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Notes From Earth Day

           I am not driving, usually, but had no choice, yesterday...Earth Day, of all days to burn gasoline. Perhaps regular readers might recall that I changed up my work schedule just after midterms. I did not have too; nobody made me. 

                               I did my old Thursday on Monday.

National Security...Counter Intelligence, Organized Crime; call it what you want because  you pay the bills. I’m leaking, politely, because I can. I’m breathing until I can’t.…


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The Big One

                     EARTH DAY SALE  

                     Free Air! While quantities last.  Delivered to your home, by drone. See below for details.

                                      I don’t do fiction.    

                     I’m not even kidding, three holidays in a row. Who wins? Who wins the big one? Bezos? Epstein? Putin? Murdoch? Too many billionaires to list here. I don’t know…


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The Sun Rise

            After forty years of playing Martin Sheen playing on even smaller riverine brown water down stream from horse piss and army shit, proving points for prophets...actually Charlie No Profit, but better known Just as Charlie on the other end of the phone...working angles, and his angels...actually raising them from pups, and spitting them out into the wild blue yonder to do what ever it took,

             After forty years of that I was in therapy most Tuesday’s with a…


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Divided, We Fell.

            1980. Carter was well intentioned but no match for Dallas. The rise of American Fascism was not checked and segregation replaced with Internal state sponsored terrorism ...racism without race; the on going destruction of the FDR power base was not checked under Carter. It was not about race, it was about control; white elite control. 

             Legislating morality...White southern morality, perhaps related to Chip’s very public outing as a pot user may  have pushed…


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So What Else Is New?

           Deception is part of nature...all of culture is natural, there is no such thing as supernatural; rare maybe, not seen in our lifetime rare, could be...but not supernatural, or beyond nature. 

            Why lie? Why cheat? Why steal? Why rationalize? I can rationalize lying, cheating and stealing, and forgive humans, myself included for having broken in order to meet real needs; or for having been broken and used to further the reach of the MIC.  I have too. If I…


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As Civil As I Can Be

          Presence Matters! So sayeth  the Navy of near yesteryear. I’m no defender of The Navy, but presence does matter. Seeing can lead to believing, but I’ve seen that screwed up too.

           The Navy is only as good as the people who work there. As far as I know there are no unpaid volunteers, draftees, or conscripts in the American Navy. I wore the uniform as a volunteer, unpaid...after 9/11/01. FEMA paid New Jersey for my service, and for a few days the State Of New…


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Weld On First

             Off the top of my Head of the Charles River, I crew in canoe.

      Off the Commons there is Curley’s but I stay in China Town. I like the noodles and dumplings of Boston. I like the diversity of Boston, I like the frog pond on a summer Sunday morning. 

       And so a challenger rises, and I see what I like. I see a challenger rising, and so the right that I knew once shows signs of life, in spring. 

       Is the Charles cleaner now that Weld has jumped…


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Disco Inferno

                 The power of place. Built space. Free of Nature’s Grace. 

         Coventry’s quarry, granite maybe, St. George’s stone had to come from somewhere. My great grandfather James, the bastard, cut Rhode Island stone. 

          St. George’s was built one small block off the river to be seen from and to see, the sea. In what was then Sea Bright, all the way to Avenue of Two Rivers. The Arch Bishop visited, all the way from Canterbury, England. The stone church may…


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Murderer’s Row

        I’m no Ken Buns. I played Little League; had tops maybe thirty baseball cards. My favorite player was Willie Mays. I finished my last season riding the bench a good  portion of the time. I was good enough to start, but my parents did not give a crap, and neither did I, so I played when Lenny played me, and that was fine with me. I played infield, outfield, left field, and catcher. 

         I was no stand out, and did not want to. ECT ( early childhood trauma) had left me…


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Suicide Split Sunday

          It’s all in the cards, culturally. House always wins. House rules. 

       There is a winnable version, but death remains unavoidable. A certain amount of consumption is unavoidable. Beyond culture there are no cards. There is no game. In nature, reality, and the entire infinite universe death is life, and life is death; survival is not a diversion, each day is an opportunity to possibly realize the miracle of life and consciousness that has so graciously provided to each…


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Answers And Questions

Answer: Nothing

Question: What is everything? 

