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A Political Christmas Miracle!

One of my iron laws of politics is, that you're entitled to win one out of ten. Five times, you'll be guaranteed to lose. And the other four times, you'll have to work like hell with absolutely no guarantee of success.

When you have a city council sentiment against you by a 6 to 2 vote, your chances of winning go way, way down. The chances of victory in a case like this are more like 1,000 to 1. So imagine my surprise in intuiting that the cards had all fallen my way when the meeting…


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The Weirdest Thing to Happen to Me in Mexico So Far

I'm writing this immediately after this happened.  I got stoned, and I put the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.  I jury rig the needle on the phonograph, and I crank up the title track to the max.  What I get quite unexpectedly is this amplifier hum when I start walking around the room. It's only in certain spots (under the electric fixtures), and I kind of dance/interact with this beam of sound that gives feedbacks when there are no microphones (LOL).

I would sure like some…


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Is Tinkerertink69 around here?

I posted something on Open Salon, but the joint is looking pretty deserted. Is this where the action is happening?  Are you from Jersey?


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Where I've been up to lately

Function and structure -- structure and function.  That was taught to me ad nauseum when I was stuck in Talcott Parsons hell in graduate school while having masters thesis writers block.

Translated that means, "the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker."  In society one hand washes the other in a giant social ecosystem.  Of course there are feeders and feedees in the food chain, but we don't like to talk about that. It might lead to class warfare. That would be unseemly, you know…


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The Biggest Mexican Loser

is a gringo. His name is Lawrence. He wants to be known by that name. But everyone behind his back calls him Larry.  Larry lives at the beach, and his liver is in the process of dropping out of his chassis. So when I come back to Mexico, Larry will be dead.

Now I know, there are many Mexican losers. We will totally exclude for the moment any loser who is actually Mexican.  Many of their stories are well known, and they are very sad. However, gringos are an important subset, and there…


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At the Drug Gym

I was wandering around my favorite home away from home in Mexico when I saw it on the map.  In the tiny tourist town that I vacation in, there was a new gym.  "Couldn't be any worse than the one they have there now," I thought to myself.  The last time I was in town I went to this filthy little hole in the wall that had some weights and a broken running machine.

It didn't immediately call attention to itself, as most of the time I have to put all of my concentration on navigating the…


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OBAMA: Unchained

I finally got around to watching President Obama's inaugural address.  Things are on a time delay in Mexico.  In my opinion it was the finest inaugural address since John Kennedy stood on the east side of the US Capitol Building on that frigid cold January morning in 1961.  I was in the eighth grade at the time, watching the black and white TV set,  along with the other students having wished that Richard Nixon had won instead.

Back then, I had no idea how tumultuous the next years…


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Sometimes people look at a group and they characterize it, forming stereotypes.   However when you examine a group more closely, you find that in fact it's made up of a variety of different groups that may or may not have things in common.  The right wing power structure in Washington, DC is a perfect example of this.  Mark Weiss, author of AYN RAND NATION: The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul has detailed some of the recent subtle ideological shifts that have been occurring…


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The Horrible Awfulness of Being a Republican

John Boehner has been much in the news lately.  His infamous Plan B was dead on arrival at the House Republican Caucus, and things don't look so rosy for Plans C,D,E,F, G... either.

Meanwhile, listening to American media is enough to give anyone a migrane, what with the X days, Y hours, and Z minutes before we all fall off the fiscal cliff.  No doubt the consequences of this will be at least as dire as the Mayan  Prophecy, but no matter.  The newsies are cynical enough to know that…


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The GOP's Come to Jesus Moment

Yes the electoral victory was as significant and great as all Democrats felt it was.  And yes, the defeat was as shocking and demoralizing as Republicans feared. Even now, while the clowns are posturing over the "fiscal cliff" in Washington, DC -- the Grand Old Party is beginning to break up like an  obsolete satellite just beginning to enter the earth's atmosphere. See how good Republican stalwarts begin to peel off one by one from their ironclad commitment to not raising any new taxes from…


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Watching Gone With The Wind in Spanish


I had no idea that I'd be residing in such luxurious digs.  Ordinarily we bunk with relatives, but #1 Son found a new girl friend and she has takes care of assorted Los Angelnos who have their second homes here.  I'm in a two story modern house on a steep hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean that fairly reeks of good upper middle class taste.  If the President were to visit the Central Coast, he'd probably have to stay in Hearst Castle.  But this is the kind of house…


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This is how the revolution will start.

2011 was a bleak year for the left all over America. The Tea Party had placed 60 members of Congress, and Citizens United was the law of the land.  The power of big money was seen everywhere and liberals and lefties of all varieties were like fish flopping on a deck.

Tip O'Neill once said that all politics is local, and Ecotopia was reeling under its own conservative juggernaut. The lcoal 1% had a deep and profound hatred of the Ecotopia County Commissioners.  After all, this…


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Sometimes a guy just can't help himself.  I was up until 3:30 AM after the election because I was so jazzed up.  It didn't mean anything that I voted for Jill Stein in a very blue state.  Obama's victory is incontestable. He got over 300 electoral votes even without Florida, and he's well ahead in the popular vote.  By any standard this is a clean victory.  What's more -- the Republicans did every possible thing they could think of to screw the pooch in this election and they…


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Random Political @&*&!!!!! I Think Of

Just came back from a political fundraiser in Smallville to see the Congressman. On the drive down, his opponent (the 7th craziest guy running for Congress this year) had new road signs by the interstate. The Tea Party Supremo now  has in big letters things, slogans like this:



These are  180 degree reversals of his previous wingnut libertarian positions.  Must be that not…


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Mitt Romney is in trouble. hahahahahahah

Having heard about the kerfuffle that Willard "Mitt" Romney has been in made me pull up You Tube to see the parts of Innocence of Muslims that ignited the firefight in Bengazi, Libya. To give the Mittster credit, I didn't see the TV segment where he denounced Obama and the US Embassy in Cairo for "apologizing for America."

I have a couple of thoughts about this.  First, I don't know whether Mittens actually saw the You Tube segments which are all pretty laughable, badly…


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