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A Squirrel and an Apple

I fed the squirrels today. I know, you would think with spring here that they would be finding food elsewhere but the feeder has been busy for the few hours that it has been full. There were three squirrels here at one time over the winter, so word may be out about my yard. I also put apple chunks out for them. Did you know that squirrels really love apples? They get a look of…


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Playing in Dirt

The weather was too cold to garden this week, even to pull the weeds in the strawberry patch which is beginning to grow for this year. I made do with other tasks, though still not accomplishing much with sorting out the house while making some progress. I even got out the clarinet! But tonight, I played in the dirt.…


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Pondering Change

Change is in the air, and in the cosmos. Life altering, big bang, here’s your karma kind of change. I think most of us see change as a big splashy thing, dramatic for good or ill, something that brings us to the front and makes us noticed. I know that’s what I always saw, changing my home or my job or my school hoping for better friends and more excitement and a road to glamour. It’s all I’ve…


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Rough Draft for My Painting

I have been putzing around with a picture in my head for a few months now, it's reminiscent of a scene from the Lassie movie where Lassie is kidnapped and turned into a war dog. After Lassie escapes and is terrorizing the countryside on his way home, there's a road and a fence that look like this. Sort of. I keep seeing the trees in shades of red and white. …


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More of the Dog (Tail) Tale

The application is done! I need the letter of recommendation from my coworker and everything will be on the way. Mine will go out tomorrow. Which means that yes, the video is done. It won't win awards but I think it will be effective.

I am exhausted, too, and a coworker who was helping me figure out what they…


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Take two on the script

Here is a draft that is better with the number of words. I kept in mind what greenheron said yesterday, "why do I want a dog?" I added more personal details and tried to convey what my life is like. It is 1,471 words, which is just above the lower limit for talking for 10 minutes. I maybe could add more at the end, but I'm worn out and am going…


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Making Connections

The solar eclipse is past, the seven planets are filtering out of Pisces, Venus is retrograde and going back into Pisces, and Neptune and Mercury and Pluto are getting incestuous in my transits which means that I am going to have a good few months creatively and I am primed to finish up the paperwork staring me in the face so I can get to it. I am stoked! because this is what I've been wanting to do. It's…


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You Gotta Move

You gotta move, says the song

Move where, says I

Move anywhere, says the song

But I'm tired, says I…


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Follow the Dream

Twenty-two and a half hours until the solar eclipse as I start typing. I have been obsessed to the point of madness but I think I've finally hit the path through. The nightmare was followed by the best dream imaginable the next night so that's better. Give it up to the universe. I'm accepting that I need to rework my diet, for real this time, because I am having heartburn so bad with some food that it burns…


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An Escalation of the Nightmare

First, I was in a place I'd never been before with a strange guy, not romantically, more a searching for places the family had been. An old man walked up to us with a packet containing a note and a hand knitted mitten, it was from my grandparents and I deduced it was meant for my older sister as she was the only one of us around when it was made. Old glittery gold color, very pretty. The guy I was with…


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A mixed up week

I saw Hidden Figures today, if you do nothing else go see it and take your children, then buy it on DVD so you can rewatch it forever. Women who had everything against them fought and won, what is more empowering than that?

On the dark side, I got a letter just before last weekend from the FOIA people, I…


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A Shopping Trip

I have to say that it is nice to fell like a sort of normal person again! One who doesn't sleep all day and is interested in doing stuff again. Today I put my anxious body into the car and went to the Ross store. It was so worth the trip.

I got clothes, of course, it is getting into spring and I need to ease…


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A Full Moon in Leo Eclipse

A sky on fire, fading to black

A sky on fire, a moon o'er her back…


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And the Answer Is...

So my counselor called me yesterday just before 5:00 to set up an appointment today and I wigged out. I took two benadryl so that I would be sure to sleep and woke up still discombobulated but trying to find a way not to be.

First I read…


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My counselor wants to see me about the dog

I just don't know her well enough to know what her serious voice portends. I'll know tomorrow, appointment at 2:00.

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Am I On the Path?

This song is just permanently stuck in my brain as the eternal question:

Where do we go from here now that all of the children have grown up

And how do we spend our time knowin' nobody gives us a…


Added by Phyllis on February 7, 2017 at 1:05pm — 10 Comments

A Blank Field of Days

I have been trying to write a metaphorical poem about calendars. Do you know how hard that is? I wanted it to have the four line stanzas with the first and third lines ending in the same word, lines two and four to be rhyming, and to use only one syllable words.…


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Human Construct- Religions and Governments

I don't know why, but humans want leaders. Look at the biggest blowhards who scream liberty and freedom the loudest, and they will be the first one to want a leader when something needs done. It's hard to say if humans have always had leaders, given the lack of legible records from the prehistoric days, but let's say that yes, there have always been alphas in the ranks. When did it become more about power…


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I Feel Like I'm Starving My Cat

The struvite crystals reappeared for Adso and Medjet two weeks ago, I rushed them to the vet and got them back onto the struvite food and they're fine now. I took the opportunity of the random food switch to change how I feed them overall because, let's face it, Medjet weighs too much. It's become an obsession for me because it is a sign of negligence for pets to be overweight. Make yourself fat all you want…


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Emotional Burnout

I tried, but I just can't do it. How do people maintain a passion around trauma? I am speaking specifically about the generalities of politics here. Fair warning, I won't be able to read anything about specifics so please keep your replies theoretical.

I am afraid of my Facebook page. Too many of my friends no…


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