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What Love Looks Like

A revised "repost" for Valentine's Day:  

You know the feeling, when that hard drive finally crashes. That panic, even if you've been good about backing things up. Something always goes wrong. Something is always lost. Somehow.

The last time, almost nothing survived.…


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Redford's LIFE is his Oscar--The Academy can keep theirs


So, no Oscar for Robert Redford this year?

Big deal.

I just saw All Is Lost last night. I don't see movies in theaters too much anymore--yes, I'm one of those people. Now that I'm older, I'm all about the movie itself. And I prefer to be at home where I can watch it deeply, carefully. Think it though.

This one was hard…


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The Sondheim Cure: A New Year's Gift to awaken your sleeping muse


I knew Stephen Sondheim's lyrics before I knew who Stephen Sondheim was.

I was a little ghetto girl when I fell in love withWest Side Story back in 1961. I was an only child with a rich imagination and a yearning to "write"…


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For my dear friend Roger Ebert, and other loved ones lost in 2013

A young Roger Ebert in the Sun Times features department where we sat "desk to desk."

Tough year, 2013. For me.

It was the year my friends and I really talked like old folks when we met or phoned. First, the cataloging of new aches, pains and pills. Then, the obits.

We'd done the obits for…


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Tis the season to be...lonely


People often ask me how it feels to celebrate the holidays in a place where the chances of a white Christmas are slim to none and Santa's sleigh might be pulled by camels instead of reindeer.

I sometimes refer the Christians who ask to the moment in A Charlie Brown Christmas, when young Linus explains "... what Christmas is all about," by reciting the following excerpt from the…


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The best writing happens when you back the (bleep) off

I've been gone a long time. Intentionally. Sometimes writers have to stop and live a little, to refresh, renew, replenish.
But today I received a link to an article (…

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Seeing...AND believing...

"...that dolphin from the joke swam right into my inbox that day. And I saw the Great Whatever in that little smile that dolphins perpetually wear..."

Part I—the message

First…I am not a “believer” in the sense that word is often…


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The Lord taketh away

Tough year.

Roger Ebert is gone. Another friend, cancer now uncontrollable, is in “palliative care.” And a beloved relation called a couple of weeks ago to make sure she had all of my contact info right—she spends more time in the hospital than at home now. And she wants to make sure the man handling her estate can send me a few things……


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The only writing “formula” you need: your life’s stories

Last week, I tweeted and Facebook’d a cryptic little message that went something like:

Forget writing formulas: which of YOUR life stories are you telling? The "arc," ordeals and lessons are there. USE them.

If you’re a writer…that’s HUGE. And many…


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Hopi vs. the Facebook Bully

  Young Hopi girls watching katsina "dance," circa 1906.*

My daughter went out of her way to befriend a co-worker not long ago. She was constantly expressing concern about her friend’s tendency to clam up in a passive aggressive way over small perceived “slights” and sometimes just…for no real reason at…


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Jade "Soul" Zuberi animates--and elevates--So You Think You Can Dance


Did you feel that?

I did.  And it changed me forever. 

Back in the 50’s and early 60’s, in my godfather’s church on the south side of Chicago, I would join the congregation and choir to sing an old hymn that begins, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow…”

I do not think I truly understood what that…


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The World According to Roger Ebert

Goodbye my friend...

I really can't write right now.  But I can re-post this piece about Roger that said all the things I never got to say to him over the years we were out of touch after I left the Chicago Sun Times.  They're worth saying again.  And I'm glad he got to read…

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FIGHT it, Roger!

A very young Roger Ebert a few years before we sat "desk to desk" at the Chicago Sun Times I was supposed to announce that my "virtual book tour" had begun and to send you over to check out my first "appearance."  And I will.…

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I'm on a book tour...without leaving home


My own "magical mystery tour" is a lot less magical than this--but it IS "virtual"


That's right, dear friends.  I’m on my first book tour.  For four weeks.  Without leaving home.

No, this is NOT an April Fool's Day joke.  Seriously.

It’s a “virtual” book…


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Deadlne: my diabolical writing experiment

Not long ago, I posted a very short story entitled, “Gettin’ my John Boy On.”  It was written in fifteen minutes as a “quick write” at a gathering of other writers here in Tucson.  And some of you really liked…


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YOLO, baby!

 Van Halen sez YOLO--so do it RIGHT NOW

I could hear my mother’s voice quite clearly—or…feel her with me, more like, as I pondered this huge, life altering decision.

And I could see my father, smiling and shaking his head because he knew something she didn’t—lots of somethings she didn’t.  And would therefore…


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The Keka Collection: the book OS and I wrote

Believe the hype this time. 

Today, anyone can publish a book.  A real book that people can buy online at the click of a mouse from or Barnes & Noble or…dozens of other places.

I just did it.

It’s called The Keka Collection, the paperback version is $12.99, and…


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The Horror...and Piers Morgan's Righteous ROAR

Piers Morgan ROARS at gun enthusiasts in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy

I am not a Piers Morgan fan.

Every now and then, I tune in to see him interview someone I really like, and then he gets to that inevitable and oft-lampooned moment when he smiles that…obsequious little smile that makes me shudder, and…


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Where To Now?

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Thanks, Lorianne

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Twenty-Three Minutes

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