday I played 18-holes with the Bruiser

but he didn't seem quite on his game

On Tuesday I met the beautiful "Caitlyn"

and found out she just changed her name

I sat waiting for the Bruiser to pick me up

when I heard his SUV's familiar "beep"

I ran outside for my ride to the course

when my eyes did a full-body…


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Like a Monkey on a Rock~

I promised myself I wouldn't do it. No way, no how. But as the days become shorter and the departure of David Letterman from America's idiot box becomes closer and closer, I can't help myself. I am already feeling the loss of a man I have watched on TV for over 30 years. Let me say before I get too far into this farewell to Dave thing, I am and always will be…


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I Can't Spell Smerconish

It seems lately I'm lost. Lost in a world that seems to fly by in a whirlwind of lost time while I sit on my couch staring at a TV tube that blasts out the latest and loudest bullshit that in the long run means less and less every minute that goes by. Bla Bla Bla. There's not one thing that interests me anymore. Nothing. I sometimes feel that living in a haze…


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Steroids, Greenies and Willie Mays

Willie Mays, in my humble opinion, the greatest player to ever put on a set of cleats, had a liquid form of amphetamines in his locker when he played for the New York Mets. It's a given that  he was at the end of a Hall of Fame career, but if he was treated as Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and even Mike Piazza, then he…

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Woman with 100 Orgasms a Day, Takes Own Life

When I first read about this woman having 100 orgasms a day, I thought it was funny or great, for about half a second, and I then felt awful for even thinking it. Imagine, having over a 100 orgasms a day. At my peak, when I was 16 to 25, I might have managed 4, maybe 5 times in a day, and believe me, those days…


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Eating Not so High on the Hog

It seems as if the Fiscal Cliff is in our future and I would like to give my humble opinion as to why congress has left town without signing a bill to stop the car crash that is the economy. HATE. Pure, simple, hate for a black president who has done nothing but try and meet people who would push him off a cliff more than halfway. People who have signed a contract with a man, Grover Norquist, to not raise taxes for any reason should be trialed for treason. If…


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Daddy, What is Murder?


Daddy, what is murder?"

"Son, why do you ask? Did you see something on TV about the kid's in school?"

"No. Gary Tedder said we was going to be murdered at school. I don't even know what murder is".

"Well,son, it's hard to explain to a 5-year old."


"Well, you know how your grandfather died?'

"He was murdered"??"

"No, no son, he wasn't murdered. But remember when we went to his funeral after he…


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The Far Right has Left the Building

“We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools. Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage? Maybe we ought to let [God] in on the front end and we wouldn’t have to call him to show up when it’s all said and done at the back end.”

My God. How can a man of religion, who believes in a fair and just God, say such a thing as this only hours after 20 precious children were killed and 6 teachers who…

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Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires (guns, hell no)

Today, I followed another story about our kids and their parents and teachers dying. Shot down and murdered for no…


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"Tired to the Bone"


I'm so sick and depressed, I could easily leave this world to the psycho's who kill people in Malls and the sleazy bankers who throw old people out of their houses after 20 years of never missing a payment and then being a few months late. "Tired to the Bone" by dad used to say. I'm tired to the bone. I'm not asking for sympathy or money or anything that a…


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Judge Judy and the Nurse~


"Did she sign a DNR?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, doctor, but...,it seems strange.., there were two documents signed. One in June of 08 and later, another was signed again, just two weeks ago.It's obviously she wanted no special care when her time came, but why have two DNR's? I've been caring for her since her son hired me 3 years ago, when she could…


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The Chessman
“The world says: "You have needs -- satisfy them. You have as much right as the rich and the mighty. Don't hesitate to satisfy your needs; indeed, expand your needs and demand more." This is the worldly doctrine of today. And they believe that this is freedom. The result for the rich is isolation and suicide, for the poor, envy and murder.” ff

― …

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The Plumber's Best Friend

Monday morning at 10:35 a.m., the bathroom commode in the the Fipp's home over-flowed. This happens all the time, everyday, to people all over  the world, yet Marvin Fipps was in a hurry and late for work so he flushed the toilet and ran out of the house, not noticing that what he had just deposited was not only not going down the intended target, but was rising-up and over the toilet and over-flowing at an alarming rate. It did so for over 6 hours. When Marvin's wife,…


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Cop Dunks Head in Bucket of Urine

Talk about a crazy world. A Police Officer from Menton, OH actually stuck his head in a 5 gal. bucket of urine, which I'm sure was supplied by his good buddies on the force. He was fined $450 and suspended for 2 days for this stunt.

“The fact money was collected for this ‘dare,’ should not detract from [Croucher] assuming…


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The Clubber was late, although he wasn't too concerned. He had an interview with some disgruntled husband who had found out his wife was cheating with his boss, and it was either lose the wife or lose a good job, and it wasn't even close. The wife had to go. Club could care less. He could kill the wife, the boss or all three of them, as long as he got paid. After thinking about it, he thought he  better leave the husband alive if he…

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So, What's Next?

Kid in Bathroom
OK. The election is over and your candidate lost. What do you do? Do you wish him well and try and work with the other side to make this country a better place, or do you do a "Mitch McConnell"  and do everything in your power to screw-up everything he tries to accomplish. In other words, do you help the man you voted against try and fix all the things that are wrong with this country? Or do you  join a "Down with…

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