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merry xmas! 2017 closing economics news... tax bill passes

hi all, economics news last half year or so has been dominated by tax reform bill. in a word, yikes!

have been blogging on these topics for years, and every year it seems the headlines are more extreme. am trying to find some positive things to say. the public does seem to be more tuned into these issues than years ago, and maybe economics is starting to shift the political dialog into more egalitarian/ populist direcitons. there is finally some widespread acknowledgement about the…


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moore defeated! more persistent rumors of other child predators run amok

hi all, saw loriannes post re site gyrations/ commotions, am really bummed about all that. would really hate to see this site go. but yeah, blogging is not what it used to be eh? and us oldtimers have seen a lot of history... go "down the tubes". it looks like anyway the "commentariat" has all moved to social media like facebook and twitter. yikes! just signed up to Medium to see…


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war 2017 denouement... happy holidays, ISIS folds! but war goes on

hi all. as one of my favorite modern authors hedges wrote in his book, "war is a force that gives us meaning". hedges is highly educated, a sharp/ cutting/ acute/ piercing critic of the "institutionalized insanity" of modern society along the lines of Gore Vidal, and writes about war and economics, coincidentally some of my own areas of focus.

ISIS was a fearsome force the last few years and the tabloid headlines were very scary. ISIS is one of the most feared modern terrorist…


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manafort indicted on money laundering/ tax evasion! faces 80 yrs. all the trump connections, copious links

hi all, manafort is a shady character, but at times he seems like the least shady character in this whole big mess. one might say the (Neo) Swamp™, but that would be ironic.

manafort has connections to the prior corrupt yanukovych govt of ukraine. hes a fallen president, and widely agreed to be corrupt. but my question is, is this "regime change" (in the anodyne talk of washington) merely/ really a falling out among thieves? or a turf war by two world mafias? the ukrainian…


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las vegas mass shooting/ massacre COVERUP/ CON JOB/ CONSPIRACY copious leads part II

hi all. a difficult subj to write on, but am feeling like just want to get it "off my chest".

my last blog on this subj got a unusually high hundreds of hits. thx cyberspace for paying some attn to this crucial topic.

a lot can be written on this but am going to try to be brief.

the FBI is a critical organization for this country and its…


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gender studies Q4 2017... BOUNDARIES!

hi all. already did a "gender studies" post for this year but we are awash in massive amounts of cyber hyperventilation barrage on the subject.

the theme for this installment is BOUNDARIES.[a]

copious links collected from my favorite "cyber haunts".

not sure what astrological signs are lining up (does anyone have any idea/ clue? open to suggestions from astrologers or wannabes!) but boy this last…


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poly 2017, celebrities/ other developments, copious links

hi all, 20th century icon hefner died a few wks ago.[a2] bummer! a very polarizing figure, public loved/ hated him. my feeling is that he helped launch a few revolutions but all revolutions tend to have extreme elements. its a remarkable historical coincidence/ timing with the Weinstein meltdown. my feeling, there is not a huge, unbridgeable amount of difference between these two figures, but the outcomes were vastly different.

have been piling up polyamory links over…


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vegas mandalay bay shooting: early BLOCKBUSTER conspiracy angle(s), copious links

hi all. another year, another crazy mass shooting/ murder. these seem to happen once-in-awhile. wrote a large post on the aurora batman movie shooter just a few years ago. have not been able to keep up with intermediate events. to me, anything less than 911 scale is apparently "par for the course".[g] but am going to write on this current one.

the current vegas incident is distinguished in the multiple instances and excellent quality of eyewitness videos quickly…


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911 2017

hi all. have been blogging on 911 over 7 years now, originally on open salon, with nearly my earliest post (2nd iirc), now over ½ the time since the event itself. some of my best content vaporized on that site, and a few 911 posts had thousands of hits over the years. would like to go rescue it, but its a huge job. open salon was able to materialize a small cadre of dedicated alternative political writers for a brief window, it was unprecedented.

the sands of time have covered up some…


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BANNON eclipsed/ axed... but even a stopped clock is right twice a day...

hi all. didnt know much about bannon or pay much attn until a few months ago. the Left was really inflamed by him, was not sure what all the commotion was about. so what, editor of Breitbart? but its clear that the washington crowd did not recognize "one of their own" and has been clamoring for his removal since day 1....

who can forget the saturday night live portrayal as the Grim Reaper?[a16] it was about that time, started to pay more attn.

