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Hey, Where did Margaret go?

The woman in the back office was transforming bit by bit each day. No one noticed the incense at first, or the soft music, full of chimes and long sustained notes.

Her wardrobe went from Grandma-shops-at-Kohl's to flowing long jackets to coarse linen robes without any of the busy young women around her looking up from their laptops.

When one had a fight with her boyfriend, she appreciated the chocolate that appeared on her desk.

Another, who had made a very early…


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Beagle Commandeers Computer; Writes Own Rant

Yeah, I watched the Westminster Dog Show. What a bunch of phonies.

I could look like that too if I had my own fulltime groomer. My

tall dog had me sitting in her lap. She said, "Look, it's a Beagle

like you!" I yawned and burrowed deeper into her lap.…


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Get me to the (right) church on time

Family road trips when I was growing up began with the frying of chicken the night before. The idea was to carry enough food for the ride so that stopping wouldn’t be necessary. My mom could toss a drumstick into the backseat to stop our whining, and the car didn’t have to slow down.

Saving time was important because we usually got rolling later than we intended and had to…


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Image result for egret

When I woke up, I was a bird.

I pulled my beak out from under my wing and looked around, shaking my feathers loose and stretching my long neck.

Well THIS is a fine thing.…


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Perfect Errors

He was awake. All of him. Clearly. Ahem.

“Well, can’t waste THAT,” he laughed when he caught her looking.

And they were off to the races yet again. This was, what? The third time? No, fourth, since they stumbled into her apartment late last night.…


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Health Advice from the Obvious Health Advice Maven

When near hot surfaces, avoid placing your hands on them for extended periods of time, which can result in painful burns. If you happen to touch something hot, remove your hands from the surface quickly to avoid injury.

When you drop a heavy object, try not to let it land on your foot or on the foot of another. Studies at Johns Hopkins University suggest that gravity will…


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Adventures in Salvaged Car Shopping

We leaned over the engine of the little pickup truck while the mechanic started it up. A thin stream of gasoline shot out of the engine, and we jumped back in alarm. The mechanic walked around the front of the truck and stuffed a rag into the spot.

“All Fords do that. No one knows why.”

He saw our doubtful expressions and walked back around the truck to…


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Where To Now?

Posted by Robert B. James on May 25, 2019 at 2:19pm 7 Comments

Thanks, Lorianne

Posted by nerd cred on May 25, 2019 at 12:13pm 2 Comments

Twenty-Three Minutes

Posted by J.P. Hart on May 25, 2019 at 3:57am 12 Comments

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