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I think anyone who knew me as a loved one, dear fiend or family member seriously wondered how it was that was aloud to be let free to run among the so called normal folk. I know for me there were times when the idea of safely being locked away was quite a nice thought. Of course the thought of ultimate freedom was the only way to fly. If I didn't pay attention this time I would be able to convince myself that his was incarceration and not rehabilitation. To many falls…


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Leave it to dad

 parrot knows

Leave it to dad. He up and dies instead of sticking around long enough to accept responsibility for his part in contributing to the complete destruction of this family. Good old dad He always knew when it was time to bail.

This has been an impossible endeavor for me to undertake. I will be sailing along thinking that the story is telling itself and will then find myself in a mire of confusion, sickness and disease.

Of course…


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My life is...


My life

My life is loneliness, or is that called solitude?

My life Is taking handfuls of prescription drugs.

Is this just a new form of drug addiction for me?

My life is continuous pain. Continuous appointments. Three days a week hooked to the monster.

People hear about the five spinal operations, the two times of being dead.


I keep falling out of bed.

Running over my feet with the…


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New goals

coing through

New goals for a new life

1. Don't forget the beautiful things that have happened during this beautiful life and what beautiful things are still in the mix.

For a brief moment in time, about five years I had the perfect life. I was in love with a beautiful women. I was the father of an absolutely amazing and beautiful daughter and we lived a perfect life that involved the three of us. We also had the love of my wife's mother and I had the support of my…


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Why Benghazi Should not be Forgotten

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Enemy of the people!

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God's Punishment

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01:00 Train

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Melania goes to Africa

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