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How the kids can screw the GOP royally

Internet  smchinternet! What the hell is going on with all of this conspiracy crap??? I posted on my Facebook page a piece crafted by the Russians saying that Hillary was planning a false holographic UFO invasion all across America to scare voters on election day. Obviously the IQ of the average American is below 90, because Donald Trump. And if you've seen some of the latest Alex Jones videos, the dude looks like he should be snared up in a butterfly net inside of a rubber room.



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What could go down AFTER the election?

"There are the known knowns. These are the things that we know that we know. There are the known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But then there are the unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know what we need to know." Donald Rumsfeld

The fog is slowly lifting, and I can see a little bit clearer today than my last posting. I admit that I got very stoned when I…


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On suddenly finding myself entirely too close to the CIA

This happens from time to time. Perhaps I am some kind of information capacitor, gathering my wandering goat droppings of information as I lurk through the internet.  And then these disparate pieces of information conglomerate together to form large pieces of intelligence. This is a major personality defect of mine, and sometimes it's gotten me into hot water.

Have you ever had a laser scope's spotter hit you in the shoulder as you're having a pizza? Or perhaps there's that car of six…


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Amazing things you can learn by doing political work in your neighborhood.

I've been estranged from the local Democratic Party organization this season. It's a long story not worth repeating here.  But I will tell you that I finally decided to do political canvassing today for the first time with the coordinated Democratic campaign.

People were glad to see me in action central because I've been away for a long time. Now the way things work, the Ds take computer lists from the county elections division, and they parse them into walking maps with names and…


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Thoughts on World War III

People need to pay more attention to Mikhail Gorbachev. When he talks about the possibility that America is setting itself on a collision course with Russia over Syria that could lead to World War III, he should be taken seriously. The first stumbling block to our understanding is the incredibly false, misdirected, manipulated spin of not only…


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Up until now, as a PhD dropout in American government, my analysis of the current situation has been, "I know absolutely nothing." In this crazy electoral year of 2016, all of the probabilities and rules regarding the conduct of American politics appear to have been thrown out the window.

From the very day that Donald Trump went…


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OPEN CALL; three questions from the Financial Times

Ordinarilly, I don't pimp for major financial publications, but this was too good to resist. I hereby open up an OPEN CALL on the following three questions:

1) Orderly decline in empire and its management. What is your verdict on Barack Obama in this respect?…


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Marxist Notes

On Dubai

On page 190 of Philip Robin's book Middle East Drugs Bazaar is this quote:

"In short the ability to spot a favorable opportunity and to exploit it on a grand scale has been central to the story of command and…


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diagnosing the current situation

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, intelligence sources express deep concern both about Donald Trump and the potential for a growing "red scare" against Islamic fundamentalism.  

Given the Puritanical nature of Americans, holy wars are always possible, but thought like this ignores the basic fundamentals in public policy change that…


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Since The Donald gave his first real speech by reading off of a teleprompter -- (I'm so proud that little Donnie has learned a new skill!) -- he comes off to me both immediately larger, more polished and more dangerous on the one hand.  And on the other hand, he comes off incredibly diminished.  If I were a diehard Trump supporter, I would be crestfallen by what I had seen. And to some extent over time, our prototypical…


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What to expect in Cleveland with Donald Trump

Rightfully so, there's been a certain amount of anxiety around the Republican National Convention in Cleveland starting on July 18th. After all, given the violent nature of the Trump rallies, it's easy to wonder about floor fights breaking out into real floor fights.  Remember the movement by some open carry enthusiasts to allow delegates to pack loaded firearms on the floor of the convention center? That was quickly…


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Lately it seems as if we've been deluged with an ocean of disinformation. Much of it is slanderous, but this part is nothing new. It's been going on as long as there's been presidential races. Thomas Jefferson accused John Adams of being a cockroach eating transvestite, or something like that. No, I'm talking about the weird stuff that comes from trying to tear down the other side in the Democratic Party race.

We all known the phenomenon of Bernie bros. Some of my relatives are… Continue

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POLITICAL POWER! (sweeter than opium)

Anyone involved in politics knows that one of the biggest thrills of being involved is obtaining that next iota of political power.  Say you start out in local politics, for example.  You get interested in a city council race, and you even back a winning candidate. Wow! Suddenly you have just come into possession of a few coins of political power that you didn't have before. You have been hooked, perhaps…


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Donald Trump is being CIA'd & other atrocities

We're at that time of year in the political season when things have been going on entirely too long.  In the UK, they do the decent and humane thing, and limit campaigning to six weeks. But noooooooo!  We're America, goddamnit! And we have campaigns that last eight years long.  This is great for our media overlords and plutocrats, because they get their coffers filled with extra jack. And our media outlets can shovel…


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On my Facebook page, I posted a screed where I said that the unholy trinity of Hillary / Bernie / Donald was getting to be too much for me, and would people kindly refrain from trying to engage me in bullshit arguments about one of these figures -- or the general election, at least for the time being. Now coming from the electronic fingertips of old new lefty, this is news indeed.  If I am anything, I am  a political obsessive-- an unfortunate animal that is to politics what those naked…


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Given the sorry state of the current presidential primaries, I find my mind drifting to an alternative universe, perhaps one very much like our own.  In USA 2.0 all of the candidates have been mushed together into one formidable campaigner running for POTUS on the Democratic ticket.

Put Hillary, Bernie, Trump, and Kasich together and…


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The love that dares not to speak its name...

I am referring of course, to Hillary Clinton. Reading sites like Counterspin, it's obvious that there are many people who will vote for Bernie Sanders or nothing at all.  There are even people who think that Bernie Sanders is a capitalist sellout.

Now as to Hillary, we are talking about the devil incarnate. I, for one, would do absolutely anything to prevent President Drumpf, and so I would be a good little party boy…


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Let me be up front here.  I swing both ways when it comes to choosing between Bernie and Hillary.  For one thing, I'm a promiscuous Democrat who's not afraid to sleep around all over the place, even in the wrong places.

Look at the Republicans. They embrace their crazies, and try to keep 'em close in the tent.  Democrats?  When was the last time you saw some Democrats sitting down at the same table as Communists?  I've made…


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The State of Oregon

Well, I guess they finally caught on to our dirty little secret.  For years, we've had them fooled, what with them watching Grimm or Portlandia. Until this year. First there was the Umpqua Community College shooting, and now there's this Malheur Wildlife Refuge fubar.

When I was a young pup, I used to hang around with Congressman Jim Weaver who represented Eugene and Southwest Oregon. And let me tell you…


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old new lefty learns the rules of movie making!

Perhaps you already know about my 14 year obsession with my American flag sculpture.  When I went to Paris this spring, I had an enormous run of good luck in that I ran into a lady who can be my art broker in Europe. She has the right background to give me an entree into the international art racket. I also wandered by mistake into the Paris Art Show, where (dressed like a homeless person) I collected 50 business cards of galleries all over the world who looked like…


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