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Rachel Maddow rant on Trump distraction end game and the news most people didn't learn today or yesterday

Decent minded people were predictably and deliberately distracted by Trump's vulgarity towards Mika Brzezinski in a display created and timed with the Trump administration being informed by the WSJ about their story on Flynn's collusion with…


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Best analysis of Trump's @Mika tweet i've seen so far is by Lawrence O'Donnell - distraction, distraction, distraction

We all know it, but dang! It's hard not to react and come to one another's defense. Many manipulators like Trump know this of course. Trump plays to one audience, and one audience only - his own. They love this stuff. Republicans will use it for cover. His true supporters will have…


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Blood, women, and Trump. More MSM pushback against Trump's crass behavior.

I think this conflict between the MSM and Trump is more substance than show. There is a real struggle by an otherwise unexercised media against an autocrat to draw a line in the sand. It's having the effect of eroding Trump's outlier base, leaving him a smaller core that delights in his trash-talking as a way to take their country back from the "liberal sissies." 

The difficulty for the MSM of a "Melting pot" society is that they are not suppose to go too deep or get too specific lest…


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Masha Gessen interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid where they briefly address our acclimation to Trump and media suppression in the wake of the new White House press briefings protocols

Writer Masha Gessen, having lived as a journalist in Russia under Putin's rise to power and his reversal of Russia's direction towards becoming a fledgling democracy back to authoritarianism, imho, understands both Trump and the stakes in the U.S. very well. My takeaway from this…


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Finally we get to "How the Russians did it." The vote total WAS effected by curbing the ability of certain voters to vote.

It cannot be overstated that NO election audit had been performed for the 2016 election in regards to the Russian hacking until very recently.  These specific and directed investigations being conducted by The Department of Homeland…


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Protecting our ability to vote...Or not.

Good, concise summary of what Russia hacked, including the recent revelations of voting machine manipulation, and where we are now that all Americans should understand imho.

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More examples of unchecked institutionalized voter suppression determining election outcomes instead of voters

No rally, no petition, no election will matter if we continue to allow elected leaders to steal the votes of people of color. It is criminal.  It is shameful.  It is immoral.

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A Moral moment with Rev Barber and JoyAnn Reid about Rep Scalise and those who saved his life...despite of his politics.

Rev. Barber reminds us that GOP Congressman Scalise, the recent victim of the shooting at the ballpark, not known for his racial sensitivity, gay rights support, or championing of the least amongst us, thus supporting voter suppression laws, anti gay rights bills, and the stripping away of healthcare to the poor, along with supporting the possession of assault rifles, just had his life saved by two working class…


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Sessions caught in more Trump/Russia related lies less than 24 hours after giving public testimony in which he claimed "Don't Recall" amnesia.

Oh...lookey there! More forgotten Russians...Or at least a lobbyist or two.

The trouble with telling boldface lies during sworn public testimony is that other people are inclined to take them seriously and wanna correct the record to…


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Russian voter disruption strategies piggyback on our ugliest election suppression tolerance in the US

Link to report:

My rant:  Why are the estimated 3,000,000 largely African American and Latino American suppressed voters NOT completely considered as possible evidence of Russian tampering with the election, and therefore unworthy of INTEL scrutiny, now that…


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NSA election hacking leak. Smoking gun? No There there? Evidence if you can see it?

Just wanted to point out for those watching the NSA leaked voter hacking story. This misinformed or woefully ill informed or just plain obtuse journalist just claimed in wonder that the Russians, by hacking into the voter registration system where they could easily have removed voters names, so when voters went to vote, they wouldn't be able to, was a chance the Russians seemingly passed up since no one was…


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