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I Gotta Step Over Your Bird Shit To Get To My Bird Stuff

Back when I was a fancy professional, kind of, with an office of my own, I had that place decorated with birds.  Lots of birds everywhere.  I didn’t really intend it to be so, it just happened.  I hadn’t even really noticed it until someone walked in one day and commented on my love of birds.  That comment gave me pause and I looked around.  It did appear as if I were a bird lover from way back.   Birds on the walls, bird figurines, birds my sister made, birds I made, birds students made for…


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Virgin Estate Sale Rat

I'm not gonna lie.  I felt very weird and voyeuristic entering that gentleman's home and watching all those homo sapiens paw through his personal belongings.  Aside from the obvious rapaciousness, I think it was disconcerting because he was a III, not Sr., not Jr.  But the third, and last, in his line.  He left no children, he does not appear to have ever married or partnered and he has no siblings. His obituary indicates that he is survived by "a host of friends and several cousins." He was…


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Ice Breaker

I wrote the following post (heretofore only published in my head) on May 6, 2015.  I know it is WAY too long and really only fit for skimming.  I was going to try and cut it down a little (I DID remove a couple of "ands"), but I feel it is a nice representation of the kind of person I am...wordy, scattered, spastic, sweaty and hugely entertaining to myself.  So here you have it. 

After having re-read this just now, I'm a little worried that my post may…


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