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Chrysalis Update - Thursday

Sunday morning found Fred disguised as a green blob hanging from the top of the cage. This evening, he has firmed up his shape and assumed the gold dots. I have always loved those dots. Next weekend I am going to work on moving him from the corner.…


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80 Years

My Dad turned 80 years old today. I have to say that he's gotten easier to get along with as he's aged, for which I am grateful. I told him today that I have enjoyed these last few years, hanging out with him and getting better acquainted. I told him no mushy stuff, and he said he didn't intend any but that he had enjoyed the time, too. So he knows.…


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Making Way for New Dreams

There is a saying that time heals all wounds. When you've been depressed for a long time you tend to disbelieve pat little statements such as this because it doesn't seem to be a truism for you. And then one day you think about something that used to break your heart, and you realize that it no longer hurts. It took me by surprise when that happened this week, and I realized that it's part of the reason for…


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Porch Swing Art

I painted the arms of my swing today, if I remember right the straight side goes towards the swing. I used a stencil and acrylic paint. Next is the sealant, then the assembly. If I move I am taking it with me.…


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A Sophisticated Method

As I begin this I try to find a short way of saying that I meet with my counselor every two weeks, so I look for the definition of biweekly. Whomever came up with that as a useful word must have been working on a dare to see who would fall for it. The definition for biweekly is every two weeks, or twice weekly. How are we supposed to be precise in our word usage when using this word leaves it necessary to…


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A Repost from 2013 - How Do I Explain It

The comments are a bit messed up because it was saved as an .xps file, converted to PDF, and then copied into this window. Yeah, we're lucky to have anything. :)

(Too many characters. I'm saving what I can...)

APRIL 21, 2013 7:41PM How Do I Explain It?

I have been looking at the…


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A Capital Third

Memorial Day photo

It has been a capital weekend, hasn't it. Today I mowed my yard, I didn't get out until almost noon and took two breaks, but it is done. I found one bottle racket next to…


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A Better Holiday (with art)

Another year, another four day weekend spent alone. There is a difference this year, though, in that I don't feel trapped in this holding pattern I've been calling a life. This year, I can see a wending way out of the maze. Keep your fingers crossed.

(Ooh, I'm feeling a calling to draw the…


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How to kill Japanese beetles. SPECTRACIDE® BAG-A-BUG® JAPANESE BEETLE TRAP2 is da bomb. Honest.

Prior to this year, I never considered Japanese beetles to be a major hazard to my garden. There would be a few stragglers every year but nothing to write home about except as a footnote, and I was always able to swat them between the soles of my flip flops and carry on. This year, though, all of that changed.…


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Alone Again

This is me, except for the tears. I find it difficult to cry because crying is self pity, in my head, and no one cares.

I think I had the final break with my niece,…


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Three Weeks in Summer

Three weeks ago I constructed a flower patch for butterflies, nothing is growing so I am going to have to start over. That's…


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All You Need is Love

I have been antsy for the past couple of days, jazzed up for no good reason that I could think of. I slept for about 15 hours last night because the flip side of jazzed is sleep. The jazzy hit again as I was killing time at work today. I had a counseling appointment at 2:00 p.m., and everything in me was saying to skip it and go home and mow. Counseling was supposed to get over at 3:00 but it is always late,…


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No Nightmares (No Astrology in this one...)

I have had a switch in my dreams for the past few weeks. It started with a conscious decision to not remember them. I was spending too much time thinking about my dreams: dissecting the imagery, pondering the action, trying to find meaning in the script. It wasn't getting me anywhere that I wanted to go, and so I decided that my brain could dream all it wanted to and I was going to…


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sun in gemini

My current ear worm, it fits with how I interpret Gemini. Granted it's simplistic because I don't know that much, but dual nature because of the twin aspect, sort of a split personality. This song could be sung about another person, but it could also be a person arguing with themselves about their own worth.…


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Why It's Important

Today was weird. I started by naming the one person in the building who knew where the presidential podiums are housed. It was an educated guess because this guy usually does know where stuff is, but I'm still claiming it as me tapping into my intuitive powers. I did it yesterday, too, when I was looking for a spring that popped out of a weed whacker. I couldn't find it until I picked up the weeder, put my…


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I don't know if I ever told you about the squatters in my pergola, one egg, a fledgling in the yard. Who knows.…


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New Beginnings, New Life

Tomorrow is May 1, the day that was going to be the start of my retirement from the workaday grind and have me learning how to support myself through gardening and creative works. It’s nice to have dreams, because even if they don’t work out you still had them. That’s a paraphrase from the movie Mrs. Parkington, I saw it yesterday for the first…


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Vole Tales part Deux- or is it Trois?

Picture courtesy of Neighborhood Nature on Wordpress

Hm, I don't remember where we left off, it's been a traumatic day for me. I called pest control and they told me that poison is my only…


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Inside Quisling's Brain

Posted by Robert Young on July 20, 2017 at 8:30am 8 Comments

Avoiding Hurtful Words

Posted by Rodney Roe on July 19, 2017 at 9:30am 38 Comments

White House History

Posted by Ron Powell on July 19, 2017 at 2:00am 14 Comments

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