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All You Need is Love

I have been antsy for the past couple of days, jazzed up for no good reason that I could think of. I slept for about 15 hours last night because the flip side of jazzed is sleep. The jazzy hit again as I was killing time at work today. I had a counseling appointment at 2:00 p.m., and everything in me was saying to skip it and go home and mow. Counseling was supposed to get over at 3:00 but it is always late,…


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No Nightmares (No Astrology in this one...)

I have had a switch in my dreams for the past few weeks. It started with a conscious decision to not remember them. I was spending too much time thinking about my dreams: dissecting the imagery, pondering the action, trying to find meaning in the script. It wasn't getting me anywhere that I wanted to go, and so I decided that my brain could dream all it wanted to and I was going to…


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sun in gemini

My current ear worm, it fits with how I interpret Gemini. Granted it's simplistic because I don't know that much, but dual nature because of the twin aspect, sort of a split personality. This song could be sung about another person, but it could also be a person arguing with themselves about their own worth.…


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Why It's Important

Today was weird. I started by naming the one person in the building who knew where the presidential podiums are housed. It was an educated guess because this guy usually does know where stuff is, but I'm still claiming it as me tapping into my intuitive powers. I did it yesterday, too, when I was looking for a spring that popped out of a weed whacker. I couldn't find it until I picked up the weeder, put my…


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I don't know if I ever told you about the squatters in my pergola, one egg, a fledgling in the yard. Who knows.…


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New Beginnings, New Life

Tomorrow is May 1, the day that was going to be the start of my retirement from the workaday grind and have me learning how to support myself through gardening and creative works. It’s nice to have dreams, because even if they don’t work out you still had them. That’s a paraphrase from the movie Mrs. Parkington, I saw it yesterday for the first…


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Vole Tales part Deux- or is it Trois?

Picture courtesy of Neighborhood Nature on Wordpress

Hm, I don't remember where we left off, it's been a traumatic day for me. I called pest control and they told me that poison is my only…


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A Springy Saturday and Some Art

It is Saturday, the sun is out, the shin-high grass is soggy, and I think the voles still live here. Not as many, thanks to the cats feasting on the all you can eat buffet I opened for them, but still some. As soon as it's dry enough I will be out mowing down the grass again and sprinkling more blood.



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The State of the World

As a rule, I don’t indulge in exposés of my feelings, it tends to open one up to revilement and ridicule from people who don’t agree with your perceptions, but sometimes a gal just needs to vent. Consider yourself warned.

I will start with the United Airlines debacle. I won’t be speaking to…


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Ah, summer. It has, finally, arrived. I am sitting on my front porch typing with warm southerly winds blowing my semi-dry hair about my head while wearing a light t-shirt with no bra. I set up my table and chairs today, the set that I bought so that Beak could stop by and visit. Sadly, I waited too long, and he died. Cancer. I'll keep the extra chair for his spirit to hang out with me.…


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That's That

"I have to tell you that you won't get a response to an appeal of an appeal for 4-5 years," he said as she was picking up her stuff to leave. And just like that, the bottom fell out of her world.

She thanked him for his help in filing the paperwork and walked out of his office, laughing with the receptionist as…


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Spring is back

I am hearing that song again- "Where do we go from here?"  I hope I figure it out someday.

Life changes are the order of the day. I am going to try letting my bangs grow out again, I showed my hairdresser where that infernal cowlick is and how it needs to be incorporated into whatever style I end up with…


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A Squirrel and an Apple

I fed the squirrels today. I know, you would think with spring here that they would be finding food elsewhere but the feeder has been busy for the few hours that it has been full. There were three squirrels here at one time over the winter, so word may be out about my yard. I also put apple chunks out for them. Did you know that squirrels really love apples? They get a look of…


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Playing in Dirt

The weather was too cold to garden this week, even to pull the weeds in the strawberry patch which is beginning to grow for this year. I made do with other tasks, though still not accomplishing much with sorting out the house while making some progress. I even got out the clarinet! But tonight, I played in the dirt.…


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Pondering Change

Change is in the air, and in the cosmos. Life altering, big bang, here’s your karma kind of change. I think most of us see change as a big splashy thing, dramatic for good or ill, something that brings us to the front and makes us noticed. I know that’s what I always saw, changing my home or my job or my school hoping for better friends and more excitement and a road to glamour. It’s all I’ve…


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Rough Draft for My Painting

I have been putzing around with a picture in my head for a few months now, it's reminiscent of a scene from the Lassie movie where Lassie is kidnapped and turned into a war dog. After Lassie escapes and is terrorizing the countryside on his way home, there's a road and a fence that look like this. Sort of. I keep seeing the trees in shades of red and white. …


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More of the Dog (Tail) Tale

The application is done! I need the letter of recommendation from my coworker and everything will be on the way. Mine will go out tomorrow. Which means that yes, the video is done. It won't win awards but I think it will be effective.

I am exhausted, too, and a coworker who was helping me figure out what they…


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Take two on the script

Here is a draft that is better with the number of words. I kept in mind what greenheron said yesterday, "why do I want a dog?" I added more personal details and tried to convey what my life is like. It is 1,471 words, which is just above the lower limit for talking for 10 minutes. I maybe could add more at the end, but I'm worn out and am going…


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