Bannon is…


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predatory capitalism, the unspeakable/ unthinkable

hi all, recently came across a new video interview from a few months ago from a dutch banker named Ronald Bernard.[a1][a2] heard about it but didnt get to it/ watch it until 2 nites ago. his information is incredible, sensational, critical, and incendiary. some will label it "conspiracy theory" others would label it "suppressed/ censored truth". the interview went viral with over 20M hits but there are presumably many who didnt watch the whole thing. but 20M…


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war 2017½... Trump, syria, russia, Nkorea

hi all. my war bookmarks runneth over and have a very ominous feeling last few weeks/ months. sometimes the world seems like it could go up in flames any moment. NKorea threatening with nukes and the warmbier case,[i] and the middle east a massive tinderbox with so many hostile countries making loud noises (to say the least): syria, russia[l], iran, saudia arabia, qatar,[r] ISIS,[j] even china[o]…


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megyn kelly/ alex jones fathers day smackdown, conspiracy theory mainstreamed

hi all. cant believe the media frenzy/ commotion over the megyn kelly/ alex jones interview.[a] amazing! have been reading alex jones for over a decade myself, maybe close to ~1½ decade and cant believe his somewhat meteoric rise. but have been interested in conspiracy theories on the internet for over 2 decades.

there are some new definite currents in the air. sometimes it seems like "consensus reality" is as hard as concrete but other times it can be fast-moving,…


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conspiracy theory: trump money laundering russian mobster embezzlement via real estate

hi all. used to write about conspiracy theory a lot on my old salon site & got a lot of hits on that. havent been quite as active on that subj here but have written a bit. lately conspiracy theory has become semi mainstream which makes it quite a bizarre situation. the minority view is now widespread.[e]

theres a lot of factors behind this, but Trump himself seems to be one of the biggest conspiracy theorists. (by now some of the early findings/ jury is in on the…


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united david dao excessive force situation + the US police state

hi all, it was not a pretty picture (to say the least, honestly, it was outrageous) with bloody david dao dragged off an airplane in full view of social media. he is said to have concussion, lost teeth, and needed surgery. united refunded all passengers. the airline released a statement about "reaccommodating" the passengers. it looks like our entire country got "reaccommodated" the last decade or so esp after 911. and isnt it "fortunate" for us all some passengers were around to film the…


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economix 2017 Q2 zeitgeist, entering Trumpian era

hi all. I bookmark links/ blog, therefore I am. its my own personal way of dealing with the endless madness malaise. this is a compilation of economics reading from the last year or so. it was an election year and there was gobs of economic news/ commentary/ analysis/ CRITICISM [b] since last time. and nearly all of it has TRUMPs [a] name on it.

did you ever have that dream where you were…


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gender/ sexuality studies/ zeitgeist massive haul/ pile 2017

hi all. this is a bit triggered by the marines sexting photo sharing scandal.[s] it doesnt seem like its reverberating around the media much, but what a scandal. it has all the elements. its also a very 21st century angle with the social media angle. also, there are new actual laws against "revenge porn". am shocked it is not a bigger deal and wonder if the so-called "controlled mass media" is involved in low-profile suppression of it. one wouldnt want any bad stories about…


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state of War 2016 Q4

hi all. it is semifamously said "war is the health of the state". so instead of a State of the Union address to the country, maybe a more candid president might delineate the State of the War(s).

war is hell! did not imagine years ago on entering adulthood that maybe the majority of my middleaged life would involve the US at war.

and it is definitely not Tis the Season to talk about world war. so while others are zigging, here there will be zagging. just chalk it up to that…


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election countdown, trump/ hillary shadow side, FBI craziness

hi all this is quite the prez election. have seen a few in my life & this one seems unprecedented in many ways.

there are record high DISapproval ratings of both candidates. so one might picture that as half the country disapproving of one candidate, and the other half disapproving of the other. but for me and for maybe many others, have high disapproval of BOTH candidates at same time.

an old friend used to tell me of "under the rock" stuff in the world. the so-called Dark…


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election 2016... narcissism analysis

hi all, have had to learn far more about narcissism than would want to due to a personal situation. but this election has thrust it into collective consciousness. it looks like we will have a new pres in less than 2wk, and am betting that the "narcissistic one" is going to lose. oops! rats! both candidates seem to have some of that quality. but one in particular, the One Who Shall Remain Nameless, is a little more "full" of that quality than the other.

am hoping after this election we…


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