               As much as my partially untrained brain latches on to pain and squeezes until it hurts; I have to practice my craft even more to wrestle my old wounded brain off of what it, if left to its own, would hold on to until the polar ice caps melted totally. Drowning, or even wallowing in ice water, is not how how want to finish out my golden year or two, if I can squeeze another out of this beat up old obsolete lab…


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Strength Through Peace

         You want to fight...because you’ve been conditioned to believe violence is the answer. I was too, raised to kill, I was conditioned to kill by as an early teen. Thousands of fish, tossed at me from the net, one at a be gutted, alive, blood everywhere. 

         I had to fight too...and shoot. I had all of this out of the way before I was old enough to drive. I could run a boat...many kinds of boats before I learned to drive. I recall being…


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The Dessert Days

        I’ve done chaos as an appetizer. I’ve been so totally terrified that fear is now afraid of me, at least as much as I fear fear. Claustrophobia...I have a hard time in the MRI machine. I’ve managed never to have lost it in there. 


         Even a lab rat does not have to be strapped to a table and slid into a machine every day. Managing the space between my ears is a full time job. I have made it to the last…


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Raytheon5: On Broadway

       Twenty pages in, Raytheon5 is hanging out on Broadway in Long Branch, New Jersey...a dry foot path to the sea turned into 537 which goes most of the way to Philadelphia, not my end of the road. My end is the east end, where seven presidents stayed over more than half a century to escape the miasma of early urban American summers...pre Air Conditioning. The bluff along Long Branch’s Atlantic shore caught almost predictable afternoon summer southeasterly breezes. The then clean ocean…


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Win One For The Flipper

      Everyone Loves the King of the Sea. Bud and Sandy..., and a trained porpoise...some show. I saw the kid who played Bud mucking stalls in 1969, he was a cousin to one of my fellow scouts. It was the only time I rode  a horse in my life, not far from Woodstock in 1969. I was twelve. 

      I was mucking stalls at the race track in in 1974, not a mile from Fort Monmouth, which was where the original track had been. The one that Grant rode on. The one where the race that was to…


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I Herd Thinning Yemen and Beyond

        The civil war, or our proxy’s proxy war, war war...way over there. Who knows? Chaos at home and herd thinning abroad. I might have a hard time finding Yemen on the map even. Three hours of domestic scandal nightly...atrocities abroad back burnered. I’ve stopped driving so Democracy Now is no longer keeping me company.  

         198I the sky went brown over Northern New Jersey as the EPA went away, the plan was Waste To Energy...burn to earn, as the nuke plants proved…


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Alive, Invisible, and Unanamious

         Obama...I’m not going to attack Obama. I’m proud we achieved an Obama, finally.  Obama is history, antique now. A well crafted, but obsolete example of Trading Places. Lori Lightfoot...I love LL, because she is the real deal, SOTA...state of the art. Chicago has game. 

          Now if you don’t believe Chitown can hit a homer, or fix a World Series, well, you just don’t have it. There is Magic there...and always has been. I’m no expert on the place, I don’t claim to…


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Initially Disqualified

      I’m too old, for one...but I used to be able to get an application in. This one asked if I’ve ever sold drugs. 

                                    Initially Disqualified 

       Too bad really, because that leaves out just about any kid who had to hustle in my day.  I did sell a lot of pot, decades ago. I was pretty good at it, and was never going to get caught. Murdered, yes, but not caught. Or more accurately KIA.  

       Opposing American…


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Costa Too Mucha

     What price Oligarchy? Labor away at the counting all you like. I always knew, and who pays. We all pay. The planet pays. Wealth is the end result of the commodification process. Be it in board feet, or by the ton, hand made or factory produced, wealth is extracted, not earned. 

      Every motion, costs. What price silence? What price fame? Epstein, Clinton, Trump, Costa...Name names?  Names named.  Bribery, blackmail, yachts...private jets. Who pays? We all pay. 



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Chicago Grows Up

       So...Far from these hills and D.C., we can see evidence of Spring. Lightfoot called it as she saw it, and got herself...and US a mandate beyond American Fascism. I’m a fearless optimist. Chicago was a tough nut to crack. I’m not going to claim knowing Chicago at all, but Blackstone Warriors rolls right off the top of my head from back in the day. Puffer’s dad was a Teamster, and The Irishman will be released  in the fall. 

        Chicago came out with 70% for LL. Are…


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10 More Great TV Series

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Notes From Earth Day

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Earth Day

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The Big One

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