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Why Donald Trump Is A Good Thing.

First, let me make clear that the coverage of all things presidential in an odd numbered year is nothing more than a massive case of prostitution on the part of the American media.  In its relentless search to trivialize all news into "All Things Kardashian," the media have riveted our attention on the 43,394 presidential debates rather on more newsworthy things. Imagine if the American media were to not cover Chris Christie as much as they'd cover the $9.5 million…


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FRANCE: The Wrong Tools For The Wrong Job

The atrocities in Paris have a depressing similarity in the wake of the Charlie Hedbo killings.  And President Francois Hollande's statement that this represents a declaration of war is depressingly similar as well, much like G.W. Bush's Global War On Terror.

The incredible problems generated by our GWOT are of course precursor causes of the killings in France.  Had the United States not made failed states in Iraq and Libya, the failure of the Syrian state would not have occurred. And…


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In The Year of Our Lord ....

The following is a somewhat random collection of brain farts that I've accumulated, none of which by themselves would amount to a real blog, but which, if combined together might form an interesting bouliabasse.

First, I will not talk about the Presidential Election because the sheeply have been Kardashianized. Infotainment! Please, let's concentrate on more important things (like the Kardashians) in odd…


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Old New Lefty Cops Some Weed!

This is not new. The first time I ever copped some weed was in 1967 when I was at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Back then, the only way we could find out about hippies was through Life magazine. Those people in San Francisco sure knew how to have fun, and we weren't getting any of it.  So my roommate knew someone who could get us some marijuana that grew along the roadsides in the rural areas. Hemp never did have much of the fun THC, and we spent $5 for a small…


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My life on the internets tubes -- confession and introspection

I have been feeling so discombobulated lately. Mr. Community Organizer has been all over the place lately. I will not bore you with the picayune details of all things local politics and how it all relates to the homeless struggle in the USA. Waaay too much. But I have not only been living my life on the internet. I've been influencing all sorts of people. After all, I organized my Facebook page as a political organizing tool and local news feed.

The 21st Century is indeed a miraculous…


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Top secret weapons are as old as the hills.  The military boys hide any new advantage they can get because when their opponents don't know what they're doing, the "good guys" will have a much better chance of cleaning their opponents' clocks.  Perhaps the most famous secret weapon was when Winston Churchill deliberately misclassified large pieces of weaponry by calling them "tanks."

Control and violence are being concentrated every day in government and elsewhere. But average people…


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The Roman Empire & Anarchy

Now that income inequality is cemented with every prospect that the GINI Index will get higher and higher, one has to look for historical models that might begin to give some clarity on our collective future.  In this case, the late Roman Empire represents a dandy stand-in.

Look at this picture.  Billionaires live in villas, while 25% of the population is basically homeless. The lead pipes have poisoned everyone's brains a long time ago, and the barbarians are certainly making…


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Empty Promises

For the look of real liberalism! a radical critique of American government

One of the fundamental weaknesses of the American system is that it is not a parliamentary government. By its very nature the checks and balances system is designed to seriously delay the implementation of policy issues, which are always left on the back burner to char to the point of setting the kitchen on fire. Great social issues like slavery, the temperance union, or global warming are but three burning…


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I suppose it's absolutely necessary to write about Donald Trump

Kardashian is an adjective. The reason why I say this is because of the American media, which insists on focusing on all things Kim rather than pesky news like global warming or the international economy. But after all, 95% of American media are nothing but cheap whores sucking up to advertising dollars. So why should we be surprised?

And if ever there was a case of political Kardashian, it can be focused on Donald Trump.  Admit it. He's a guilty pleasure like eating a gallon of ice…


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Last time I posted on China it was on Open Salon some years ago. As you may recall, at that time I was all doom and gloom about the state of the Chinese housing market, as well as the potential debt burden imposed on the internal workings of the Chinese society. Gloom and doom did not occur at that time.

