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Rust in Peace on Cloud Nine

Rust hovers in the past adding flavor to the present. Old tractors, trailers and factories dusted with rust are bookmarks from history, to be looked at again and again. I often say photographs of old architecture bring to life ghosts of the past: workers, farmers, designers and owners…; there’s a peace to it all… a rust in peace.…


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Walls Between Holes in the Roof



Long lost and timeworn, a worker’s shelter lost to the wrong space sits idle. On a gray day, with a gentle wind blowing throw the fading façade, a photographer stands still to absorb the ghostly presence of workers-past — their output long calculated in the Hilliard Mill’s account books: 1794 thru 2006, woolen goods, aircraft parts and furniture upholstery were produced in what is now the oldest wool mill in the United States.

The hourglass has turned time and time…


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Mind Melding





Down lifts up once again. The view through the pines remains cluttered. The rain begins; memories fall like a new emotion. Walking in the open wind, the rain cries and worries. No such thing helps solve the once again.

Trying to change, words kept falling. Breathing hurt. The oceans rolled backwards. All was silent. Moonshine…


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Newtown Connecticut answers the NRA

sign located adjacent to the old Colt Armory

Hartford, Connecticut

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Finding James M. Emmerling

Argentina, stop flirting with Panamanian penguins, someone holds your keys; lose control, dance a jig and boogie down Silk City’s Main Street, the haunted avenue of Jacob Cheney, George Marlow and the coolest of the cool crying for you — James M. Emmerling. Yes your way home is in all directions directed. Walk with me, talk with me, play your guitar, sing a tune and make it snappy, the throng of thongs and literary lunacy are sure to swoon, breakout in tears past…


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And It Appears to be a Long, Long Time



You see something for the first time and the familiarity haunts you. Faded brick, worn boards and overgrown bush revealing rusted magic call to you. A memory begins; a photograph becomes but a marker in time.

Walk with me…



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iPoetry and Codeine


In The December Grey



after Satan laughs

it begins

there will be no Vicodin today


In the parking lot a shadowy figure mumbled a kind of

hello. At first I thought him an hallucination, but with the

sun breaking through the bleakness and codeine deprivation


vice-gripping my brain, I recognized Gary's black onyx…


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Bricks in the Wall


All in all...




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Day after Day


lost in empty spaces

a worn woman misdirects

her dropped phone call

to a different land


she is she so she says


pushed away

walked to the door

past falling on her knees

she’s that way

she’s this way

mixed up, jumbled up


she really wants to…


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The Problem With Peace

Posted by Robert B. James on May 22, 2019 at 8:29am 3 Comments


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The Pace Quickens

Posted by Robert B. James on May 21, 2019 at 6:11am 3 Comments


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The Wall

Posted by Steel Breeze on May 20, 2019 at 11:43am 4 Comments

A Little Spanish Night Music

Posted by Rodney Roe on May 20, 2019 at 9:49am 11 Comments

Now Now

Posted by Robert B. James on May 20, 2019 at 7:51am 4 Comments

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