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pitt/jolie divorce, diverse internet wisdom/ piles of links on marriage/ divorce, listicles galore

hi all. brad pitt & angelina jolie marriage RIP. yes, divorce is like the death of a marriage and its one of lifes intense negative moments. its one of those epic blowups/ trainwrecks that seems at moment likely to provide months of dramatic tabloid fodder. coming close on the heels of the depp-heard derailing.

noticed years ago that internet sites carry a lot of writing on "marriage vs divorce" and started a list/ collection, which has grown to near epic proportions at this pt,…


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hi all. this (911) is an exhausting topic, but politics is not for the faint of heart. (or maybe it is mainly for "feints of heart").

its a freakin miracle. hallelujah, so to speak. the 28 pages have been released.

but the public seems to be mostly comatose on it. 

look, despite what they teach in civics class, our government requires constant pushing and prodding to do the right thing. to say the least. and even then it may avoid it.

where is the mass…


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gender/ sexuality zeitgeist 2016, massive link pile

hi all. its a slow friday & decided to cook up this huge pile of links on one of my favorite topics of all, and apparently many others share the same interest. its been about 3 quarters since the last post and these links sort of multiply like rabbits so to speak. gender/ sexuality writing seems to be awash on the internet. hoo boy you can learn a lot just from reading mainstream stuff.

some big news is the playboy restructuring to avoid nudity, tinder continues its upward trend,…


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War Q1 2016 top headlines

hi all. as usual my war links runneth over so am expunging them from my bookmarks with this post. its my own strange version/ ritual of tribute/ cybercatharsis. to the Age We Live In.™

ISIS war[a] has shifted in some key ways in the last half year or so since last writing on it. some signs of the counterwar efforts seem to be "paying off", eg Isis soldier wages are down dramatically after bombing their cash depos[b11][b25][a12] and death of a top…


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911/ trump, the missing 28 pages, saudi arabia, israel

there is an old buddhist saying. "like the sun and the moon, the truth cannot be long hidden". my zen question, what is "long"? how about ~1½ decade or so since 911?

havent blogged on conspiracy theory in quite awhile, and even longer on 911 (after years of blogging on it), but yesterdays conspiracy can turn into todays political controversy/ firestorm. events in this area somehow went from comatose to fast-paced/ dizzying in just a few days. will the momentum continue, or dissipate…


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economix pulse/ zeitgeist Q1 2016

some economics topics that have been blogging about since ~2009 are now mainstream politics elements. its really great to see some political shift in this area. economics is sometimes or not a topic of elections, but its been a huge deal for the last 2 (2008, 2012) and now this 3rd 216 is highly affecting mainstream politics. there does seem to be some major reconfiguration going on of the US political parties, finally.

its a crosscutting (some might say "shearing") element of the two…


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election/ politics/ money 2016, clinton, sanders, rightwing, "intersectionality"

hi all. the election is starting to heat up on both left, right, and left vs right sides. the clinton/ sanders distinctions are getting stronger. the huge higher margins by bernie in some recent primaries are startling. the big question is, are these difference unique to these states or does it represent a major shift in voter sentiment?

was reading about clinton vs "intersectionality". the word is subtle but some of what clinton has said seems to utterly miss the point, and…


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US stagnation/ decline, causes, public, revolution, trump, hillary, sanders, democracy/ 2party fail, partisan, glimmers

hi all. have been collecting links on this topic quite awhile & finally had a moment to write them up. the basic theme here is (all due apologies) something like "america in decline". our democracy does not show very healthy signs of vitality these days. its hard to judge like a fish swimming in water, but theres lots of alarm bells ringing.

as has been long pointed out, countries/ nations seem to go through "cycles". re the so-called…


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my brother/ schizoaffective disorder, JME memoriam, mental illness internet wisdom/ links

hi all, a post on mental illness dedicated to JME.

joined open salon myself in early ~2009. my fraternal twin brother died a year later of suicide, brought on by his schizoaffective disorder. it was his 2nd attempt. in his 1st attempt he checked into a hotel and stabbed himself in the chest with a knife. and then called 911. it sounds very strange and weird but of…


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new economics... possible, or an inherent oxymoron?

