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I'm Starting to Figure Out How It Happened

Do not lecture me on what I am supposed to do or say or feel at the end of this post. This post is not about my future plans, it is about my musings on this horrible age in which we live. 

One of the most enduring questions for human kind, which has been asked in many languages and in many cultures and over many millennia, is "How did they let that happen?" Most of the people who ask this question do so with the assumption that…


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Summer 2018

I made it through the flu okay, I've had a lingering cough that seems to disappear on the weekends. Go figure, at least I don't have to worry about choking while gardening.

I finally bought a new phone today, the Samsung S9+. It's pretty spiffy, and learning all of the bells and whistles could take me a few years. There's something in it called Bixby that may drive me a bit nuts, it's some kind of virtual assistant…


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Feeling Better, but Not

Tamiflu, DayQuil, NyQuil, Cepacol lozenges, Halls cough drops, generic pseudoephedrin, generic guaifenesin. I think the Cepacol lozenges are what saved me by numbing my throat, my ribs are about sprung from coughing. The -Quils don't use pseudoephedrin anymore, thanks to the meth addicts, so I supplemented very occasionally. That stuff just works. My voice is, nonetheless, wrecked right now and I had to exercise it on the guy from the pest control service who…


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Don't Count on Amazon if you're Sick

I am, once again, taking care of myself through a viral infestation. I caught it from Dad last Thursday, he had himself 911'd to the hospital for "chest pains" from bronchitis so I had to go pick him up and tote him home. He spent the 20 minute ride in my car coughing and talking, so here I am.

I should add, for the sake of clarity, that he is stressing me into having stroke symptoms with all of his bullshit. I have…


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Four Days Later and Things are Looking Up!

My house is clean!! And my back hurts, but my house is clean!! It's not totally done, I need to burn some trash and go through the "stuff" room and sort my clothes, but I have a huge!!! living room. The table next to the sofa is clean, as is the counter in the kitchen where the TV sits. The cats are sleeping in their favorite furniture. Space is wonderful.

Keeping up a living space is never done, though, is it. It's…


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Grandpa's Gun

I wish I had a family who cared about me in actuality and not just in Hallmark cards. Dad has been at it again and is 100% oblivious to how he has acted.

Dad is looking for a car, his is rusting out on the frame and his mechanic said it was too bad to put on the lift again for servicing. It's not going to fall apart on the railroad tracks or anything, and since it was just serviced he has several months before he has…


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The Face in the Mirror

Do you recognize the face that you see in the mirror every day? Do you really see yourself? Do you see your family? Do you see the tortured soul living inside of your skin? Or can you really see the person standing there?

I used to draw self portraits, not a lot but several over the years. The one that is my current profile picture was drawn because I wanted to see how I would look with different hairstyles, this was…


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The Cleaning of the House has Begun

I have finally started cleaning my house. Beginning it is inspired by knowing that someone is coming over to see it because I'm going to be cat-sitting for them this summer. The intensity of it is inspired by my new moon realization that I can put the past behind me now. I am starting in the book room, which I will be giving over to the cat. It's also the easiest room because I emptied it to put the books in there a couple of years ago. The room is the…


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Finding Your Bliss - a poem

It's late, it's late, I should be abed

Asleep and a-dreaming where I lay my head

Instead I'm awake and reluctant to sleep

I don't think it's fear or even too deep

A question tonight, what do you hide

In fear that someone will tell you to…


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A Memory?

I was just washing my face, all covered with soap and my eyes closed, and I got very scared and saw a man coming up behind me to grab me. I don't know if I knew him, I might have, I just know that he scared me.

And I was child sized. Is THIS why I don't like to have my face in the water and unable to see? I thought it was Mom, but this was so real... Put me with a sketch artist and I can give you a…


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Happy New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac, the house of the subconscious and hidden things, of service or suffering. There's a whole parade of planets going through it right now including the new moon. I still haven't studied up enough to give you a good overview of "this is what the new moon will do for you," but I can tell you what it has done for me.

I woke up early this morning, around 3:00, and couldn't get back to…


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A Sunset Soliloquy

As I was collecting the trash tonight I noticed some marks in the grass in the backyard so I went out to investigate, keeping in mind last year's vole situation. It has been a lot this weekend, I'm feeling a bit at the end of my tether with trying to do up the resume' and beginning to straighten up my shelves, so I took a bit of grounding advice and sat on my old garden bench for a few minutes. This is what I saw.…


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Who am I- an exercise

(I'm doing this so I can get a clear vision of where to aim the resume'; I'm going to tell my boss, if he asks, that I'm doing it as an exercise for counseling. :) )

While riffling through my email for my 10 year old resume' I found an old email from Pink Magazine, which is a defunct publication aimed at women in business, and this email had a link to a resume' website. Apparently, step one in writing a resume', according to…


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Swimming Through Depression

I have been so down this weekend, not suicidal but totally hopeless. I read a post yesterday on symptoms of fibromyalgia that people find embarrassing and found out that a lot of things that have been bugging me are attributable to that disorder. Does this mean that I am stuck with the body odor and sleeping all weekend forever? I surely hope…


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Progress, and an eclipse

We've been having some wonderful Spring in Winter weather for the past week or so, today was another day in the 50s so I took the kittens outside and raked up the pine cones in the back yard. It was so messy, after being so tidy when I had wrapped up the fall cleaning, and I knew I would fret about it if I didn't get it done. I picked up 1/2 of…


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The losing has begun

Just water so far

The edema is gone

I ate a Chinese buffet today

One plate

My normal serving

And I was stuffed

A lot of…


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Getting Started

I have begun the lifestyle change, I just hope I can keep it up longer than I did the Getting Fit at 50 thing I tried 5 years ago. I won't be joining a gym this time, so it should go better. Signing up for tai chi at the community center is not the same as going to a gym. I also have a 5 minute workout posted in my office at work, from several years ago, and a yoga mat that I bought last summer. Now I just have to remember that they're there and actually do the…


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It's (Past) Time to Get Fit

I haven't begun to exercise yet, as recommended by the rheumatologist and dermatologist I saw after my fibromyalgia diagnosis, and today I am bearing the burden of my descent into slothfulness and junk food:

I threw out my left lumbar when I was bending over to dump a 9 pound bag of cat litter into the litter box last night. Not the right side, which…


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Fibro and Friends

I saw this image on Facebook recently, and I should have recognized it for the prompt that it was. I have had a lousy week, these past three days at work, because I forgot about fibro brain fog. I am going to print this out and post it above my desk at work so I don't freak out in the future. I really feel like I'm going insane and…


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