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hi all. this inequality issue sure is a plague upon our house(s). basically noticed this somewhat after the 2008 crash, and have only seen it get worse and worse. over ½ decade ago, would never have guessed it would get to this point. the visibility is rising, but it seems so is the entrenchment. it seems our sclerotic, paralyzed political process has contributed to it.…


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hi all. just read today that Playboy magazine down to 800K circulation (from ~5.5M in the 1970s), and losing money ($3M/ yr) in the US, just decided to take out the nudity from its future issues, in an attempt to increase its circulation/ relevance.[c19] they found on their web site that hits went up when they took out nudity. SHOCKING! and this is not an april fools joke! (hefner is almost 90 now...) 

grew up some on…


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rich zeitgeist 2015... the new american aristocracy

hi all, have a slight urge to put up all my old blogs on economics & wealth inequality, just for the dribble of hits. its a lot of trouble and they would get zero comments (esp if they are backdated) but maybe the google hits could do some real public service. (that is one of my motivations for blogging.)

it seems the 2016 election is gonna be all about the middle class, with even trump doing some pandering, and hillary in trouble already was unthinkable not too long…


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