hi all, started studying economics deeply in the early 2000s. its an endlessly fascinating subject but it has a real dark side. aka pandoras box. the dark side has gotten more prominent in recent years. it has always been there (and marx is one of the 1st to identify and ruminate on it) but its becoming harder to ignore. economics is a tricky combination of a human and inhuman construction. adam smiths "invisible hand" looms large. there are both conscious and unconscious elements. some of…


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polyamory 2015 news/ sightings/ highlights

hi all. this is my 1st polyamory post on this site. open salon had some polyamory content and colorful individuals blogging on it. alas, all vaporized into cyber dust. have to take a zen attitude on all that. might resuscitate those old posts someday.

but, still have the habit of collecting links, so heres a batch from 2015.

it was a very interesting and lively year, there was a lot of celebrity sightings from justin bieber, lamar odom, charlie sheen, holly madison, tiger…


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robert reich economics editorial/ commentary 2015

hi all, Robert Reich is one of my favorite economics writers. as you may know, keep bookmarks on economics related articles encountered in my daily surfing. after organizing them, it turns out Reich turns up a lot. hes published on huffingtonpost, alternet, and some other areas. Krugman has a great soapbox at the NYT, and Reich is not quite as famous, but Reich is a champion of the middle class and is a real straight shooter. the economy is going through major gyrations these days, under…


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kitchen table economics 2015

hi all, (not bad hits on the last post...) so to continue the economic theme & help clean out my link pile from this year. "kitchen table economics" is that which refers to middle class, mainstream values instead of financialized abstractions that rule our political and legal frameworks for it.

economics has reached a boiling point and its being manifested…


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sanders vs clinton vs rightwing, economics

hi all, the big terrorist/terrorism related news has seized a few news cycles for the moment and economic issues have been pushed aside by all the media sensationalism. how long can that last?

theres a big drama playing out in the sanders vs clinton slugfest. personally am rooting for sanders a lot. but not sure hes gonna be able to pull it off. clinton is a near billionaire at this point and has very deep connections in the existing power structure. sanders is a populist candidate.…


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when corporations rule the world... NOW!

hi all theres an old book with title "when corporations rule the world" by Korten from 1995.

corps have always had massive power, but with globalization, lately they seem at times to be "massively engorged" and have more power than even governments.

corporations lean on governments in astonishing ways, such as to mobilize wars. yes, its mostly unthinkable for americans or almost anyone…


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paris attacks the sequel, world war III

hi all, it appears to be world war III now that russia has gotten "involved" in syria/ ISIS ie heavy bombing of ISIS, and france has already retaliated by bombing Raqqa. the ISIS/ syria situation has changed dramatically over the last few months and intensely over the last week. Emwazi aka jihadi john killed by drone strike within the last week.

ISIS now appears to have downed the russian airliner as even admitted by putin.

its amazing that this is the SECOND major attack in…


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money + politics 2015

hi all money + politics, a difficult subject. have noticed a lot of new writing on the topic and ofc this is highly related to the citizens united supreme court ruling that found that "money" is like "free speech". sound strange? kinda agree with that.

have pondered this problem in the past and sometimes had ideas, but now think its a intransigent/ nearly intractable/ unsolvable problem. basically, wealth inequality has a strong "one way" feature. its been increasing for decades and…


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inequality 2015, headlines, top links, cyber zeitgeist

hi all. this inequality issue sure is a plague upon our house(s). basically noticed this somewhat after the 2008 crash, and have only seen it get worse and worse. over ½ decade ago, would never have guessed it would get to this point. the visibility is rising, but it seems so is the entrenchment. it seems our sclerotic, paralyzed political process has contributed to it.…


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gender/ sexuality zeitgeist 2015, massive link pile

hi all. just read today that Playboy magazine down to 800K circulation (from ~5.5M in the 1970s), and losing money ($3M/ yr) in the US, just decided to take out the nudity from its future issues, in an attempt to increase its circulation/ relevance.[c19] they found on their web site that hits went up when they took out nudity. SHOCKING! and this is not an april fools joke! (hefner is almost 90 now...) 

grew up some on…


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rich zeitgeist 2015... the new american aristocracy

hi all, have a slight urge to put up all my old blogs on economics & wealth inequality, just for the dribble of hits. its a lot of trouble and they would get zero comments (esp if they are backdated) but maybe the google hits could do some real public service. (that is one of my motivations for blogging.)

it seems the 2016 election is gonna be all about the middle class, with even trump doing some pandering, and hillary in trouble already was unthinkable not too long…


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