And the news is, gloom and doom will not appear on the Chinese horizon this time. I spent a good time listening to an Orange County, CA expert on the Chinese economy go all gloom and…


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So it's come to this -- this stage of world history. Here we are today, 2015, and look all around and tell me what you see. I'll tell you what I see. I see the extinction of a major percentage of the world's population -- in my lifetime (as long or short as it lasts). When I die, the world will end.  Call it a sick, twisted egotism, but odds are it's a fact. I'll repeat that phrase again: "When I die -- the world will end." 

Look all around you, and tell me…


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Why Are Republicans So Cra-Cra?

According to the extensive medical research I did last night, schizophrenia is a random disease hitting across social classes and countries. Developmental factors that contribute to schizophrenia are poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, and substance abuse.

My wife said that schizophrenia was contagious in that if you live with a schizophrenia, supposedly you become schizophrenic yourself. Sounded plausible to me, but the literature says it ain't so.

In any event,…


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Well, I'm stoned again

So nothing and everything will spill onto the page.

First, I continue to believe that we are truly living in epochal times -- times that will forever change human history.  We are living incredibly historic events at this moment, and we don't even realize the magnitude of what we are doing.  We are changing the world from our computers and our coffee shops -- all over the world.

With great power comes great responsibility.  One of the secrets of the movement is in collective…


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Why Do State Governments Suck So Much?

Oregon has the reputation for perhaps being the finest state government in the USA.  We did pass some very good legislation on sick leave, minimum wage, and ending employees questioning whether someone had been convicted of a crime.  And yet in talking to all sorts of people, many people are just pissed off at the shoddy performance of the legislators in Salem.

Environmentalists are particularly PO'd.  A carbon cap in fuel standards was jettisoned by a secret committee at the end of…


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On Watching Newsmax

The right wing in America just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. Now Donald Trump wants to be our next dictator. Oops! I mean, President of the United States. All the Latinos will vote for him, and he loves the blacks. Meanwhile the great right wing conspiracy machine (GRWCM) is giving out black fumes. The smell of burning oil is in the air. That machine is seriously sick!

Trump is of course, only the evil fruit of what seeds the GRWCM has been sowing for so long. Richard…


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Why am I blogging lately? The answer is because I'm doing party bidnezz right now, and I'm not going to talk about it. Maybe later. In the meantime, I am blogging because it's camoflage for my real intents. And I chose the title because I want to talk about the little bits I found on the kitchen chopping block. And I am adding it to the soup.


Much in the news lately, and there is a very carefully scripted little dance going on.  The players at the table have had "frank…


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Psychological Profile of the Conservative Mind

All politics is psychosis. So in many respects, name your poison.  Conservatives have certainly taken advantage of this.  I can't help but think of the Republican psychiatrist that put Obama on the couch (as a figment of his imagination).

And so, turnabout is fair play.  I got through listening ad nauseum to a redneck relative expound on his universal knowledge of all things political.  I gave him a subtle put-down by his complaints about a green initiative in my state…


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The announcement that Donald Trump made with his coterie of paid supporters certainly livened the hearts of all comedians.  I saw John Stewart and Larry Wilmore both thank God for the gift that they had been given.  Meanwhile in more establishmentarian sectors of the blogosphere there is great wailing an gnashing of teeth.  Political commentators with gravitas have been tut-tutting the Donald's entrance into the contest, decrying the fact that somehow Trump will make the 2,349 other GOP…


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I haven't been blogging for a long time because I dodged death a few times, and I think that community organizing is just about the most important thing in the world.  But I roped myself into attending a Hillary house party a few times.  It was bidnezz.

Seeing her announce her candidacy left me filled with meh. Imagine the generic movie clip of the generic presidential candidate spouting off the generic campaign speech -- except Hillary threw in a few zingers -- like…


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Miss Kitty & Mexican Road Maintenance

First, let me tell you about my experience with Mexican road maintenance guys.  They're not like your typical American highway workers.  American public works guys are in general pretty boring.  But Mexicans!  In my part of the peninsula, the Mexican highway workers have tough and sweaty jobs.  A lot of times, they're out there in 100+ degree temperatures whacking away at grasses that grow along the highway.  This is because cows like to graze along the road, particularly at night.  And that…


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