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Never hold an auction at a memory care facility.

The participants make a real hash of it  This happened to me when I went to the beach to see a big, fat, red faced bunch of cheap ass Republicans try to raise money for the town.  The dialogue went something like this:

AUCTIONEER: Now 200. 200. Do I hear 200? 250! Does anyone have 250? 300! 350? 350?350? 300 now. Going once. Going twice. Sold for 200!

BIDDER: I bid…


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One of the biggest stumbling blocks to dealing with the homeless issue in America are the stereotypes surrounding people on the streets. Often, these stereotypes are divided by political ideology. Right wingers are the people that see the homeless as nothing more than dangerous, filthy perverts who are a threat to their life and neighborhood.  Lefties like myself tend to see homeless people as just being down on their luck in a cruel, neoliberal society that's…


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A Good Boy Gone Bad

In the lefty press this week, I've seen a lot of gnashing of teeth around Equador's decision to no longer keep Julian Assange in asylum. Supposedly, this is a great threat to the freedom of the press -- a travesty of justice were Assange to be eventually extradited to the US.

This might have been true once upon a time. After all, Anonymous saved the 2008 election by preventing Karl Rove from stealing the presidential…


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My Conversations with Bill: Make America Great Again!

I spend way too much time on the computer.  My worst habit is playing hearts online. That is my #1 worst time waster of all. If I had more discipline, I might be amazed at what I could accomplish if I wasn't being engaged in that mindless activity.

But Bill on Facebook is my second worst habit. I found him on my social network when I was busy doing homeless advocacy, and Bill distinguished himself by being a member…


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2018! What could possibly go right?

Up until now, my motto for this year has been, "2018! What could possibly go wrong?"  In two words: Donald Trump. And so, we collectively have come to expect the worst as normal. And yet today, as I was reading Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury, I actually began to be an optimist.  Let me explain.

Having taken some college courses in Soviet Studies with Steven Cohen,  I…


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I admit it. I've been on Facebook entirely too much for the holiday season, and in part that's meant lurking in conservative chat hangouts. Occasionally, I will actually engage.  Better than 60% of the time, I'm probably snarky because they're spouting the usual party BS, but lately I've just been getting on their cases. Frankly speaking, it's been getting a little bit alarming. There is a collective social / psychological disorder known as conservative outrage…


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Dear Donald,

You know that I hate you and despise you in so many ways. You do nothing but lie all the time. You are a con man, and you're only interested in yourself. But most of all, you really don't know the simplest things about how to run something like the US Government.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's say (just for a moment) that you really want to make America great again. Actually, your options are getting more limited every day, what with the investigations by Robert…


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Mark Sanford Grows a Pair!

I really wish that I was H.L. Mencken, because only he would be capable of heaping enough scorn on our modern day Republicans!  I'm left with flailing my hands all over the place, having emotional vapor lock, and spewing random adjectives like "pusillanimous," "sadistic," "butt fuck ignorant," and a few other choice words. Unfortunately none of them do justice to describing the mindset of the modern…


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My Donald Trump Nightmare

It seems as if I wake up almost every night, and there is some vision of Donald Trump inside my head as I slowly struggle to decide whether to go to the bathroom or not.  And in the process of waking up, I look at my mental image of this toad residing in the Oval Office, I find myself being more than slightly disgusted. How could I have the POTUS perpetually taking up part of my mind like this? What kind of disgusting…


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PUBLIC SERVICE PART ONE: A book I read because you're on the internet.

Down in Ejido Wonderful for the first time in 15 years with absolutely no motivation to go to Todos Santos. Genius granddaughter is a public radio nabob, and she gave me a three foot stack of books that people tried to pimp to her, but she's just too busy. So Mr. Knowitall has taken upon himself to be your friendly book reviewer. My first book is HOOVER: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times by…


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The Korean Con Job

Sometimes, you cannot believe what you read in the papers or see on TV.  I'll admit that I was as fooled as anyone once I got wind of Donald Trump's aircraft carrier move to just off the Korean Peninsula.

You have to admit,  the word "frightening" isn't even close to what the press accounts have been talking about. President T-Rex has…


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Cultural Differences

Those quaint customs of those colorful people

Narration of an anthropological film shown in schools in the 1950s…


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You can always expect the worst from the Trump administration, and they will never disappoint you.  Racist immigration policy? Check! Build another aircraft carrier for no good reason? Check! Most corrupt, kleptocratic administration in history? Check! We could go through maybe 500 more examples, but we have to cut to the chase. The latest Trump policy proposal that has made my blood boil more than any other thing is the…


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I have an evil twin

Until now, I've held this secret. I was finally pulled out of the closet the other day, and my deepest darkest secret has been revealed.  I have an evil twin, and his name is Earl.  Earl is a rabid, meat eating, hard core, paleocon conservative, and he subscribes to every right wing blogworld he can stand.  Earl is not on my main email account.  He is on a totally different email account.…


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Charlie Manson is in the White House

Before the Republican Convention, I made the joke that Donald Trump would choose Charlie Manson as his vice presidential candidate.  Little did I know how close I came to the truth.

The future is never what you think it will be. Take Donald Trump, for example.  After Election Day I had visions of the Nazis rolling over…


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A few modest proposals to make America great again


Dear President Elect Trump:

I understand that you're having problems lately.  Hollywood doesn't like you, and neither does the CIA.  You're having troubles understanding how the US government works, and some of your policies already look like they won't float.  Cheer up!  I was awake all…


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Things are not working out as planned after Election Day, and that's a good thing!

Mind you, I am not a football fan under any circumstances, but everyone in my family roots passionately for the Oregon Ducks -- and there I am.  As little as I appreciate football though, I have to admit that I have learned a lot about politics from watching Duck games.  The fine art of political strategy is equivalent to a coach larding in trick plays at unexpected times. But as far as the title of this blog goes, I want to talk about kickoff returns.

You can tell a lot about how a…


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Jeezus!  I hate crossing into the US border from Mexico.  I've done it hundreds of times, and for everyone it's an extended exercise in humiliation.  Millions of people go through this nightare every day from San Diego to Boca Chica, Texas. And I've always said: When I die and go to hell -- I will be stuck for all eternity 300 yards from the US border on that extra hot day in Tijuana in August with no air conditioner…


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Mexican Ghost Stories

Ejido Wonderful has always been funny, not ha-ha funny, but strange funny. Once upon a time I was crawling on an art tour of Eugene, and I came upon a refrigerator that had a map on it. It was a map of the world, but it had all of these strange lines criss crossing everywhere.  And sometimes these lines would intersect.  Some of them intersected at Eugene, and another three sets of lines intersected at Ejido Wonderful.…


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Big Brother V. Big Brother: The Death of American Democracy

One of the previously unknown causes for Donald Trump's victory can be found in the competing algorithms of the Republicans and Democrats. Costing tens of millions of dollars, these operations are funded by the competing super-elites of the country. Like the rest of the information technology industry, megadata has not only twisted and distorted American democracy for its own means, but it represents the greatest…


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The Problem With Peace

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The Pace Quickens

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The Wall

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A Little Spanish Night Music

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Now Now

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